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The future demand for senior services will continue to rise. As reported by Business Insider, the United States home care market is anticipated to grow from $100 billion in 2016 to $225 billion by 2024. Whether you operate a senior transportation service company or manage a senior living center, it's imperative that you leverage the power of content marketing.

When creating your senior services marketing plan, the content you publish makes all the difference. Since most people research online before making a decision, especially in relation to theirs or a loved ones' future, you should consider the value of blogging, social media, video scripts, and other forms of content. The goal is to build a stronger relationship with your audience and improve engagement.

Even when you outsource your content marketing needs, this strategy is still cheaper than other forms of advertising. In fact, content marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing, yet generates over three times as many leads. It's a no-brainer, especially when aiming to connect with a specific audience — in this case, those in need of senior services and related advice.

The Benefits of Content Marketing for Your Senior Services Website


In North America, the senior care industry continues growing as the baby boomer population ages. By 2030, 1 in every 5 people will be a senior. This will affect everything from nursing homes to medical equipment, lawn care services to in-home care, and everything in between. Regardless of your niche, this is an industry that often requires immense research. Your target audience will look for advice, and products and services they can trust.

This is where content writing comes into play. Depending on what it is you offer, you can bridge the gap between you and your consumers through the power of quality content. For example, if you're affiliated with a senior living community, you may create a blog that helps individuals transition more easily. When focusing on various strategies, including SEO, you can increase organic traffic to your site.

Once traffic increases, you can:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Drive sales
  • Build trust
  • Grow your subscribers/followers
  • Position yourself as a leader in the senior services industry
If you're someone who heavily invests in paid ads, it's important to consider the rising number of ad blockers. In 2019, approximately 26% of online users were blocking ads. We expect this figure to grow, making this method less and less effective. In contrast, content marketing offers an excellent ROI. For example, marketers who prioritize blogging are 13 times more likely to have a positive ROI.
Did you know?

It's time that companies and marketers rethink the senior population. Research shows that more than a quarter of adults aged 75+ use tablets, and half of the 65-74-year-old population have social media profiles.

If you've only targeted those who care for the senior population, you may miss the mark — or at the very least, you're excluding a significant portion of your potential customer base. Of course, there are large volumes of influencer opportunities (children of seniors, other family members, friends, thought leaders, etc.). However, attention should not move away from the 60+ aged population.

It's also important to note that seniors tend to be more loyal and are less likely to explore other options when they're happy with the products/services they receive. That's why offering something of value is so important for your customers in terms of the content you produce. Since so many seniors are now online, offer them community resources, lifestyle tips and advice, free tools, and more.

How to Create a Content Strategy That Converts


Your overall digital marketing strategy must include a winning content strategy. Considering one in six people worldwide will be over the age of 65 by the year 2050, the senior services industry is both broad and growing. The year 2020 was challenging for many businesses due to COVID, including those in the senior care space. You should pay close attention to the strategies and trends outlined below as you move forward.

Focus on your website

Research shows that nearly one-third of people do not take any action the first time they visit a website. This means you'll want to create a positive user experience with informative and engaging content. The goal is to build trust and loyalty so that people return. Blog posts are a great way to connect with your audience. Offer your readers actionable advice, downloadable guides, and other valuable resources.

Pro Tip: Although your initial persona may have been less tech-savvy, approximately 70% of Americans aged 50 and older own a smartphone. This means your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

Invest in social media

Since nearly half of Americans aged 65 and older use Facebook, you need to post quality content consistently. For example, when you publish a new post on your blog, share it on Facebook or Twitter.

Pro Tip: While it's important to stick to your strategy in terms of core business objectives, you should also humanize your brand. Storytelling helps your community connect with your brand. The goal is to build trust and loyalty so your readers become customers.

Create a content calendar

Schedule the foundational content you plan to publish over the next few months. Start with larger topics to drive your SEO strategies. Address the pain points of your readers, providing them with in-depth, unique content.

Pro Tip: Within your content calendar, include all of your research regarding the topics listed. For example, what format will a topic be written in? What keyword research is involved? These are the questions you need to ask.

Six Steps Start Content Marketing for Your Senior Services Website


The best content marketing strategies are those that are both comprehensive and adaptable. As trends develop in the senior services industry, it's important to pivot, adjusting your strategy accordingly. Although your strategy and goals will change over time, there is a basic step-by-step process to get you started.

Step 1: Create your company profile

To dive deep into a winning content strategy, you need to first understand who you are as a business. This allows you to communicate in a way that is purposeful and transparent. While building your company profile, focus on your mission statement. This will allow you to stay on track, creating content that allows you to achieve your goals.

Some common goals include improving revenue, getting more traffic, increasing engagement, and achieving greater SEO success.

Step 2: Study your audience

Who are you marketing to? The senior population? Their caregivers? Both?

Before you create any content, you need to be clear about who your audience is. Only then will you connect with your readers, developing a greater sense of authority. To better understand who you're speaking to:

  • Collect demographic data — This includes age, gender, education, and income data. To dive even deeper, leverage the information in Google Analytics to see who is visiting your site.

  • Welcome consumer feedback — Your customers want to be heard. Their opinions matter and when you're open to listening, you can significantly improve your business and overall brand. How do your readers feel about the content you create? What do they want more of?

  • Create buy personas — Using demographic and feedback data, build buyer personas. These are essentially your customer avatars, helping you better understand your ideal customer. Consider your customers' goals and values, pain points, behaviors, sources of information, and more.

Step 3: Perform SEO analysis to create a topic list

Implementing an SEO strategy is critical to the long-term success of your website. The goal is to organize your website content in a way that improves the likelihood of it appearing in the top search results. While you'll want to consider strategies such as on-page SEO, long tail keywords, featured snippets, and link building, your topic list will be one of your greatest weapons. Based on the keywords you uncover for your industry and niche, you can then make a list of topics you'd like to address. To assist your efforts in finding high search volume keywords, use a tool such as Google's Keyword Tool or Semrush.

Step 4: Research your competitors

Whether you focus on services within your community or push products online, you are bound to have several competitors. Completing a competitive analysis can help you make more informed decisions based on what your target audience responds to. Some benefits of conducting an in-depth analysis include:

  • Being able to better understand your unique value proposition. What do you offer that your competitors don't? Use this information to drive your marketing strategy.
  • Helps you see what your competitors are doing right. Your goal should be to outperform industry standards.
  • Providing a benchmark in which you can measure your own growth and success.

Step 5: Choose the type of content you'll create

While blog posts are incredibly effective, there are many other options that will help you develop a strategy that converts. When you explore different types of content, you are able to connect with different customers.

First, let's focus on the value of blogging. Whether your goal is to increase traffic to your website, establish authority, or push services, blogging can help you achieve your ongoing milestones. Here are a few tips to AVOID:

  • Not posting regularly
  • Not optimizing your content based on SEO strategies, including keyword research, on-page SEO, long tail keywords, etc.
  • Not linking to your own content. Just as you want others to link to your site, take advantage of internal linking
Once you have established a reputable blog, think about branching out.
  • Case studies can help highlight key products and services, as well as your community.
  • Depending on your business and the overall tone you use, white papers can help build thought leadership
  • Ebooks are excellent lead magnets and can also help you build your subscriber list

Step 6: Find writers

This may seem like the hardest part, but it doesn't need to be. Although you can post jobs online and wait for applications to roll in, there are content creation platforms that have already done all the heavy lifting. Whether you are looking for a compassionate individual with experience in degenerative conditions or a writer who has strong research skills, it's important to know the type of writers you want to work with. Once you find them, communicate your vision clearly so that they can create content you love — the first time!

Top Websites in the Senior Services Space


Whether you're starting a website from scratch or aim to improve your current digital marketing strategy, it's important to look to those in the industry who have gained a loyal following. Although it's important to remain unique, the following websites provide inspiration and insight, allowing you to take your strategy to the next step.

The motto at Spectrum Health Care is "Always with you" — promising complete reliability. Committed to innovative home health care, specialized services, and senior companionship, their "Total Care" philosophy resonates with their audience. Just as they provide the highest quality care, their resources and related content are also of the highest quality.

The website offers a main menu, featuring a resources section. Visitors can navigate a wide spectrum of topics, ranging from nutrition to Alzheimer's, caregiving to palliative care. They write each article with their target audience in mind, positioning them as leaders in the senior services space. Spectrum Health Care is also active on social media, offering profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Sample articles include Companionship Is Good for the Heart and Home Care Fast Becoming a Preferred Option.

At Aging Care, they're "Connecting families in home care, assisted living, and caregiver support." The company website focuses on an educational approach, publishing articles on a regular basis. Featured articles cover everything from elder law to caregiver burnout.

Offering information for seniors and their caregivers means that Aging Care targets several customer personas. This company creates an immense amount of content to support their community, helping them drive conversion rates. They understand that their success depends on the strength of their community, which is why they offer support through the power of content.

Sample articles include 6 Signs of Caregiver Burnout and Evaluating Senior Living Options.

A Place for Mom is a knowledge hub that offers resources on senior living trends, senior housing, senior legal issues, aging health, news, and more. Active on Facebook and Twitter, this brand has attracted a significant following. When visiting their website, you'll immediately notice the plethora of resources available.

The company offers senior living advisors across the nation, targeting specific regions throughout Canada and the United States. While they provide services in select cities, they also focus on the opportunities available online. Their mission is to become the top source for knowledge and care options, which is what they have achieved based on the quality content they publish.

Sample articles include Dementia Behaviors: Expert Tips for Understanding and Coping and 7 Tips for Talking to Your Senior Parents About the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Senior Planet is the perfect example of a company that sought an opportunity based on industry trends. This brand is the first tech-themed resource for people aged 60 and over. They understand their audience and have focused on a more selective group — those who take living and aging very seriously.

Their purpose is to harness technology to change the way we age. Based on that technology, they offer programs, courses, and activities that help seniors stay healthy, learn new skills, make new friends, and save money. Their comprehensive yet unique approach comes through in the content they create, allowing them to increase organic traffic.

Sample articles include Avoid Statins and Other Meds with These Lifestyle Changes and Senior Planet Book Club: The House on Mango Street.

Scripted Can Help

Creating content has never been easier with the help of Scripted's all-in-one platform. From the hiring process to the completion of content, you never need to leave the platform. This ensures the most seamless and productive process as possible. If you need content for your senior services website, our large pool of talented writers will help you develop content that drives a greater ROI.

If you're ready to get started, Scripted offers you an opportunity to connect with writers and obtain quality content based on your budget. Browse our senior services writers today!

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