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Fiverr is a major freelancing platform that is home to thousands of creatives, ranging from bloggers to voiceover artists, spell casters, and talking cats. Unfortunately, you'll spend hours sorting through profiles trying to find the writer who's a good fit for your project. What's more, the availability of that writer isn't guaranteed, so you might have to do it all over again.

Turnaround times vary from 24 hours up to 30 days. Pricing is set by each individual and varies from a few cents per word to hundreds of dollars per article. Fiverr adds their own processing fees, charging both buyers and sellers at the time of sale.

Fiverr vs. Scripted

In addition to a monthly fee that packs in a number of services you probably don't need, WriterAccess encourages clients to BYOF, or "Bring Your Own Freelancer," so they can charge you a 10% processing fee to work with the people you've already hired. Finding talent on the platform can be finicky, and your membership tier will determine if you can access the entire writer pool or not.

Writer Access vs. Scripted

Whereas Scripted has a serious application process, Contently takes a laid-back approach to growing its writer pool. Any writer can join by simply creating an account and posting a portfolio, which makes finding a qualified writer a bit more difficult.

While Contently writers do have a portfolio available for viewing, you'll want to verify that the writing samples actually belong to them. In addition, if you're ordering a high volume of content, the lack of a batch option will slow you down.

Contently vs. Scripted

If you're an enterprise client seeking a fully managed experience, ClearVoice is likely to catch your eye. ClearVoice has never been questioned for its quality, but the need for a consultation before you can dive in makes it another example of inaccessibility. "Premium" prices add to the barriers, making ClearVoice a bad choice for any budget-conscious business.

ClearVoice vs. Scripted

An old name in the content writing industry, Crowd Content high-quality content. Choose from the Marketplace or Enterprise plan, defining your desired quality level and word count up-front. While the higher levels of writer experience are on par with the industry average, Crowd Content is on the verge of content mill accusations since they only charge 2.2 cents/word for entry-level writers' work.

Meanwhile, Scripted will never ask you to define the quality of writing you wish to receive. We let in a mere 2% of applicants, ensuring every writer is a professional and making sure that every project they deliver is of the highest quality out there.

Crowd Content vs. Scripted

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