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Modern digital publishing lets us carry entire libraries inside our bags or pockets, providing businesses with a unique opportunity to market their brands in the form of eBooks (electronic books).

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Why You Need to Consider eBooks

Ebook benefits

Modern digital publishing lets us carry entire libraries inside our bags or pockets, providing businesses with a unique opportunity to market their brands in the form of eBooks (electronic books).

Although eBooks can be high-level documents, much like whitepapers, they are not typically as advanced. If topics are somewhat complex, eBooks are generally written in layperson's terms for a non-expert audience. Often used early in the buying cycle, eBooks cover any attention-grabbing topic, especially "how-to" subjects. By writing an eBook, you can reach potential customers and impress them with your knowledge. eBooks can also be used to answer common questions and summarize important topics, strengthening the relationship between you and your audience.

How Does Ebooks Benefit Your Business?

Ebook benefits2

eBooks can act as a short-term or long-term investment. They can help you achieve goals immediately, such as gaining traffic or building brand awareness. However, they can also help you achieve a range of long-term goals. Whether you wish to become a leader in your industry or improve your ranking, a quality eBook is a powerful weapon within your marketing arsenal.

  • Increased communication
  • Establish authority
  • Build trust
  • Generate new leads
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Improve SEO.
  • Grow your subscriber list

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eBook Marketing Strategies to Consider

Ebook benefits3

When you begin planning your next eBook, it's important to consider the latest trends and strategies. Stay up to date with what's going on within your industry and niche. It's critical that you remain relevant, offering information and data that adds value to the reader. In that sense, it's imperative that you know your audience.

With that in mind, consider the following.

  • Make quality your top priority — Quality content will never go out of style and becomes more important with each passing year
  • Start by planning the type of eBook you want to create — What topic will you cover and what insights will you include? Once you have created an outline, you'll want to come up with ways to present those insights in a unique manner.
  • Consider your sales funnel — Your eBook is an excellent marketing tool, so make sure you maximize its potential. Connect your eBook to your website in a way that allows you to analyze traffic. Also, consider email marketing software and the value of social media ads. If your eBook is free, be sure to track how it influences conversion rates.
  • Create a captivating landing page — Plan for a dedicated landing page to highlight your eBook. Make it short, sweet, and impactful. Optimize this content so that it's easy to read on mobile devices.
  • Repurpose sections of your eBook into other content — Once you've created an eBook, you can always repurpose portions, creating related content to drive traffic. For example, you can post a snippet on your Facebook account or summarize a chapter as a blog post.

Before you invest any time or money into your first (or next) eBook, make sure you do your research. Plug your proposed title into Google to see what comes up. What's out there already and what was the response? You need to go above and beyond your competitors to ensure the best outcome. After all, the information in your eBook shouldn't be easy to find elsewhere. That's the whole point of creating an eBook — giving your audience something that is unique and valuable.

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Buy eBooks to Boost Conversion Rates

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If you want to make eBooks a part of your ongoing content marketing strategy, but don't have the time or skills to create quality content, it's critical that you outsource your eBook writing needs. There is A LOT of content out there — but most eBooks are less than great. Although you may want to get an eBook out to your target audience quickly, it only takes seconds to ruin your reputation. If your eBook is poorly written, uninspiring, and lacks any valuable insight, those readers may never revisit your site. In contrast, when you create an eBook people want to read, you will see a boost in conversion rates.

Whether you sell medical equipment, natural foods, or software, consumers must continue coming to your website. Without consistent traffic, you will never grow. To generate leads and keep sales growing, your content marketing strategy needs to be well-planned and diverse. Although it's important to blog and post on your social media accounts regularly, an eBook is a piece of content that people are willing to trade their contact information for — and that's powerful! Once you have a list of email addresses belonging to people interested in what you have to offer, you can leverage email marketing campaigns. This gives your audience a way to engage with you without committing to a sales call or consultation right away.

Once you have an eBook published on your site, it becomes easy to market it through several channels, including your social media accounts. As discussed, it's also easy to bring attention to your eBook by sending out a one-time email blast.

Basically, eBooks provide you with an opportunity to start a conversation, connect with your audience, and drive higher conversion rates.

Hire Scripted Writers to Create eBook Content

So, you've decided that it's time to write an eBook — now what?

Outsourcing this task is your best option. Working with a reputable content creation platform will allow you to hire writers you can count on. This will help you save time and money, supporting a healthier bottom line.

To get started, all you need to do is become a Scripted member. Start browsing our pool of writers, narrowing down your next hire based on their area of expertise. Whether you seek a writer with experience in software, healthcare, business, or any other industry, Scripted has a selection of seasoned writers waiting to assist you.

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