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Buy Transcriptions For Your Business

Why Buy Transcriptions?

Hiring a professional transcriptionist from Scripted will give you quality, accurate, and fast transcriptions you and your business can rely on. Our professional transcriptionists guarantee:

  • Accurate transcripts that include every word, pause, and sound
  • Edited transcripts that readers can scan quickly
  • Security from hiring a professional over a cloud-based application
  • 24-48hr turnarounds on time sensitive projects

Transcribing audio files can be tedious and time consuming work. Hiring a professional transcriptionist will help you focus on what really matters: growing your business. Let Scripted handle your transcription needs.

How Do Transcription Services Benefit Your Business?

Buying professional transcription services has many benefits for business, including:
  • 99% Accuracy Guaranteed
  • Transcribe Any File Format
  • Topic Specialists Available
  • More Cost Efficient Than In-House
  • 24 Hour Turnaround
  • Save Countless Man Hours
  • 100% Confidential
  • Streamlined Ordering
  • Stays on Secure Platform
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Transcription Types

Transcriptions typically fall into three categories: Verbatim, Edited, and Intelligent Transcriptions. Each type of transcription has benefits that may help you keep accurate records, make recordings searchable, or distribute written materials.

Verbatim Transcriptions

Verbatim transcriptions provide a word-for-word reproduction of spoken language. In addition to words, it includes pauses, laughter, throat clearing, and all of the filler words like “um,” “uh,” and “ah.” Many people prefer verbatim transcriptions because they provide an exact reproduction of what someone said. A human resources professional, for example, might want to know how often job candidates use filler words. If the open position requires strong speaking skills, then the hiring manager will likely choose the candidate that uses clearer language with fewer filler words.

Intelligent Transcriptions

Intelligent transcriptions remove filler words, pauses, laughter, and other unnecessary vocalizations. The transcripts become easier to read when an editor removes superfluous content. When requested, intelligent transcriptions can also include light editing to correct grammar and improve readability. Intelligent transcripts are easier to read than verbatim transcriptions. Since they do not offer an exact replication, though, they can miss subtle vocalizations. Missing pauses may not matter to a healthcare professional collecting data about patients. It could matter, though, to a lawyer who needs context to understand a deposition.

Edited Transcriptions

Edited transcriptions have been edited for clarity by proofreaders experienced in removing unnecessary phrases, correcting grammatical mistakes, and preparing interviews for publication.

Most people find that they can read edited transcriptions more easily than they can read verbatim and intelligent transcriptions. The edited transcriptions do not, however, include small details that the average reader will find unimportant.

Transcriptionist Categories

Different industries use transcriptionist services in various ways. The type of transcription that you need will likely depend on your industry.

Academic Transcriptions

Academic transcriptions usually focus on accurate information instead of providing every word. The type of transcription service used, though, depends on the academic field.

Business Transcriptions

Businesses most often want edited or intelligent transcriptions that provide clear wording without unnecessary information.

Conference Transcriptions

Conference transcriptions should capture statements made during presentations. The scripts may include questions from the audience as well as prepared speeches from presenters.

Interview Transcriptions

Interview transcriptions can reveal a lot about job candidates. The level of accuracy needed from the transcription depends on the job’s responsibilities.

Focus Group Transcriptions

Focus group transcriptions must capture feelings as well as spoken words. They should include subtle vocalizations, laughter, groans, pauses, and other pieces of information that provide a window into the focus group’s opinions.

Market Research Transcriptions

Market research transcriptions need highly accurate representations that offer insight into the thoughts and feelings of interviewees.

Legal Transcriptions

Legal transcriptions can include interrogations, depositions, hearings, sworn statements, and other materials. Most legal teams will want highly accurate transcripts that include pauses, laughs, and whispers.

Medical Transcriptions

Medical transcriptionists usually focus on accurate information instead of word-for-word transcripts. People reading them need to gather information about patients, so they need edited text that’s easy to read.

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