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Stats on Strategy & Ideation - Crunching The Numbers

Did you know that 48% of businesses have no documented content strategy? Don't add to that percentage. Start developing a content strategy that gets results.

Only 29% of businesses consider their organizations successful with content marketing.
33% of marketers have a content strategy, but it isn't documented
20% of companies don't currently have a documented content strategy but plan to document their content in the next 12 months

Benefits of Using Performance & Optimization Professionals

Align Content With Your Goals

Need help aligning your content with your business goals? Creating content that aligns with your goals is tricky, not to mention the considerable time and effort into doing so. An effective content strategy allows you to create content where everything you create is a puzzle fitting seamlessly into your overall goals. Creating the sort of 10x type content that resonates with and moves your audience to action is an art form and requires a solid, documented content strategy.

Return on Investment

Significant time, effort, and money go into content, or at least it should do. A thoroughly documented strategy is crucial to succeeding with content creation in 2023. How do you know if you're getting a great ROI on your content without documentation? With no documented strategy, it's impossible to know. Documentation lets you see what resources you need, how much it will cost, and how much time is required to ideate, create, publish and promote the content. Documented content tells you what's needed to create each content piece you produce. Oh, and the ability to measure its performance. This is a great recipe for potent, highly effective content which you can continuously refine to streamline your content creation process.


Another massive obstacle to successful content. With so few companies documenting and measuring their content, how can you expect to know if it's successful? It's no wonder, so many businesses struggle to justify a content marketing plan. Documenting and tracking any content you produce tells you what it's doing for your business. This could be; impressions, clicks, or conversions. Measuring these factors determines what each piece of content is doing for your business.

Align Your Team

Put everyone on the same page with any content you create, from ideation to creation and publishing. A documented strategy is the foundation for each stage of the content creation process. A place where anyone involved with the creative process can refer and ensure they align with the goals for the piece and the overall company vision.

The Challenges Involved With Content Strategy



Producing quality content in 2023 takes considerable time, effort, and resources. Let's face it, beating your competitors and standing above the noise. To succeed with content marketing, you need to produce quality 10 x content consistently.

This highly informative and comprehensive content must resonate with your audience, outrank your competitors and move readers to action. Dedicated content strategists help you achieve this without having sacrifice time in-house.


But consistently producing quality content is one of the biggest hurdles marketers and enterprises face regarding their content game.

But a solid strategy reinforces why you're creating the content and a dedicated schedule to work from. It helps you answer why you're posting it, what it's going to do for your business, and on what date. A strategy gives you a solid structured content production schedule.

A schedule means you can kiss goodbye to randomly pumping out content whenever the marketing team gets a spare afternoon. Content is here to stay for big businesses and needs to be treated accordingly.


Don't Know How To Start?

Knowing how to create an effective strategy is another huge challenge. You know your company vision more than anyone, but producing a content strategy to align with that is a different story.

How do you come up with 6-12 months' worth of content your audience cares about and relate it to the big picture? Not to mention finding the time and being an expert content writer.

If you're experiencing some of these challenges, it leads to believe that the content is even worth it. But considering 71% of marketers state content will become more critical over the next year, if you want to keep up with the competition and take advantage of the incredible benefits of content marketing, content is essential. So how can you kickstart a documented, data-driven, goals-orientated content strategy today?

How Scripted Accelerates Your Content Strategy & Ideation

Scripted helps you accelerate your content marketing strategy from an afterthought to a solid, easy-to-follow, actionable structure. Our expert content strategists take the time to understand your goals and vision and then create the perfect content strategy to match. If you're looking to truly dedicate your company to successful content marketing from now on, please get in touch with Scripted today.

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