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Catherine Lovering is a freelance writer with bylines on Healthline, Interest.com, IvyExec.com, and Paste. Her areas of expertise include health, consumer information, personal finance, legal marketing, small business, individual and corporate taxation, insurance, Canadian tax law, Canadian consumer finance, digital marketing, content marketing, fitness, and public policy. She holds an LLB (JD) from the University of Victoria.

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Managing bipolar disorder can be costly. Ways to reduce out-of-pocket costs include understanding insurance coverage, seeking discounts on care, and taking preventive steps to support your health.

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Elderberries are a source of several vital nutrients. Diets rich in vegetables and fruits contribute to a lower risk of disease, but it’s unclear whether this is due to the high antioxidant content in these foods.

Take it or Wait: Evaluating a Job Offer

Evaluating an offer rarely comes down to dollars and cents. Any new job opportunity is a potential shift in your career. You should carefully consider all aspects of the new role and company culture.

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