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Nutrition is an industry that will always be booming.

Following the year 2020, many people have a new outlook on the importance of healthy living, which is fueled by optimal nutrition. Research from the International Food Information Council shows that COVID-19 changed 85% of consumers' food habits. The pandemic has caused people to "cook, eat, shop, and think about food differently." This is a prime example of how the nutrition industry changes based on major trends and events.

As the public transitions to a healthier mindset, nutrition brands are presented with an opportunity.

Whether you are a registered dietitian or have developed a unique nutritional product, there is a way for you to better connect with your audience. To build trusting relationships with consumers, you need to offer them something of value, showcasing your nutritional expertise. Unlike many other industries, which may center on entertainment, people rely on nutritional leaders to help them change their lives.

As a nutrition brand, you have an obligation to provide content that is honest and informative. You'll also want to focus on content that is engaging, professional, and fun. Get that right, and you will build a following that supports you along your journey.

Now more than ever before, a winning content strategy is critical to your success. Here's how to get started.

Why You Need a Content Marketing Strategy


Content remains the heart of any digital marketing strategy, providing an effective and flexible way for businesses of all sizes to nurture leads.

Content marketing takes many forms, all of which share a common goal — provide interesting, original, and genuine content for your target audience.

Although content marketing has always been an effective approach, it is now one of the most powerful inbound strategies out there. In 2020, the world experienced a major digital shift as companies of all sizes started working from home, and consumers were living in lockdown.

Just some reasons to consider content marketing this year and beyond include the following.

  • Content marketing offers an amazing ROI, generating three times as many leads per dollar compared to paid search. It also costs 62% less than paid search.

  • Research continues to show how effective content marketing is. One study found that small businesses who blog get 126% more lead growth than small businesses that don't. There are many reasons for this, including the impact content has on search engine optimization. Strong content will increase organic traffic to your website because search engines will better understand what your nutrition brand is all about. The goal here is to optimize your web pages, blog content, etc.

  • Your competitors are leveraging the power of content marketing. If you don't, you risk being left behind. In a 2020 poll of the B2B brands surveyed, 86% were using content to build brand awareness, 79% were using content to educate, and 75% were using content to develop trust. The nutrition industry is highly competitive, which is why you need to remain both unique and relevant.

Content Marketing in the Nutrition Industry


Regardless of the product or service you offer, it's becoming more and more vital to have a strong online presence. Research shows that nearly half of 18- to 49-year-old people get their news online — a figure that is growing. Content offers you the perfect opportunity to educate your target audience about who you are and what you offer. After all, 50% of online shoppers spend at least 75% of their shopping time researching products. When prospective buyers come across your brand during their search, your content and overall brand will draw them in. This means that you need an effective content marketing strategy to remain competitive.

As a nutrition company, you have to stay on top of the latest trends. However, nothing is more important than being a brand people know and trust. A study by Technavio reported that the global health and wellness market is anticipated to grow at an annual rate of around 6% until 2022. Consumers are becoming more health and nutrition-conscious, and quality content is your ticket to acquiring these consumers.

The key is offering content that helps people live a healthier, more balanced life. Although nutrition focuses on good food, this industry is much more than that. Nutrition goes hand-in-hand with wellness, a concept that goes far beyond what you eat. For example, if you operate a supplement company, create content that highlights the benefits of supplementation and the other aspects that support optimal health, such as sleep, exercise, and positive mental health. However, remain FDA-compliant in terms of the legal requirements surrounding the claims you make.

Build a Foundation to Execute a Winning Content Marketing Strategy


Whether you're in the startup phase or are reworking your current marketing strategy, it's important to build a solid foundation. Take the time to plan ahead so that you can get the most out of your content marketing investment.

Consider Your Brand Identity

Who are you as a brand and what message do you want to convey? Being able to answer these questions is imperative to your content marketing strategy. The content you create will then help keep your brand identity in motion. Keep the tone and style of your content writing consistent across all channels, including your blog and social media.

If you're a company that has helped your community or the environment and have figures to support that, a case study might interest you. Whitepapers and press releases can also help increase awareness about who you are as a brand and why you're relevant in today's marketplace.

Create Customer Personas

Knowing who you are is only half the battle. To successfully connect with your audience, you need to know who you're speaking to. That is why you should create customer personas. To do so, leverage market research and your customer data. This is the time to use Google Analytics to help measure what's working and what's not.

When creating these personas, always revert back to your brand identity. This will help guide you in terms of your overall tone and style. For example, if you are a registered dietitian, think about who you, as a brand, are speaking to? Are your customers experts, are they "average" nutrition enthusiasts, are they beginners, or a combination? Now, dive deeper, narrowing groups down based on their age, income, social media use, interests, goals, etc. In most cases, you'll need to create several customer personas.

Invest in SEO

Those with experience in content marketing understand the value of short and long-tail keywords. SEO strategies help you reach a greater audience based on what they are actively searching for. Although there are plenty of tools to support you, including Moz or Google Keyword Planner, you can start this process with keyword research on Google. For example, type "nutritionists in Seatle" in the search box to see what's suggested based on the top searches. This will also allow you to see who you're competing against.

Become familiar with SEO-related terms, including search volume, on-page SEO, and featured snippets. The more you understand how SEO works, the more targeted and purposeful your strategy will become.

Track Trends and Adapt

The nutrition industry continues to evolve based on the latest research and trends. That is why you must publish content that is both evergreen and relevant to what's currently going on.

Healthline reported that some of the top trends and topics to consider in 2021 include:

  • Immunity boosters. COVID-19 reminded the world that your health can change quickly and dramatically. Maintaining positive health starts with a healthy immune system. In 2020, over 50% of consumers started taking supplements to support immune function. Purpose-driven ingredients are also expected to be at the forefront of the food industry this year.
  • Mental health. More and more people are interested in the connection between nutrition and mental health. This includes greater education on diets rich in antioxidants. In 2021, products will be available that contain ingredients linked to stress reduction and better sleep.
  • Support local. Shutdowns around the country gave people a new appreciation for their local community.
  • Storytelling. Consumers are going to become increasingly interested in a company's backstory. People want to know the impact of a product or service they support. This is your opportunity to show authenticity.
  • Convenience. Meal kit delivery services are expected to see growth, becoming a $20 billion industry by 2027. Look to HelloFresh, Freshly, and Purple Carrot for inspiration.

The Benefits of Quality Writing


Marketers once believed that the more they published, the better. However, it's now more important to focus on the quality of your content — not the quantity.

Yes, publishing regularly is an optimal strategy, but do not post content for the sake of it. This can be more damaging than it is beneficial in terms of your reputation, especially if your goal is to become an expert in your field.

Quality content will allow you to increase organic traffic to your website, drive sales, increase awareness, and more. As you become a leader in the nutrition industry, other brands will link to your site based on the content you publish.

Best Practices

To obtain high-quality content, you need to invest in professional writers.

Although you may be more than capable of writing content, content creation is incredibly time-consuming. Whether you are growing your client list or are working on the development of your next product, outsourcing your content needs can help you focus on the success of your nutrition brand.

Here are some elements of quality content you should consider:

  • Content that is well-researched and accurate.
  • Authenticity and cohesion.
  • Content that is both engaging and educational.

It's Time to Create a Content Marketing Strategy for Your Nutrition Website


Think of your content marketing strategy as a rough blueprint.

Determine what your goals are

What do you hope to achieve by creating content?

Do you want to increase brand awareness? If so, focus on specialized content that allows you to become a leader in your industry and niche. Make it your goal to build loyalty through engaging content. From consumer education to lead generation, there are many possible goals — and you can have more than one.

Start a company blog

If you want to increase visibility and improve your ranking, you need a blog. Post regularly, optimize content, and leverage internal linking.

Start by creating a list of potential blog ideas and complete a keyword plan. Then, create a content schedule. Organize your schedule as you please, addressing what platform you'll publish on, when you'll post, and how often you will create new content.

Consider other types of content

Blogging is incredibly effective. However, it's not your only option — nor should it be. Start with a couple types of content, whether it be blogging and email newsletters or blogging and social media content. This will help you increase organic traffic to your site.

Use the right tools

As they say, "work smarter, not harder."When you're developing a content market strategy, it's important to consider how you will execute each step. To achieve your content marketing goals and gain greater insight, you need to take advantage of the tools available to you.

For example, BuzzSumo will help you stay informed concerning trending topics in the nutrition industry. This tool can help you create a topic list that will guide your blog and social media content. If your goal is to improve your blog, HubSpot's Blog Ideas Generator will provide ideas for you to fill your content calendar.

Examples of Successful Nutrition Websites


The following nutrition brands all share one common denominator — they consistently produce high-quality content tailored to their audience. Draw inspiration from the following sites, focusing on the content marketing tactics used by each. Analyze these sites based on their approach to content marketing, focusing on the tactics they use. See what works and then make those tactics fit your unique goals and brand.

When it comes to authority and leadership, Sue, founder of Boulder Nutrition, has it all figured out. Sue is a functional nutritionist, leadership mentor, and food psychology specialist. Her background instantly gives her an upper edge. However, her approach and commitment to quality content help her remain relevant in an ever-changing industry. She focuses on evidence-based content, highlighting clinical nutrition, food psychology, and the mind-body connection, appealing to a wide audience. The "explore" tab brings you to her recipes, blog, podcast, and books. Sue knows her audience and creates content with those readers in mind. Her blog covers all aspects of nutrition, as well as topics surrounding yoga, wellness, personal transformation, and food psychology.

HelloFresh is "the first global carbon-neutral meal kit company, supporting global and local environmentally-friendly projects you care about." That is a strong slogan, and the company lives up to it. Their mission is simple, yet again, powerful — "We change the way people eat forever." They focus on four core objectives, working budget, health, taste, and sustainability into the content they create. The meal kits they offer highlight the importance of healthy nutrition, making these types of meals more accessible.

A leading brand in the protein powder space, Vega is a maker of sustainable, plant-based powders and other nutrient products. The company's site is clean and easy to navigate. Taking a minimalistic yet purposeful approach, all of Vega's content represents the brand's voice and mission. The three main menu options include Shop, Learn, and Why Vega? Under the learn tabs, visitors gain access to recipes, guides, and blogs. Vega's blog is an educational hub that supports its community while remaining in line with what the company sells — nutrition-based protein powder.

As soon as you visit Nutritious Eats' website, you immediately notice the stunning food photography and accompanying content. Created by Melanie, a registered dietitian and lover of excellent food, Nutritious Eats now has a dedicated following. On Instagram alone, she has nearly 16 thousand followers. In addition to endless health-conscious recipes, she also offers her audience a lifestyle section, highlighting nutrition, fashion, and fitness. The nutrition and wellness section covers articles such as Meal Prep 101 and 10 Tips for Gluten-Free Road Trips.

Hiring a Nutrition Writer Doesn't Need to Be Complicated


All the sites above represent different areas of the industry, yet all invest in high-quality content.

Outsourcing your content is highly recommended based on the amount of time it takes to produce consistent content that people want to read. Research shows that in 2014, bloggers spent an average of two hours on a post. In 2020, that number hit over six hours. Your content is a reflection of you and your brand, which is why you need content that converts. Not all content is created equal, which is why you need to find nutrition(s) you can count on.

Once you have created a solid content marketing strategy, it will be time to hire a writer or two — but how?

Although you can post your job listing online, this process can be incredibly time-consuming, and in some cases, not very cost-effective. You will need to complete the vetting process, which requires time and expertise. That is why content creation platforms are such an optimal choice. When you partner with a credible content platform, you will benefit from a more productive, seamless process. This will help you ensure a greater ROI.

Scripted Can Help

Leave your content needs to Scripted's team of writers.

Accepting only the top 2% of applicants, Scripted ensures high-quality content and an efficient hiring process. Easily browse writers based on their expertise, hiring those who are the best fit for your brand.

From start to finish, all steps of the hiring and content creation process are completed within the platform itself. This allows you to get back to what matters most — building your growing nutrition brand.

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