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Crunching The Numbers

35% of organizations don't have a dedicated content marketing team.
The content marketing industry is predicted to grow by 15% annually until 2025.
84% of organizations have a content strategy, but only 11% of those stated it was excellent.
71% of marketers stated content has become more important in the past year.

The Benefits of Content & Management

With stats highlighting the predicted industry growht from now until 2025, there is no doubt many large businesses will be directing focus and trying to differentiate themselves from the competition through content creation. But what are some benefits, and what does excellent content do for your company?

Free Up Your Time

Finding a reliable writer to outsource your content creation takes time and effort. If you're sick and tired of working with unreliable freelancers and endless job applications on Upwork and Fiverr, it's time to level up. To outsource your content marketing to reliable, professional, highly vetted writers, discover how Scripted can revolutionize your content creation game.

Managing Your Content

With so much work required to map a plan, create it, manage where to post it, and repurpose content for other platforms, we're talking about considerable time, effort, and resources. When you outsource your content creation and management, you remove the stress and pressure of creating content and keeping it up to date. We allocate you a dedicated account manager to schedule, manage, and run your content creation. Freeing you up to work on other means of growing and scaling your business.

Traffic and Conversions

Finding the time and writer who specializes in writing content optimized to rank on Google, inform your audience and convert readers into customers is a skill that requires a content creator. Especially moving through 2023 and beyond. Free up your time while our expert writers and content strategists collaborate to accelerate your content marketing; you'll have time to work on other ways to grow your business or do more of what you love. Outsourcing is one of the most effective methods of successful content marketing. Contact Scripted today and outsource your content creation and management needs to highly skilled strategists and vetted writers - giving you the time, power, and freedom to grow and scale without taking on staff or sacrificing precious time.

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The Challenges of Content Management

While the rewards of content creation can be highly lucrative in expanding your reach and building excellent customer relationships, however, there are many challenges that marketers must overcome to reap the benefits.

Documenting Your Content

Constructing a reliable, documented, and data-driven strategy can be a factor that holds many businesses back from kickstarting a serious content production drive. With documentation, you have a clear plan or schedule to work toward. Instead of posting consistent, high-quality content, your content marketing becomes a sporadic effort whenever you have a spare afternoon to write something you think your audience will like.

Finding Professional Industry Expert Writers

Finding a writer specializing in the content you want to create is a huge task. While your team comprises industry experts, giving them the time and writing knowledge to work on your content is a different story. Thankfully, we have a wide range of industry expert writers across various niches who can create content for you.

Consistent High-Quality Content

Unlocking the time and resources to focus on producing high-quality content consistently is a huge barrier to successful content creation. In 2023, it takes time and effort to create the 10x style content to make yourself heard among the noise. Unfortunately.

By outsourcing your content creation and management, you free up precious time and resources, safe in the knowledge that you have a reliable team of expert writers and content strategists creating it for you.

Measuring Content Creation ROI

Kickstarting your content game is tricky when you can't justify what it will bring to your company. However, with a solid plan and an expert team to implement it, you can make content decisions based on actual data and see what each piece of content brings to the table. For example, impressions, clicks, and conversions are all measures of content sucess.

How Scripted Can Help

Scripted's combination of advanced content creation technology, vetted professional industry expert writers, and content strategists can help you take your content marketing game to the next level.

Please get in touch with us today and meet with our content specialists to see how we can truly make a difference in your content marketing and management.

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