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Dear Marketers, Quit Capitalizing on Celebrity Deaths

celebrity deaths 2017

The year that robbed us of David Bowie, Prince and Carrie Fisher has gained notoriety as the year of celebrity deaths, each one dealing a bigger blow to the public consciousness than the last. One list longer than the list of celebrity deaths in 2016? That of brands which found it necessary to comment on these […]

marketing artificial intelligence

When Marketing AI Overcomes The Uncanny Valley

Building marketing AI software that replaces huge marketing teams with one really smart piece of software is the next frontier in digital marketing. We’ll know it’s happened when we can’t tell the difference. Currently, marketing AI mostly governs database automation and assists with communication tasks, disrupting the industry through digital transformation. However, when AI overcomes […]

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writing video scripts

Write Killer Video Scripts Using This Hollywood Screenwriting Method

With the advent of Snapchat and Instagram stories for brands and a prediction that video streaming will make up 80 percent of all internet traffic by 2019, the past year has made it clear that producing compelling, well-executed video content is paramount for brands in 2016. While strong visuals are critical to the success of […]

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print marketing

The Best Examples of Real World Content Marketing

We’re living in the age of the digital word and that’s dramatically affecting our reading habits. A typical person will read about 54,000 words every single day and the vast majority of those come from online sources like blogs, social media posts, and emails. But that doesn’t mean that print marketing is dead, even in the […]

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chatbot marketing

Chatbots Will Take Over Digital Marketing in 2017

The digital marketing and advertising landscape is an ever-changing world, where the technology, design, creativity and functionality improve continuously. Each and every day, there’s a shiny, new toy for consumers and marketers to play with; some of these toys are merely fads that disappear in a New York minute (see: Peach), while others forever change […]

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Scripted 2016

Scripted Waves Goodbye to 2016

Vladimir Lenin once pronounced, “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.”, and something similar could be said about 2016 (perhaps without the undertone of communist revolution). That’s true for the world as a whole and also here at Scripted, where we’ve seen our platform grow and develop at hyperspeed. […]

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instagram designer

Using Instagram to Find a Great Designer

In the long list of items needed to either create or grow your company, graphic design can fall behind tasks that more directly product income, like inventing new products, drafting business strategies and providing customer service. But regardless of your industry – or the size of your organization – quality graphics are vital to the […]

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marketing 2017

4 Content Marketing Reach Goals for 2017

  Here’s some tough love: if you’re running a content operation, you’re supposed to have a content calendar. You’re supposed to have a tight handle on the ROI of your blog. You’re supposed to be building your audience on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If your main goal for 2017 is to get around to one of […]

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tumblr marketing

The Marketer’s Guide to Tumblr

In 2017, we’re committing to broadening our social media reach. Let’s be honest, Facebook and Twitter are at this point noisy enough to cause tinnitus. Let’s talk Tumblr marketing. To the uninitiated, it can feel like a disorganized jumble of animal pictures, relationship quotes, and references to movies and television shows that range from the famous to the […]

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