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Scripted technology can help match content marketers and business professionals with a freelance writer who can help them reach their content creation goals.

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Are you looking to transform your online presence through quality copywriting and content marketing? Scripted is the ideal platform for content marketers and business professionals looking to elevate their online presence through blog content, web page content, press releases, newsletters, social media posts, video scripts, and more.

What Is Scripted Technology

Great marketing requires great writing, and Scripted technology is a mix of proprietary tools and integrations that allow great marketers and great writers to unite and create amazing content.

Some of Scripted's tech tools include:

  • SmartMatch
  • Performance Reporting
  • Integrations with popular tools like HubSpot, Wordpress, and more.

How Can Scripted Technology Help You?

Scripted technology and the online tools it provides to content marketers and business professionals can transform any online business, blog, web page, or marketing campaign. Regardless of your goal, if you're looking to connect with expert freelance writers in your industry to create engaging content that converts, then the Scripted platform is for you.

The road to obtaining high-quality content with great conversion rates is quite simple. The first step is to simply join the Scripted platform. After joining the platform, you'll describe your content writing needs. Then, Scripted freelance writers submit proposals to your request. Or you can use Scripted technology to match you with an experienced freelance writer in your industry.

Once one of Scripted's freelance writers has received your content brief, you'll receive the first draft within a few days. You can even add Copyediting to your order as part of the project for added polish. The path to obtaining high-quality content is really that simple.

Smart Match

What is Scripted SmartMatch?

Scripted SmartMatch does all the vetting of copywriters for you, instantly connecting you with one of Scripted's expert writers based on your industry, content topic, or content type.

Being instantly matched with freelance writers rather than sorting through countless writing samples and proposals allows you to get your project started so you can focus on other parts of your business.

What is Scripted Performance?

Another integral part of Scripted technology is Scripted Performance--our post publishing performance tracking that gives you a clear understanding of how your content is performing across the web. 

With Scripted Performance, you can track what keywords your content is ranking for, how much traffic it’s generating, and where that traffic is coming from. These insights will help you adjust your content strategy to best reach your marketing objectives.

What Integrations Does Scripted Have?

The Scripted platform integrates easily with HubSpot and WordPress. This allows you to instantly export all your content from the Scripted App right into your CMS.

You can also export your content as HTML, Markdown, Text, Word Document (docx), CSV, and JSON files.

What Technology Does Scripted Have for Scripted Writers?

The Scripted platform gives Scripted writers access to awesome technology like the powerful Scripted Text Editor and Scripted SmartMatch technology that allows writers to find jobs and connect with clients quickly. 

Scripted also gives writers access to rewards and a tier system. Essentially, Scripted writers are sorted into tiers that represent their accomplishments on the platform. Writers earn rewards based on their tier level.

The following outlines the Scripted tier system and its benefits for writers:

Writer Profile & Portfolio
Access to Public & Invite-Only Jobs
Chat/Email Support
Best Practices Guides
Blog Ideas Access
Free Tool Subscriptions
Premium Support
Premium Account Job Access
Total Concurrent Jobs
Payment Turnaround Time
14 Days
14 Days
7 Days
2 Days
Processing Fee

What Are Writer Profiles?

Scripted writer profiles are beneficial for both clients and writers. The platform’s professional copywriters can showcase their skills through their profiles with a short bio outlining their industry experience, current platform rating, writing samples, and time on the platform. This information helps writers find the best jobs for their skill set and allows clients to easily find Scripted writers that are best suited for their content creation expectations.

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