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What is an Ebook?

An ebook is a longer-format digital publication that delves deeply into a particular topic or subject. It is a valuable tool for sharing knowledge and expertise with your audience and establishing your brand as an authority in your industry.

Why Create an Ebook?

Have incredible insights you want to share with your audience? A blog post or whitepaper might not be sufficient to convey your wealth of knowledge. That's why ebooks are just a fantastic investment for your business. You can share your wisdom in a format with a greater word length than other content types, letting you share interesting information with the world. Although eBooks can be high-level documents, much like whitepapers they are not typically as advanced. If topics are somewhat complex, eBooks are generally written in layperson's terms for a non-expert audience. Often used early in the buying cycle, eBooks cover any attention-grabbing topic, especially "how-to" subjects that resonate with your audience and increase knowledge of your products and services. By writing an eBook, you can reach potential customers and impress them with your expertise and experience! eBooks can also be used to answer common questions and summarize important topics, strengthening the relationship between you and your audience.

How Do Ebooks Benefit Your Business?

Ebooks generate traffic and build brand awareness. Whether you wish to become a leader in your industry or improve your credibility and authority, a quality eBook is a powerful weapon within your content marketing arsenal.Here are some of the other benefits of eBooks:

  • Improve communication
  • Boost thought leadership
  • Build trust
  • Enhance profitability
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Grow your subscriber list
  • Promote products and services
  • Impress your audience with your unparalleled knowledge and experience

What is the Purpose of an Ebook?

An ebook is a valuable tool for sharing expertise with your audience and establishing brand authority. It allows authors to provide in-depth insights and education on a particular topic. Additionally, ebooks can serve as lead magnets for businesses to generate new leads and drive growth.

Ebook Marketing Strategies to Consider

When planning your next Ebook, it's critical to consider the latest trends and strategies in your niche. You should remain relevant and communicate information and data that adds value to the reader. In that sense, you must know your audience.

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Make quality your top priority

High-quality, engaging content will never go out of style. It becomes more essential with each passing year as search engine algorithms prioritize helpful, credible, authoritative, and well-written content.

Choose the type of ebook you want to create

What topic will you cover? What insights will you include? Once you create an outline for your ebook, come up with ways to present those insights in a unique way that reflects your values and brand voice.

Consider your sales funnel

Your ebook is an incredible marketing tool, so maximize its potential. Promote it on your social channels. Include a link to download it in your emails. Connect your ebook to your website in a way that allows you to analyze traffic. If your ebook is free, track how it influences conversion rates.

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Create a captivating landing page

Make a dedicated landing page highlighting your ebook and telling audiences how to download it. Make your page short, sweet, and impactful. Optimize this content so that it's easy to read on mobile devices.

Repurpose sections of your ebook into other content

After creating an ebook, repurpose portions and create related content to drive traffic. For example, you can post a snippet on your Facebook account or summarize a chapter as a blog post.

Before you invest time or money into your first (or next) ebook writing project. Plug your proposed title into Google to see what's out there and how people respond. Go above and beyond your competitors to ensure the best outcome. The information in your ebook shouldn't be easy to find elsewhere. That's the whole point of creating an ebook — giving your audience something unique and valuable that they can't find anywhere else on the internet!

Power your marketing with great writing.

Why Buy Ebooks?

Because it's critical you outsource your ghostwritten ebook writing needs. There is A LOT of content out there — but most ebooks are less than great. Although you want to get a professional ebook out to readers quickly, it only takes seconds to ruin your reputation. If your ebook is poorly written, uninspiring, and lacks valuable insight, those readers may never revisit your site. When you buy engaging ebooks from a reputable resource like Scripted, you could experience a boost in conversion rates, increased brand visibility, and higher sales with high-quality content.

Why Incorporate Ebooks into Your Digital Marketing Strategy?

Whether you sell medical equipment, natural foods, software, or anything else, consumers must continue coming to your website. Without consistent traffic, you'll never grow.

Although it's important to blog and post on your social media accounts regularly to grow your business, an eBook is a piece of content that people are willing to trade their contact information for — and that's powerful!

Once you have a list of email addresses, you can leverage email marketing campaigns. This gives your audience a way to engage with your company without committing to a sales call or consultation right away.

Why Buy Your First or Next Ebook from Scripted?

Fiction and non-fiction ebooks are just one of many content formats you can buy from Scripted, the content writing service you can count on. Scripted's writing services connect you with subject matter experts in your niche, helping you convey your knowledge to your target audience. Finding a writer has never been easier with Scripted's SmartMatch technology, and you'll receive a high-quality finished product that's worthy of your website. Just post a brief that explains the direction, tone, formatting, and other content requirements for your professionally written ebook. Scripted's highly vetted and experienced writers will take care of the rest.

How It Works

Scripted's writing services make it easier than ever to create a new ebook from scratch or tune up an existing ebook:

  • Select your ebook package and fill out the order form
  • Our team of vetted professional writers craft your content and optimize it for SEO
  • You receive your content and publish it on your website

It's that simple. You can ask a writer to create your ebook in stages or complete your entire ebook in one go. Whatever options you choose, you can request multiple versions to get your ebook just right!

SmartMatch Technology

Scripted's SmartMatch technology matches you with an experienced freelance writer in your industry. We categorize our ebook writers by industry expertise, skillset, and level of experience, which lets our SmartMatch system place your business with the perfect professional for your content creation needs. That means no more posting to job boards, sifting through resumes, reviewing writing samples, and accepting bids from potential freelancers. Instead, Scripted SmartMatch sources and vets the best copywriter for the job based on your specific job pricing requirements.

Why Use Scripted's Ghostwriting Services to Buy Ebooks?

Working with a reputable ebook content creation platform like Scripted will connect you with vetted ebook writers you can count on. This will help you save time and money, improving your bottom line.

Sourcing talented ebook ghostwriters, reading their resumes and samples, interviewing them, and verifying their experience can take weeks or even months.

With Scripted, you can get a high-quality ebook that resonates with readers in as little as a couple of days.

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