Contently vs. Scripted

Choosing the right content agency can make it much easier for you to grow your audience, increase sales, build brand recognition, and establish your business as an industry authority. Choosing the wrong company, however, could mean that you spend a lot of money on underperforming content that doesn’t reach your goals.

The following review will compare Contently and Scripted to help you decide which option meets your needs better.

Finding Expert Writers on Contently vs Scripted

Only the best writers can breathe life into a content marketing campaign. Knowing how a content agency selects its writers will help you choose a service you can trust.

How Scripted Chooses Writers

Scripted uses a lengthy application process to vet every freelance writer who joins the network. Writers allowed to join Scripted must show excellent skills in:

  • Grammar
  • Word choice
  • Editing
  • Creative Thinking
  • Research
  • Organizing
  • Collaboration

Less than 2% of Scripted applicants get invited to join the network.

How Contently Chooses Writers

Contently takes a slightly more hands-off approach to letting writers join its network. Interested writers create an account and create a portfolio of their work. Contently managers review each writer’s publishing history, so you know that you’re hiring experienced people who know how to reach audiences.

Contently doesn’t have the extensive vetting system that Scripted uses, though. Contently’s method also lets a wider range of content developers join its platform. In some cases, clients may not want writers who use English perfectly. They may prefer writers who connect with average readers.

Learning About Scripted Writers for Hire

When writers enter the Scripted network, they create profiles that help clients decide whether they have experience in the correct industries. Scripted profiles include:

  • A list of topics that the freelancer has written about
  • A short biography about the writer’s experience and interests
  • Links to professional and personal websites
  • Statistics that show ratings from clients, how many clients have “favorited” the writer, how often the writer follows guidelines
  • Recent writing samples that let you evaluate the writer’s ability to organize thoughts, mimic existing brand voices, and present research in a convincing way that holds the reader’s attention.

Scripted clients can also get recommendations from the company’s managers and platform. Instead of wading through hundreds of portfolios, you can focus on writers with high success rates.

Learning About Contently Writers for Hire

Since every member of the group has a portfolio, you can browse writing samples to find someone you like. 

Writers can also add their interests and professional experiences to their portfolios, so you can search for someone who has worked in your industry. 

Some Contently clients work directly with project managers who can streamline the content research and development process. If you choose a membership that gives you access to a project manager, that person may choose writers for you.

Contently vs Scripted Platforms

Only the best writers can breathe life into a content marketing campaign. Knowing how a content agency selects its writers will help you choose a service you can trust.

  • A dashboard displays all open projects in one place.
  • A search feature makes it easy to locate projects and writers.
  • Members can include project details, such as point of view, tone, and target keywords.
  • A dashboard displays all open projects in one place.
  • Option to pay an extra tip when writers go above and beyond expectations.
  • It doesn’t have a batch option, so it can take more time than expected to start multiple projects.
  • The on-platform messaging system can feel confusing at times.
  • A taskbar makes it easy to track project workflows.
  • A communication tool that lets members exchange ideas with individuals and teams.
  • Shows how much money goes to the writer and how much goes to Contently.
  • A dashboard displays all open projects in one place.
  • Option to pay an extra tip when writers go above and beyond expectations.
  • UI can feel a bit clunky for beginners.
  • It also lacks a batch option, which may annoy high-volume clients.

Contently vs Scripted: Pricing

The amount you pay Contently or Scripted ultimately depends on how much content you want to order. Each company does, however, have membership options that can help you determine which features meet your needs better.

Scripted Membership Options

Scripted has three membership plans with prices and features that work well for most clients.

Self-Serve Basic
$100 content credit included

You can only choose this membership option as long as you spend $1,000 or less per month on content.

The membership comes with several services that can help you start publishing spectacular content within days.

Some of the most popular services include:

  • Unlimited access to Scripted's pool of writers.
  • Free blog ideas generated by Scripted writers.
  • One round of revisions for each project.
  • 24/7 email and phone support.
Self-Serve Premium
when paid annually

With this membership, you can spend up to $2,500 on content each month.

May clients choose the Self-Serve Premium membership because they want:

  • Unlimited access to Scripted’s Premium Writer pool.
  • SEO-friendly content.
  • Two rounds of revisions that ensure you get the perfect content.
  • A content strategy consultation with quarterly reviews.
  • A dedicated account representative.
when paid annually

You can spend up to $10,000 on content per month. If you need more content, though, your dedicated account manager can work with you to increase the bandwidth.

Fully-Managed gives you the easiest way to publish optimized content that gets results. Fully-Managed members get:

  • A personalized selection of writers that can serve their needs.
  • Unlimited content ordering.
  • Two rounds of revisions.
  • A dedicated account manager who will work with you and the best writers for your industry.
  • Ongoing content strategy with monthly reviews.

Other options include Scripted for Agencies and Scripted for Enterprise.

Contently Membership Options

Contently doesn’t make it easy for potential members to know how much content will cost. According to Contently,

Regardless, Contently says that clients can expect to spend between $50,000 and $200,000 per quarter. Small businesses and agencies may balk at such high prices. If the cost doesn’t fit into your company’s budget, then you will have to try an option other than Contently. If you need a lot of high-quality every month, though, you may find that Contently’s price works for you.

Should You Choose Contently or Scripted?

For most members, budgeting will decide whether they choose Contently or Scripted. Contently’s high prices force you to spend at least $200,000 a year. Few boutique agencies and small businesses can afford to spend that much on content marketing. If you do work for a large corporation with an enormous budget, though, Contently could work for you. 

A Scripted membership makes more sense for companies and marketing groups that don’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Check it out to see how Scripted’s flexibility and affordable prices can help your company succeed.

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