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Sasha Viasasha
Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Sasha is a professional writer and content strategist in Chicago. She helps businesses ranging in size from solopreneurs to global enterprises with projects in innovation, new ventures and startup culture.
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By the end of this year, more than half of enterprises overall, and 80% of those in the middle of digital transformation, are projected to join some sort of a strategic partnership with digital partner firms, both in and beyond...

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*When you're abroad, it's tough to know how to get the best bang for your buck. These three hub cities won't disappoint when it comes to efficient traveling. * The world is a big, big place and traveling is costly. That's why t...

Apps Dominate Web Activity, Where is Your Mobile Content?

With mobile web on the decline and apps dominating, how should you approach mobile content? Analysts have declared mobile web dead.While others argue there are sure signs of life left in mobile content, it's clear that app usag...

Do Publicity Stunts Pay Off?

High risk, high reward. Publicity stunts are indeed a risky venture. Learn how to make it a risk worth taking.** **NVIDIA's recently unveiled their next generation mobile graphics chip by creating a crop circle. Odd choice, bu...

Promoting Content with POE

By taking a look at some of his work, you may be surprised what Edgar Allan Poe can teach you about promoting content. The fast-moving, news-heavy world of social media demands a constant flow of content for anyone to make an i...

The Morality of Morality Clauses in Divorce Proceedings

Court rulings in family law are made in accordance to precedent, state legislature and presentation skills of your legal counsel. This may not be the right approach when talking about a personal family issue such as divorce. If...

The Benefits of Interval Training

The foundational benefit of interval training is the convenience and lack of required equipment. Find out why interval training works and if it suits your lifestyle. High intensity interval training is a training strategy that ...

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