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When you need to whip up some engaging and persuasive content, hiring a restaurant writer could be the best decision you make. Content written by a professional writer will be well-researched, expertly written and crafted to delight your audience. Whether you are showcasing a new restaurant, have restaurant management tips to share on social media or you need content for your website, an experienced writer can help. To find a restaurant writer with the right experience, simply search our freelance writing marketplace and look for writing samples tagged “restaurants”.

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Sarah F

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a Chicago-based copywriter who's passionate about helping lifestyle and wellness brands get results through sharp, insightful copy. After almost 20 years working with clients like Toyota, Staples, Bank of America, and Restalyne, I'll bring a unique perspective to your brand- helping you uncover that nugget of truth that sets you apart and putting it to work in a big way. Whether you need blog posts, video scripts, web copy or collateral systems, we can work together to make sure we break away from the competition and never look back.

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Tiffany strives to be a bowling ball crashing against the ping-pong paddles of consumer indifference. When writing for her clients, she considers everything – from the aesthetic of the typography, to the reverberation of the right word, to the weight of a well-crafted line. She knows the power of good copywriting is that it stirs emotion, calls its reader to action, and creates an abiding cognitive trail long after sexy marketing trends soak back into the ether. Tiffany has been writing professionally, as a copywriter and a journalist, for the last 9 years. She has a Master of Arts in English from the University of Colorado Denver.

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Emily C Last online 4 days

Sacramento, California, United States

It's a pleasure to meet you! My name is Emily, I'm a Northern California-based freelance writer, and I'm passionate about crafting exceptional content that provides value to your business or organization. My writing experience includes long-form and short-form articles, blog posts, product descriptions, press releases, website copy, and more. Each project represents an exciting new challenge, and I look forward to discovering what comes next.

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Krishan C

England, United Kingdom

I am an award-winning writer, game designer and publisher. For the past six years I have worked as a freelance writer and editor, providing blog posts, web content, newsletters, eBooks and more for clients in a range of fields, from art and design to economics and marketing. I take a flexible approach, and always strive to find the right voice for any given job. If you have a project that you think I might be right for, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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The best way to find the perfect restaurants content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our restaurants writers:

I Made That Bacon: Galesburg Butcher Proud of his Traditions

When was the last time you picked up a piece of meat at the grocery store and knew where it came from and who butchered, cured, smoked and packaged it? Possibly never. That, says Mark Christian, the owner of Galesburg Meat Co., at 58 Mill St., is the advantage to buying your meat from him.

"Grocery stores basically open a box, take meat out and put it in on a shelf," he says. "We're buying live animals from local farms — choice beef cattle or hogs — and cutting it all up ourselves, starting right from the beginning and working... Read More

10 Ways to Draw Customers into Your Restaurant

Running a successful restaurant takes time and labor—a lot of it. You have books to keep, employees to supervise and menus to confirm. And then, there's the marketing and PR to do.

No restaurant succeeds without steady cash flow, a la a stream of customers. To draw them in, check out these 10 ideas. Some require more upfront effort and upkeep than others, but all will grow the number of customers coming to your restaurant.

1. Invest In Local SEO

Bryan Clayton, CEO of GreenPal, may not be in the restaurant business, but he knows how to attract customers. "Local... Read More

Westville Hudson: Reinventing the Vegetable

On a beautifully breezy Wednesday night, Westville Hudson was quietly buzzing with an early dinner crowd. A cheery sidewalk chalkboard proclaimed that it was 'wine Wednesday.' This is the newest installment of the small New York based chain, opened in 2012, and by far the largest. Since the first one popped up in 2003, in a small but charming space in the West Village, the restaurants (four in total) have come to be known and beloved all across lower Manhattan. While the spacious inside, with it's unpretentious, simple decorations, was welcoming, the outdoor tables were too hard to pass up... Read More

14 Fremantle restaurants and cafes you need to visit

With beautiful old buildings, bucket loads of charm, a reputation for quality produce and some seriously chilled vibes, its little wonder Fremantle is a foodie favourite. From the new kids on the block to the ones that hold a special place in our heart, we've rounded up 15 Freo restaurants you need to visit. 1. Bread in Common With an absolutely gorgeous old warehouse setting, a lively atmosphere, and some of the best staff around, Bread in Common has fast become a Freo fave. Their inspired menu starts off with freshly baked rustic breads and focuses on locally-sourced, seasonal produce.... Read More

Atlanta's Top 5 Desserts and Bakeries

Atlanta's Top 5 Desserts and Bakeries Savory Delights Atlanta's known for its southern hospitality, and comforting cuisine. It's also home to some of the top-rated bakeries and desserts in the south. I traveled all over the historical city in my quest to find its hidden delectable treasures. The challenge of tasting so many delightful desserts, didn't seem much like a challenge at all. My childhood dream of finding the golden ticket had finally come true. From a European style restaurant and coffee bar, to a popular boutique cupcakery, I've searched far and wide and found Atlanta's Top Bakeries and Desserts.... Read More

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