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The gaming industry is always a hot topic. From the latest multiplayer shoot-em-ups to virtual reality and AI games that are fast becoming mainstream, hiring an experienced gaming writer can really level-up your content. Whether you need reviews on the latest releases or you are looking to write a piece on the history of video games, working with an expert writer will ensure your content is engaging, exciting and relevant to your target audience. To find a gaming writer that can cover a multitude of topics and content formats, search our freelance writing marketplace. Simply view writer samples with the “video gaming” tag to see what our writers can do.

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Chelsea S Last online 8 days

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

I am a social media manager, graphic designer, photographer & blogger in Central Arkansas. I'm passionate about building brand awareness with creativity and imagination. I use social media graphic design and captions to spark interest while utilizing on-brand content & topics for my clients to keep the conversation going with authenticity. I create social media strategies with my clients to help them dream to reach their business goals realistically.

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Michael N Last online about 2 hours

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Experienced journalist, writer, PR professional, marketing professional, and cat juggler*. Veteran content producer. *That one's not true. Yet.

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Jennifer C Last online 4 minutes

Usk, Washington, United States

Jennifer (J Lynn) Cameron is a professional writer and editor specializing in software, technology, marketing, sales, accounting, and finance topics. Content marketing strategies are her lifeblood. When she's not helping brands discover their voice, she enjoys design work, writing songs, listening to music, and reading.

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Ruby S Last online about 1 hour

I love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures. I have written Lifestyle and Travel pieces for travel and tours sites, e-commerce platforms, and offline businesses over the years. In addition, my Biology degree and training in Practical Nursing helps me write Healthcare and Sciences articles.

Customer Ratings 82
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The best way to find the perfect gaming content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our gaming writers:

How To Overclock Your GPU (sample)

Install GPU Overclocking Software

Now for the exciting part: choosing an overclocking program!

For the sake of simplicity and cross-compatibility, we're going to use MSI Afterburner. However, you should be able to follow along with the guide if you use one of the other utilities. Don't worry; none of the below software should make a difference with the quality of your overclock. It's mostly small things, like visual differences.

MSI Afterburner (All)

We're going with MSI Afterburner since it's the industry standard and is compatible with any GPU-- AMD or Nvidia-- even if MSI isn't the manufacturer. It does... Read More

Time To Get Excited About The Witcher 3 Again

Time To Get Excited About The Witcher 3 Again

You all remember The Witcher 3, correct? We certainly do. The expansive display of open world excellence was released last year to much fanfare and many well-deserved accolades. If there was any game that could support the "video games are art" argument, it would be The Witcher series.

Drawing from the rich lore of the book series, developer CD Projekt Red crafted an adventure epic that combined an engrossing story with stunning visuals and rather solid gameplay. It definitely set the bar for open world RPG experiences. The first expansion,... Read More

Virtual Reality: The Next Steps for Video Games

Most people think of virtual reality (VR) as a futuristic technology, the stuff of science fiction novels, instead of a real thing. People play games, watch movies and experience environments that are completely virtual. This brings up a couple of important questions.

Q: Where are the VR screaming masses?

To answer this question, look at the product from a marketing standpoint. The creators of virtual technology, like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, have made virtual reality products that work, but only in tandem with specific hardware. The Rift works on a Windows 7.1 or higher desktop computer, while... Read More

The Xbox One Controversy

Microsoft's Xbox One reveal missed the mark due to their disproportionate focus on delivering an all-in-one entertainment system rather than a gaming console. How will this console fare in a market in which the consumer just wants updated gaming hardware? Every gamer and technophile sighed when Microsoft finally announced the release date of the Xbox One. The sigh wasn't in response to the steep $499 price tag - that got an eye-roll - nor was it in reply to the scheduled November release date, which is certain to trigger supply shortages come Christmas. That collective sigh, heard as far away... Read More

Six Classic Video Games You Should Play Right Now

New video games are all well and good with their ridiculous action and crazy graphics, but some older games are still much better than their newer peers. If you've been itching to play a new game, but none of the recent releases tickle your fancy, try picking up one of these old classics instead. Super Mario Bros. You knew this would be on the list, of course. The original Mario game is still one of the absolute best video games out there. If you're lucky enough to own an original, working Nintendo, then bust that bad boy out for some... Read More

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