WriterAccess vs Scripted

Making the right content agency decision makes your entire content strategy easier. You can build your brand awareness, position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, and boost your revenue. If you make the wrong choice, it’s easy to spend a lot of money on content that fails to contribute to your content marketing goals.

This review compares WriterAccess and Scripted to help you choose between these content agency platforms.

Finding Expert Writers on WriterAccess vs Scripted

Standing out in content marketing requires top quality writers. When you know how content agencies select writers, you learn which ones you can trust for professional writers.

How WriterAccess Chooses Writers

WriterAccess reviews applicants’ experience and portfolio along with an assessment that covers:

  • Grammar and spelling
  • SEO

Approved writers are assigned a star rating ranging from 2-6, which roughly tracks with their experience and writing quality. WriterAccess has over 16,000 writers, and the vetting process is less stringent than Scripted’s. You get access to a greater variety of content writers, but you could run into problems with consistency.

Jeremy H
Customer Ratings:
Star Star Star Star Half-star
215 reviews
Rachel R
Customer Ratings:
Star Star Star Star Half-star
1366 reviews
Sasha V
Customer Ratings:
Star Star Star Star Half-star
282 reviews

How Scripted Chooses Writers

Every Scripted writer goes through a lengthy vetting process before joining the network and continued evaluation as they complete projects. This application process looks at the writer’s skills in:

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Editing
  • Creative thinking
  • Research
  • Organizing
  • Collaboration

Scripted accepts less than 2% of applicants, which makes it a reliable source for consistently meeting your content quality goals.

Learning About WriterAccess Writers for Hire

Every WriterAccess writer has a portfolio that includes:

  • Short biography
  • Writing samples
  • Experience, specializations, and certifications
  • Services on request

WriterAccess writer profiles are more comprehensive than Scripted, which makes it difficult to dig through the sheer volume of profiles to try and find quality freelancers. You can leverage advanced search capabilities and AI smart matching to automate this process, or upgrade to a managed services membership to have the platform handle your talent management. If you’re already working with your own freelance writer team and you want to use WriterAccess to scale production and manage your content in one place, you can bring them with you with the top membership tier.

Learning About Scripted Writers for Hire

Scripted writers have comprehensive yet streamlined profiles that display their writing experience and industry expertise. These profiles include:

  • Industries the freelancer has demonstrated experience in
  • Brief biography
  • Links to the writer’s social media profiles and website
  • Writer stats that include ratings from clients
  • Recent writing samples

Scripted clients can skip going through writer profiles if they want. They can get recommendations directly from the platform and account managers. We select writers based on their industry expertise, ratings, and how well they match your content requirements.

WriterAccess vs Scripted Platforms

Content platforms can help or hinder your content marketing efforts. Learn about the capabilities, user-friendliness, and features of these content providers.


  • Add buyer personas and customer journey maps to your projects
  • Research trending topics for content with the BuzzSumo integration
  • Offers a private portal for agencies
  • Track Google Analytics metrics directly through the platform
  • Hire writers, editors, and strategists on a single platform
  • The user interface looks dated and can be difficult to use
  • Many useful features are gated


  • View all your open projects in one user-friendly panel.
  • Easily find your projects and add writers to your team with a search feature.
  • Create a comprehensive content brief to align the writer with your vision by adding point-of-view, tone, target keywords, and guidelines.
  • Get pitches for custom projects and topics for your blog posts.
  • You can tip writers who go above and beyond expectations and build a long-lasting relationship with your favorites.
  • You can’t batch upload projects, so it may take more time than you expect to start up multiples.
  • Sometimes the on-platform messaging system is confusing.

WriterAccess vs Scripted: Pricing

The total cost of WriterAccess or Scripted is tied to how much content you end up ordering. You need a paid membership for each platform to access the freelancer pool and features, and comparing this pricing helps you choose the feature set that supports your content marketing goals.

WriterAccess Membership Options

WriterAccess has six membership options, which are split down the middle between self-serve and managed services. They tie many of the platform features to the top self-service tier and the managed services memberships.


This is the entry-level membership tier for WriterAccess, and it includes:

  • One user
  • Seven-day approval workflow
  • Access to the freelance writer marketplace
  • Casting calls for writers
  • Production calendar
  • Free blog ideas
  • Phone, email, and chat support

You gain access to several advanced features for improving your content marketing projects with this tier. The features include:

  • 10-day approval time
  • 10 users
  • Access to the Pro freelance marketplace, which adds editors, proofreaders, content strategists, and translators to your talent pool
  • Content analytics
  • BuzzSumo integration
  • Paid and free stock photography

Premium is the highest self-service membership option on WriterAccess. Some features it includes are:

  • 14-day approval time
  • Unlimited users
  • Premium freelancer marketplace (launching in 2021) that offers animators, designers, illustrators, and photographers
  • White label platform
  • Persona and journey map builder
  • Multi-client publishing
$349/month + a platform subscription

You can have WriterAccess manage part of your content marketing projects with this membership option.

This plan's features include:

  • Talent management
  • Platform integration
  • Topic ideation
  • Order setup
$749/month + platform subscription

This managed services tier includes:

  • Blog and social media publishing
  • Image research
  • Agency solutions
  • Performance setup

The custom membership tier is intended for clients who need:

  • Help with major project rollouts
  • Scalable content solutions
  • Specialized content solutions
  • Multi-website and client service

Scripted Prices

Scripted has three membership plans with prices and features that work well for most clients.

Self-Serve Basic
$100 content credit included

This membership option is restricted to clients who spend $1,000 or less on content monthly.

The most popular features for Self-Serve Basic are:

  • Unlimited access to Scripted’s vetted freelance writer pool
  • Free blog ideas direct from Scripted writers
  • Two revision rounds per project
  • 24/7 email and phone support.
Self-Serve Premium
when paid annually

This Scripted membership option is for clients who spend up to $2,500 on content monthly. It includes:

  • Unlimited access to Scripted’s Premium Writer pool.
  • SEO-optimized content
  • Three revision rounds per project
  • A content strategy consultation that comes with quarterly reviews
  • A dedicated account representative.
when paid annually

Choose this tier if you spend up to $10,000 on content monthly. If your content needs exceed this figure, you can work with your account manager to scale beyond that.

Fully-Managed is the best way to power your content marketing strategy with optimized pieces that get results. With this tier, you get:

  • A personalized writer selection that best matches your industry and project requirements
  • Unlimited content ordering
  • Three rounds of revisions per project
  • A dedicated account manager
  • An ongoing content strategy that comes with monthly reviews

If none of the Scripted membership tiers work for your needs, you can get a custom membership through Scripted for Agencies or Scripted for Enterprise.

Should You Choose WriterAccess or Scripted?

For most size businesses, consistent quality content is the biggest factor in the content provider they ultimately choose. WriterAccess is more budget-friendly with a larger freelancer marketplace, but content quality plays a huge role in the success of content marketing.

A Scripted membership makes more sense if you want reliability in your content development process.

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