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Scripted's SmartMatch technology instantly matches you with the best writer for your business.

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Instant Vetting

We understand the challenges of hiring a suitable writer for your content needs, especially when you need to rush a time-sensitive project. You might not have the luxury of sieving through tons of writer CVs, scanning multiple online portfolios, or awaiting the response to your job listing.

Scripted’s SmartMatch technology makes it easier than ever to get started immediately with an experienced freelance writer in your industry without the guesswork.

SmartMatch is a powerful component in the infrastructure of Scripted technology, a combination of integrations and proprietary tools that unite marketers and our starred writers to achieve optimized results.

We go the extra mile with Scripted’s SaaS features to provide high-tech pairing with qualified writers so you can spend more time growing and developing your business.

Seamless Categorization

We categorize our freelance writers by industry expertise, skillset, and experience level. Our SmartMatch system essentially links your business with the perfect freelancers for various content creation needs. 

Our leading writers provide diverse written content, from engaging website copy to social media posts, white papers, press releases, and transcribing work. 

No more posting to job boards, sifting through countless resumes, writing samples, and bids to find a reliable, full-time writer who can handle your business’ content needs. Scripted SmartMatch does the vetting of copywriters for you and allows you to order content immediately from the best writer, all within your pricing budget.

Our writers will specify their specializations within the Scripted platform, enabling the website’s algorithm to track and match writers to your project proposals according to specific needs.

Proven Writers' Expertise

Scripted writers have proven specializations based on past projects and working experience in specific industries. The SmartMatch features ensure that you gain access to qualified writers based on the authenticated skills, experiences, and capabilities. 

Our dedicated Scripted customer management team frequently checks in with the writers on our database to ensure that they meet the relevant writing skills alongside content and industry experience to maintain the accuracy of the SmartMatch system.


You have the option of requesting a copyeditor assigned to your SmartMatch jobs. Doing so gives you an extra set of professional eyes that fine-tune the quality of your content. Scripted provides some of the best editors with extensive expertise, working closely with your assigned SmartMatch worker to deliver polished results that will exceed your expectations.

Optimized Notifications and Alerts

The SmartMatch System notifies you by email immediately when a qualified Scripted writer accepts your posted project through the matching feature. 

You will have the opportunity to drop your writers a message without delay through Scripted’s built-in chat system. Seamless communication between you and your assigned writer will help you iron out the details to ensure that you receive the content outlined in your brief. 

As such, you can look forward to transparency in monitoring the progress of your project right from the moment that a writer accepts a SmartMatch job.

Expedited Hiring Process

Select your industry and content type and our advanced platform will do the rest. The SmartMatch system links you with the most relevantly skilled writers, expediting the job pairing process. 

With Scripted SmartMatch, you can save the time and trouble of seeking reliable content writers through an intelligent pairing technology that provides quality work and paves the way for potential long-term relationships with some of the top writers in your preferred industry. 

The SmartMatch Difference

With Scripted SmartMatch, you can start working with a trusted content expert without delay and receive your first draft within a few days. Through specifying “rushed” and “prioritized” project categorizations, you can further refine your search for a qualified writer within a shorter time frame. 

Sign up for a 30-day trial with Scripted today and experience the unmatched convenience of our SmartMatch technology for premium content and desired outcomes!

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