Content Marketing in the Dating Industry

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Finding love and connection has always been challenging. Just read a little Jane Austen, and you will see that finding love in person has been difficult for centuries. But then Jane didn’t know about dating sites. If she had, Pride and Prejudice would have ended far differently.

In the last decade, online dating has taken over the world with the US-based Tinder leading the way along with Europe’s Badoo. Older sites such as and Plenty of Fish are still viable choices as well. In 2021, insiders expect this industry to surpass $1 billion dollars in the US alone.

People do still meet in person, at least when a pandemic is not raging, but the online dating industry has become mainstream, with many options for different population segments. Do you want a hookup? Swipe right on Tinder. Looking for a relationship? still works for many. Looking for something between the two? Badoo will work.

Content marketing for this competitive industry has to be on point and tailored for the right audience. The over-60 crowd is (usually) looking for something different than the 20-25 group. And while many people accept online dating sites, others still think using them is a little strange. Finding the right content and the right content writers are essential to attracting and keeping new members.

Find Your Target Audience


Online dating sites have one thing in common: Connecting single people who do not want to be single (although a few specialize in illicit trysts). Beyond that, online dating companies have many differences. Some people want long-term relationships, while others want to date casually or “hook up.”

Some users want to date others who follow the same religion or who have the same hobbies. Still others are looking for partners who fit a certain physical type. Some dating sites target the general population while others focus on a niche, such as bearded men. When you are marketing your dating company, you have to target your ideal consumer.

Tinder is a prime example of this laser marketing. Aimed at the casual dating scene, Tinder has become part of the US cultural lexicon with “Swipe left or swipe right” firmly entrenched in our slang. Tinder presents itself as a young hip company that imposes no judgment on the search for companionship, and it respects that people have limited time.

Consumers can use Tinder at a moment’s notice, working it in between lunch and their 2 o’clock appointment. Some people who meet on Tinder do establish long-term relationships. When people meet, anything can happen.

Getting your dating enterprise going means researching the market, including your competitors. Identify what groups are slipping through the dating cracks and target them. Our Time targets those over 50 who want to date, establish a relationship or marry. The site appeals to those who have been divorced or lost a long-time partner and who want to begin again. The content appeals to mature and not “old” individuals and makes it easier to date again.

Each of these successful companies researched the market, their consumers and their competitors before settling on their core audience. They aimed their marketing efforts at that well-defined group.

Establish a Dating Philosophy


Your website and other advertising need to convey your company’s dating philosophy. Of course, you will gear this philosophy toward your target consumer and create your brand around it. “Get together and have fun” is not going to cut it. You will need to create one that is simple and logical. Remember, before you can convey a philosophy, you have to fully understand it yourself. has been around since 1993 and has built a solid reputation as your conservative go-to for dating help. Its philosophy is to take the “lottery out of love” by allowing members to create in-depth profiles that allow them to match with others of similar interests and goals.’s content claims that there is a match for everyone, as they demonstrated in the already iconic ad where 2020 and Satan match and establish a happy (and frightening) relationship.

By its name alone, Plenty of Fish clues you in on their philosophy. There isn’t just one person for everyone; there are many suitable people. The company’s goal is to help its members find others with whom they can have a deep and authentic relationship. “Less glitz and more grit” could be their slogan. Some sites may still advertise soulmate connections, but Plenty of Fish is more down-to-earth and sensible.

Your content writing should clearly establish your company’s philosophy and carry that out through all your digital marketing, including blog posts and social media. People who want to date online can find dozens of companies for that purpose. They need to know why your business is different and how it can help them find excellent companions that suit their lifestyle and expectations.

Embrace Social Media


Social media is essential to any company’s success and especially to one that operates online. Your consumers are probably online every day if not every hour. You will need to take full advantage of social media opportunities to increase traffic to your website. If you do not, your competitors certainly will. For some consumers, a company is not legitimate if it does not have a healthy social media presence.

In the old days, companies used spokespeople to sell their products. Now, the emphasis is on social media influencers. Research shows that millennials have no faith in traditional advertising. And many millennials and Gen Xers will trust an influencer more than they trust a company or its products. Match made a big move in this direction with its series of Rebel Wilson ads - comedic bits that used Wilson’s fame and humor to push Match as a better way to find true intimacy. Her fans know that Wilson has been on the dating battlefield, so they see her as an expert. They may not trust Match, but they trust Rebel’s opinion.

Using Twitter is a must for the dating industry. When you tweet, you are reaching prime members of your targeted audience. Worldwide, 262 million citizens use Twitter. Thirty-eight percent of US Twitter users are between 18 and 29, and 26% are between 30 and 49 years old. In fact, 80% of Twitter users are millennials who have significant financial resources, a prime target for your dating content marketing.

Your tweets should be part of a carefully crafted digital marketing strategy. They should never be random or too casual. A content writer from an established company such as Scripted can create tweets that will drive more traffic to your website and work in conjunction with Facebook and Instagram posts.

Over one billion people use Instagram every money, with 88% of the users living outside the US. If you want an international customer base, then Instagram should be a robust part of your social media presence.

The US Instagram presence is also strong. The average user skews younger, with 33.1% ranging from 25 to 34-years-old and 22.8 % between 18 and 24. If you are targeting a senior crowd, Instagram should not be your first choice in social media, but it’s a must when you are after a younger demographic. Many in this group “Insta” most days and are likely to see your posts. Also, when they use your service, they will often post pics of their dates online.

Facebook may have the reputation of being your mother’s social media outlet, but younger folks are sticking around. The coveted 25 - 34 age demographic is still the largest group of US Facebook users. The average US adult spends 34 minutes on FB every day, much to the consternation of many employers. And although seniors are the smallest group on Facebook, they are also the fastest-growing one. Facebook has experienced some difficulties of flare, but it is still going strong and needs to be part of your social media advertising.

Dating companies live and die by the internet, so a superior social media presence is not optional. You do need to find a writer who will provide a comprehensive social post strategy so that all efforts work to drive traffic to your website. An uncoordinated effort is worse than having no posts at all.

Personalize the Dating Experience


Dating is highly personal. It’s also often embarrassing and awkward. Who doesn’t have a bad date story or two or a dozen? Dating is so difficult because it is the first step to some form of intimacy. The entire business model depends on personal data. When you are in the industry, you cannot avoid the personal, so you should capitalize upon it.

Detailed User Profiles

Your customers have to share meaningful personal details to make their profiles effective. No one wants to date Generic Girl or Boring Boy. They want to find someone with specific traits that complement their own. Your company should have an in-depth, easy-to-use profile template to tempt new users and keep current users happy.

Gather Personal Data

Personalization also applies to your digital efforts. Gathering personal customer data is easier than ever, and you can use this information to better promote and design your website. The dating site Happn uses this personal information in a novel and effective way. Once you sign up with the company, it will use your location to notify you whenever you “cross paths” with another Happn user by displaying their profile in your timeline. You can then choose to make contact if you wish. It’s a fun and safe way to promote connections between people with similar interests and geographical locations. If Jason used your coffee shop, it must be karma.

You can also use this data collection as fodder for your marketing efforts. For instance, OkCupid uses their data for titillating blog content. They’ve even written a piece on how many people have had a holiday party hookup with a coworker. Of course, everyone needs that information. When people visit your site to read the articles, you are onto something.

Gather Personal Data

Finally, go personal with couples' success stories. Your customers want to know that your service works. Showing them satisfied customers gives them hope and keeps them coming back to your site. “Jim and Jane met here and were engaged after six months.” “Harrison and Bob are now together and skiing in Aspen.” “Meet Jen and Lora’s new baby girl.” These testimonials are standards in content marketing because they work. And they make everyone happy, even those who have not found a match yet.

You will need to change them up frequently and show a variety of happy clients. People want to see themselves represented on your pages. Cast a wide net for these love stories.

Pro Tip: You can also use these testimonials as case studies to determine how your site worked and why.

Up Your SEO Game


The dating industry depends on romance and desire, and SEO content is anything but. However, behind every successful dating company are some hot algorithms and tantalizing SEO methods. Does it still sound boring?” No worries, Scripted helps you hire SEO writers who can churn out effective SEO while keeping the copy lively. You can focus on the fun love connection part instead.

SEO does need to be taken seriously because the success of your content writing depends on this search engine optimization. When done correctly, SEO moves you up the ladder on Google, which will increase organic traffic on your site. With the right approach, you can earn a featured snippet, one of those data boxes given to the highest-ranking Google entries. They are convenient for searchers who want fast easy answers that don’t require an extra click. These snippets do link to your site, though, so they also drive online traffic as well as name recognition.

You could hire an SEO consultant for help with keyword research, long-tail keywords, on-page SEO and increased search volume. Or you can save money and get superior content by using Scripted writers who understand the concepts and can deliver professional work in a matter of hours or days. Remember, blogs and other content are for your users’ benefit and for Google rankings. Make everything you post count in the SEO world.

Scripted Writers and the Love Connection

Believe me when I say that Scripted writers know about dating - the agony and the ecstasy. If you gathered personal data on the relationship writers, you would find more than a few with dating app experience. So you can trust them to handle your content with the respect and knowledge that it deserves.

Start revamping your content by checking out our relationship writers today. We want to develop a long-term relationship with you.

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