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Custom analytics to easily track your content performance and make data-driven decisions.

Creating clear, interesting, relevant, and engaging content is only part of the task before you as a marketing professional. You must also distribute it online and establish a system by which you can monitor the performance of your content and optimize it for greater effect.

A Performance & Optimization team can help you meet the latter goal. Such a team can help you monitor the visibility and ranking of your website, blogs, social media pages, and other marketing content and discover new ways to improve their performance.

By monitoring SEO performance, you will know where you stand in the following areas:

  • Organic traffic
  • Bounce rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Keyword rankings
  • Backlinks
  • Page speed
  • Conversion rates

You will be alerted to ways of doing things better. You will be able to craft better content, choose different keywords, and refine meta titles or descriptions to move you higher up on search results pages.

Benefits of Using Performance & Optimization Professionals

Ranking higher in search engine results is, of course, a main goal for all content marketing teams. However, it presents a challenge owing to changing algorithms, growing complexity, and increasing competitiveness in nearly every industry. No company can afford to create and publish content without monitoring its performance and implementing a continuous improvement program. Here are some of the concrete benefits of bringing in Performance & Optimization professionals:

Improve Your SEO Rankings

This is the most essential task to complete. You can improve your rankings and increase conversions by continually monitoring and assessing your content.

Identify What You Got Right

Assessing the performance of your content is not all about identifying problems. It also involves discerning what's working well and producing positive results. This will allow you to keep those features in place and, in some cases, enhance them even more for maximum effect.

Make You Aware of Needed Improvements

The monitoring and regular assessment of your content will help you identify problem areas. You will then be able to gather your team together and come up with suggestions and solutions to improve them. This oversight can identify issues with crawlability, page titles, meta descriptions, page speed, and content quality.

Monitor the Competition

A Performance & Optimization team can even provide insight into what the competition is doing. If your rivals have a higher SERP, you can figure out what they have done to attain it and devise a strategy for outflanking and outranking them.

Avoid Penalties

Search engines have rules–regulations, restrictions, and procedures–that online marketers must abide by. Violating any of these rules can lead to penalties which will affect your SEO ranking. Since Google and other search engines are constantly changing their rules, you need to adjust your content to abide by them. A Performance & Optimization review team can help you keep in line.

The Challenge

Monitoring and optimizing your marketing content is not always easy. On the surface, it may seem as though the material you published has increased traffic and conversion rates. But you can always do better. You must constantly search for new ways to enhance, update, and improve the quality of your marketing content.

Few companies have the internal expertise to meet this challenge. The more efficient and effective option is to outsource the work to professional content creation and SEO solutions companies.

Nearly 61% of professional marketers say their top priorities are enhancing organic presence and improving SEO. SEO monitoring has gained in popularity as companies struggle to track the changing interests of customers and optimize their content accordingly.

There is good reason for this. A recent study shows that the top listings in search engine results receive 33% of traffic. Those in second place receive only 18%. The traffic percentages go down from there.

Yet, it remains the case that few companies have a dedicated Performance & Optimization team. You don't have to be among them.

How Scripted Can Help

The content landscape in your industry changes quickly and often. It's important to always stay on top of what content is performing well and what strategies need to change. With Scripted, you will have a dedicated strategist to stay ahead of content trends in your industry, and you can instantly see how your content performs in The Scripted Studio.

The best way to maximize your content performance is to put it in the hands of a professional content team. You will find some of the most diligent and insightful experts at Scripted. Contact us to day to learn how we can help you make more data-driven decisions.

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