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account-based marketing

Small Businesses Need Account-Based Marketing Too

As a small business, you rely on inbound marketing strategies. You expect customers to respond to your online advertisements, stop and enter your store when they see your window display, and explore your website when they come across an interesting piece of content on your blog. Account-based marketing (ABM), on the other hand, is a […]

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Simple Sales Funnel

How to Use Account-Based Marketing to Drive Content Marketing

According to the Digital Marketing Institute, 92 percent of companies consider Account-Based Marketing (ABM) crucial for B2B marketing, and it is quickly becoming a marketing standard. In addition, ABM is having an important influence on content marketing. As a result, content marketing is becoming more effective, while the overall marketing effort is becoming more successful.

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qr codes

It’s Time to Give Up on QR Codes

Although QR codes came on the scene in 1994 (as a special type of barcode designed for use by the Japanese auto industry), over the last few years marketers have jumped at the chance to exploit this seemingly exciting way to entice consumers into engaging with brands.

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The Importance of a Fact Checker in a Technology-Driven World

Despite the influx of technology-based editing tools in recent years, the simple fact still remains: If you want your work to be taken seriously, it is important to hire a fact checker. In this day and age, almost everyone from busy college students to freelance writers to even those in the corporate world are relying […]

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proofreading 101

Proofreading 101: What You Need to Know to Get Perfect Copy

You’ve worked hard and have a great piece of content written–but it needs a once-over before being released to a wide audience. This is where proofreading comes in. From copyediting to fact checking, there are different types of editing to make sure your content is ready for the public’s eye.

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How Technology Is Changing the Future of Copywriting

Copywriting has undergone many significant changes since the marketing industry first started gathering steam back in the 1950s. Back then, TV, print and radio advertising budgets were just beginning to skyrocket and they continued to prevail throughout the rest of the 20th century. In the early 2000s, some of that money started shifting toward digital […]

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account-based marketing

Account-Based Marketing, Meet Content Marketing

If you’re hanging out at the water cooler, don’t be surprised to hear “account-based marketing” being bandied about. This term has become the hot buzzword among B2B marketers. What Exactly Is Account-Based Marketing? Account-based marketing (ABM) is not a newly discovered way of marketing. It’s been around for decades, but its popularity is recently exploding […]

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copy editing technology

How The Internet Has Impacted Copy Editing Technology

Technological evolution has led to some of the greatest innovations throughout history, and over the past few decades, this evolution seems to have accelerated. It has literally touched every aspect of life, and while students, marketers and business owners might not realize it, technology has even had a profound effect on copy editing. Only after […]

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remote work

Here are the 6 Types of Copy Editing

Though the term “copy editing” is often used broadly to refer to reviewing written content, there are many types of editing. Each has its own place in the content development process. Familiarize yourself with each form to best understand what you can handle yourself and when you might benefit from partnering with a professional editing […]

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