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Professional, SEO-friendly content is vital for the success of any website. Whether you’re looking to improve traffic, promote a new product, or increase conversion on your website, it starts with great content. Here is a list of the content we offer at Scripted:

Blog Posts

A standard blog post lets you dive into a topic in a bit more detail than you would be able to with a short blog post. Standard blog posts are short enough to still be mobile-friendly and reader-friendly.

They're also just long enough for you to devote special attention to a topic. You have the opportunity to inject extra value into a post that helps make it unique, shareable, and valuable to readers. With navigational aids such as numbered lists, bullet points and headers, standard blog posts can be informative and engaging. Learn more

Press Releases

When something notable happens in your business, you want to announce it, whether it is an awesome new hire or the lowdown on an annual event you're sponsoring. However, press releases aren't just about sending something to PRNewswire for media attention. They are also a way for you to market on Facebook, Twitter, and on your blog. A single press release can lead to multiple Twitter, Facebook and website posts, and that can build your SEO and overall web presence.

Press releases are also a great way to appear professional. When customers, clients and job applicants research you, your website gives a good impression if you have a slate of well-written and informative press releases. Learn more

Web Pages

The most valuable pages on your website are often landing pages. You may set one up for a marketing campaign, perhaps touting the benefits of, say, massage therapy, with a call to action at the end. That call to action can lead to you netting email subscribers and newsletter subscribers or even e-commerce sales. You could also get potential customers to download a free trial or product demo.

Each and every page on your website should be as up-to-date and engaging as possible, with ample opportunities for customers to take actions such as contacting you, signing up for an email newsletter or following you on social media. Learn more

Product Descriptions

Often, it isn't enough to just have a gleaming picture of your product above its name. How can customers use the product? Why will they benefit? Who is this product for? What material is the product made of?

A product description answers these questions, puts customers in the mindset of using the product and, ideally, leads to a sale. The description should truly be useful, simple and enjoyable. Nothing turns a customer off more than fluff and generic terms such as "very," so specific language, bullet points, images and a clever title can be the difference in a customer buying from you versus going elsewhere.

The last two paragraphs, and all the other product descriptions on the left there were written by Kelly S on Scripted. This paragraph wasn't. Learn more


For many businesses, landing new customers is the easy part. It's getting them to come back that proves tricky. Continuing to give them useful content via blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts are great tactics in a multifaceted strategy, and email newsletters are an important part as well. They can announce promotions that drive sales and give customers content they might otherwise not receive.

Email newsletters are also a way to gain new customers. A blog post or landing page could have a call to action at the end enticing customers to sign up for the newsletter. From there, it should only be a matter of time before a prospective customer converts into an actual customer. Learn more


Transcriptions need to be accurate and created quickly. For the sake of posterity, hiring an experienced, professional transcriptionist can be a vital service for any business.

Attorneys and doctors who need to transcribe their notes, podcast creators in need of episode transcripts, or attendees of important business meetings are all examples of people in need of a professional transcriptionist. Learn more

Social Media Posts

Social media is where many of your customers are, and they'd love to engage with you, share your content and get the word out about your business. But first, you have to give them the opportunity to do those kinds of things. That's where Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram posts come in. They can tease a blog post on your website and link to the post, or they could be a riff on a funny meme going around.

You can pose questions to your followers, run contests or share photos of your work "behind the scenes." Social media posts give you a chance to expose your content to a larger audience and build a community of loyal customers. Learn more

Video Scripts

Videos have emerged as a valuable way to reach prospects and grow your audience. Developing a presence on YouTube can give you an edge over your competitors and help you showcase your business in a new way. If you're trying to get more DIYers to use your services, a video tutorial enhances your brand awareness and positions you as a trusted educational resource.

Before you can shoot a video, though, you need a script that's written in jargon-free English and that makes sense when spoken aloud. If you already have a script but it's not quite right and needs polish, getting outside professional help could be the difference maker. Learn more

Custom Projects

We offer a wide array of content forms and styles, but sometimes our customers have unique needs that don’t fit into any pre-packaged offer. Our custom projects allow you to set the specific parameters and our writers will send you proposals based on those parameters.

Custom projects is our way of saying there is no job too big, too small, or too weird for our talented team of writers. And as with all our offers, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, you don’t pay. Learn more

Content Tune-Ups

Many business owners are experts in their industries, but writing, especially for the web, does not come naturally. So you know what you want to say, you just don’t know how to say it in an SEO-friendly and reader-friendly way. You can submit your content to our writers and they will send you proposals on how they will improve it and get it web ready.

You choose the proposal that sounds perfect for you and before you know it your website, blog, newsletter or video script will have the professional level quality your competitors could only dream of. Learn more

How Does Content Benefit Your Business?

Writing content has many benefits for business, including:
  • Building Authority
  • Building Trust
  • Increasing Traffic
  • Growing Email List
  • Brand Awareness
  • Attracting Influencers
  • Increasing Engagement
  • Improving Conversions
  • Promoting Content
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Scripted has highly-vetted content writers across a variety of industries. Here are just a few of our top content writers.

Ruby S

Last online about 15 hours

I love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures. I have written Lifestyle and Travel pieces for travel and tours sites, e-commerce platforms, and offline businesses over the years. In addition, my Biology degree and training in Practical Nursing helps me write Healthcare and Sciences articles.

Customer Ratings: 111

Michael N

Boston, Massachusetts, United States • Last online about 1 hour

Experienced journalist, writer, PR professional, marketing professional, and cat juggler*. Veteran content producer. *That one's not true. Yet.

Customer Ratings: 782

Amanda G

United States •

I specialize in taking complicated medical and scientific information and turning it into reader-friendly material. I hold a bachelor's degree in Biological Sciences and a master's degree in Biomedical Sciences, with strong knowledge of pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, and genetics, as well as healthcare in general and dentistry specifically. I have over a decade of experience in both writing and healthcare and can tackle any topic with enthusiasm and professionalism.

Customer Ratings: 126

Hannah W

Sheffield, England, United Kingdom •

Hannah is a professional content writer from the United Kingdom. Since 2011, she has been helping businesses market themselves online by producing high-quality, engaging, and informative content. With a Bachelor's degree in Natural Sciences and a Master's in Physics, Hannah specializes in writing about health, science and technology topics.

Customer Ratings: 600

Matthew T

Louisville, Kentucky, United States • Last online 2 days

With more than two decades of writing and optimization experience, I know how to keep readers engaged, mimic brand voices, and get first-page rankings on search engine results.

Customer Ratings: 1483
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