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Are you an agency in need of quality content writing? Scale your content creation process with Scripted’s complete solution.

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Why Outsource Your Content as an Agency?

If your agency isn't outsourcing written content, you may be wasting your most precious resources — time and money.

Here are some advantages of working with an all-in-one content marketing platform like Scripted:

  • ✔️ Hiring expert freelancers will significantly boost your bottom line. Having an in-house content creation team is much more costly than hiring writers when you need them. Best of all, you don't need to sacrifice quality. Professional freelancers are some of the best in the business — without the cost of 401(k) payments, insurance, sick days, company equipment, etc.
  • ✔️ Outsourcing content creation frees up time for other high-priority tasks. Running an agency requires a lot of time and focus, especially when juggling dozens (if not hundreds) of clients. Hire expert writers and editors to handle your content creation needs so you can focus on growth.
  • ✔️ Boost scalability and expand your content calendar without sacrificing quality. By increasing the speed of content output while maintaining quality, your agency will earn a reputation that allows for ongoing success. As you scale, add more writers and watch your growth skyrocket.
  • ✔️ Leverage the power of subject matter experts. No one can cover every possible topic, which is why you need a team of subject matter experts. Need finance blog posts today and emails for a law company tomorrow? Scripted has the experts you need when you need them.
  • ✔️ Boost your ROI. While you may be hesitant to outsource your content needs, having access to professional freelance writers and editors will reduce overhead costs — especially when you streamline the talent acquisition process. Access to specialized industry experts as needed helps ensure scalability, eliminating the costs associated with long-term, in-house commitments.

Create Content Your Clients Love

Agencies face unique challenges when creating content — Scripted gets it.

That’s why we’re one of the best content writing agency services.

At Scripted, we offer experience and versatility. Our team of content strategists creates content for businesses of all sizes across 50+ industries. This approach and our easy-to-use platform help agencies deliver quality content to their clients, regardless of volume.

At Scripted, We Get It

As an agency, you represent clients in many industries. One day, you may need to create high-level content for a software company, and the next, pivot to create a real estate whitepaper or social content. Scripted’s all-in-one platform and talent pool ensure you have access to the type of content and experts you need when you need them.

You’ll need to adapt to each client’s audience. That means voice, style, SEO requirements, and anything else they throw at you, not to mention high-pressure publication scheduling.

It can be overwhelming—unless you have the support of expert writers, dedicated account managers, and AI tools, which help automate this process.

With Scripted’s complete solution, you can easily navigate the complex needs of all clients, regardless of the industry. Here’s how Scripted works and how you can benefit from our scalable content writing services.

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The Scripted Talent Network

Scripted offers agencies access to the best content writers working today. The Scripted Talent Network offers just what an agency needs: experience and versatility. Our diverse writers have backgrounds and expertise in a wide range of industries, from accounting to Health and Fitness to Real Estate, Travel, Technology and everything in between.

Find Writers
Ocean Malandra
Hire Ocean M
Customer Ratings: Star Star Star Star Half-star
196 reviews
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Alexandra Bower
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811 reviews
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Michael Nadeau
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Matthew Thompson
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304 reviews
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The Scripted Writing Platform

The Scripted Content Studio is your end-to-end content solution. Our content strategists have experience creating effective content strategies for businesses of all sizes and across 50+ industries.


End-to-end Content Solution

With our Content Studio, agencies can manage all content in one easy-to-use platform from start to finish. You can see all of your content at-a-glance and check out the analytics on how it’s performing.


Custom Integrations

Once your content is delivered, you can easily export it to your chosen CMS through our WordPress and Hubspot integrations. Choose your preferred format, including HTML, WordDoc, JSON, Text File, and CSV.


Advanced Analytics

Stay on top of trends in your industry with our performance monitoring and optimization. Your agency will have a dedicated Scripted strategist to help you respond to content trends in your industry based on how your content is performing.

Take a Hands-off Approach so You Can Focus on Growth

With a platform like Scripted, you’ll gain access to subject matter experts (SMEs). These experts tackle each client's unique needs, regardless of their industry or niche.

How Does It Work?

✔️ To be assigned to an industry, our highly vetted writers must have experience in that area and writing samples to support their knowledge.

✔️ Order content for many clients simultaneously, selecting SME writers that allow your agency to supercharge your scalability and volume efforts.

✔️ Once hired, SMEs deliver engaging, authentic content that matches the needs of your clients’ brands. SMEs know industry terminology and trends, allowing them to create content that ticks every box.

The Scripted Difference

Scripted understands that no two clients are the same.

As an agency, you must build an expert content creation team to consistently deliver high-quality content that addresses each client's unique needs and requirements.

Outsourcing writers, editors, and dedicated account managers from Scripted lets you automate the content creation process, ensuring ongoing growth. You will build a solid online reputation by delivering top-notch content to your clients. Whether via online reviews or word-of-mouth, you will grow your client base depending on your ability to meet clients' content-related expectations.

As an agency, you will gain multi-organization support. This added support means you can individually organize content and style guides instead of operating out of one Scripted dashboard. You can easily access each client's content at any given time, so you can develop a strong working relationship without worrying about sacrificing quality as volume increases.

Enjoy These Features When You Partner With Scripted

Scripted is the only platform that combines human content writers' expertise with AI's automation power. As an agency, you know how critical automation is to your success and growth.

Here are some of Scripted’s top features.

Google Docs Integration

Do you prefer working on Google Docs? If so, you have that option. Writers can create content using Google Docs or Scripted’s built-in content creation platform — choose based on your preference. This integration means you and account managers can add feedback directly in Google Docs, which can help you easily track requested revisions. If you request this option, admins will turn this feature on — no “setup” is required.

“Favorite Writer” Pools

The talent pool at Scripted is great at what they do — they are experts in their field. However, there may be a time when you find the perfect fit for your brand. Whether that writer has direct experience working in your industry or nails your brand voice, you can favorite those writers so they are automatically invited to your jobs. Your dedicated account manager can also suggest favorite writers based on those who consistently deliver top-quality content in your industry or niche.

Start finding your favorite writers

Personalized ChatGPT Assistant

Separate fine-tuned AI models use your agency's data to enhance performance and achieve better results, further supporting your clients' needs. With your personalized ChatGPT assistant, you can benefit from the power of AI without losing your client's personality. Share brand guidelines, product descriptions, company missions, or content style guides. Our personalized assistant analyzes that information to nail your client's voice.

The more authentic you make your client's content, the likelier you'll retain them and acquire new clients based on your ongoing success.

Scripted for Teams

Scripted for Teams is a comprehensive content management system (CMS) that allows agencies to produce scale content. If you want to bring your own in-house writers on board and collaborate with Scripted's SMEs, you can now collaborate with all content creators on one platform.

Learn more

AI-Powered Tools

Scripted technology is helping agencies become more productive. Scout is the backbone of Scripted, an AI-powered content creation assistant. When combined with human expert writers, Scout achieves greater efficiency without minimizing quality. Scout automates time-consuming tasks while SMEs create engaging content that converts.

Learn more

Dedicated Account Managers Let You Focus on Your Clients and Growth

At Scripted, we offer an option that supercharges your agency's content needs.

When you work with a dedicated account manager, they will manage, schedule, and direct your content creation strategy. They will also meet with you to achieve your content goals and ensure the content reflects each client's expectations based on what you share and the resources you provide.

Your account manager will work with your writing and editing team to ensure you get the most out of every piece of content without having to manage the day-to-day tasks surrounding the ordering process and content creation.

Based on the data collected through analytics, your account manager will optimize your strategy to ensure you hit every goal and milestone — and then some.

At Scripted, Human Creativity and Expertise + AI Power = High-quality Content at Scale.

As a content writing agency, this approach will:

✔️ Boost speed, helping you create more content for your clients.

✔️ Provide an affordable solution that drives scalability and growth.

✔️ Ensure optimal efficiency to focus on everyday operations and client satisfaction.

Scripted understands that this is a delicate dance that requires balance. By offering AI-powered tools that enhance productivity alongside human experts, you’ll never have to settle for unsupervised robots.

Learn more about Scripted’s “AI Content With a Human Touch” approach.

What You Can Expect

Operations & Workflow

We consult to streamline your content production process, including approval workflows, content output targets, and delivery timelines. When a dedicated team handles these tasks in the background, you can focus on acquiring new clients while strengthening your relationships with current clients.

SME Recruitment

We propose a talent recruitment plan based on your content needs, including experience level, professional background, and content mix.

Need a writer with experience in the manufacturing industry? No problem.

Want someone who can deliver infographic content for an insurance company? We have your back.

Regardless of your needs, our talented writers are passionate about the topics your clients want you to cover.

Dedicated Writer Team (Human Experts + AI Tools)

We build you a dedicated team of writers and editors who understand the value of quality content, SEO best practices, and your agency’s reputation.

We combine that human expertise with the power of AI content writing.

Why waste your time with two separate platforms?

At Scripted, we have everything you need in one place. Use Scripted’s AI content for speed and efficiency when it makes sense, and tap into our human experts when you need thoughtful, high-quality branded content that keeps your clients coming back for more (while raving about you to others).

Here are some of the tools and services you’ll have access to:

  • SmartMatch: Scripted’s smart writer match system. When a customer orders a job, they can either hand-select a writer or request a “SmartMatch,” which invites the system to select an appropriate writer for them based on industry-related expertise.
  • Headline Generator Tool: This AI-powered tool helps businesses generate catchy, compelling headlines and titles for their content. By analyzing the topic and other relevant factors, Scripted’s Headline Generator tool suggests headlines and titles likely to attract and engage the target audience. It takes the guesswork out of this step.
  • Keyword Research Tool: This tool helps businesses identify the most relevant and effective keywords for their content marketing efforts. After analyzing search trends and other data, this tool suggests keywords likely to generate the most traffic and conversions. This helps businesses optimize their content for search engines and improve their overall search engine visibility.

Seamless Delivery

  • We deliver high-quality content within 5-7 business days. That means your agency can achieve a faster turnaround using a professional, automated system that allows you to scale.
  • Once your first draft is delivered, you have two weeks to provide feedback. If you want to add something your client wants, submit revisions within the platform to ensure a polished final draft.
  • Our writers and editors finish revising your content within three business days. This timeline lets you deliver high-quality content quickly and ensures clients order more content. Your agency will grow as you help them meet their content needs.

We provide monthly check-ins and content performance metrics, giving you clear, strategic recommendations and next steps.

At Scripted, our team helps you focus on those next steps, taking the heavy lifting off your hands. Content creation is time-consuming, so we handle everything your clients need behind the scenes.

Benefit from calls to discuss progress, pressing feedback, and future strategy plans.

The Scripted Blog

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Partner With the Best Content Writing Agency Service

Scripted is the premier platform merging AI with human expertise in content creation.

As an agency, you require flexible, highly-quality SEO content writing services.

Scripted ticks every box.

We will connect you with an SME who has real-world experience. The content you receive will be written with each client’s target audience and requirements in mind.

In addition, Scripted’s AI assistant, Scout, will research keywords, write catchy, engaging headlines, generate blog ideas, and create content briefs. With the time you save, you can invest more heavily into your clients and agency’s ongoing growth.

Ready to Get Started?

We welcome you to explore everything that Scripted’s all-in-one platform offers.

As an agency, discover more about Scripted’s approach to:

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