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Why Your Business Should Invest in Product Description Writers

We know that you know your products best. As a savvy business leader or e-commerce retailer, you've got a great handle on your inventory and your target audience. Yet sometimes goods don't shift as fast as you'd like or you're not getting the volume of visitors to your online store that you'd like.

That's where SEO-optimized product descriptions come into play. Simply describing your product is not enough to stand head and shoulders above your competitors. You need expert writers who are highly trained in the latest search engine optimization techniques who can take the features and benefits of your product and tweak them to match your target buyers' frequent search terms. Scripted helps you match up with writers with years of experience in retail, e-commerce, and a range of other industries so you can buy product descriptions with confidence.

Crunching the Numbers: Stats That Matter

At Scripted, we love data! It's how we measure your success and show how effective buying product descriptions for your business can be. We also love to stay on top of the latest e-commerce trends and stats. Take a look...

Over a Fifth of All Purchases Occur Online

The pandemic shifted shopping habits online and that shows no signs of changing anytime soon. Over 20% of all retail purchases are expected to happen online in 2023, so updating your website content to match current SEO trends is essential. With Scripted, you can buy as many product descriptions as you need to completely optimize your online store and boost that bottom line.

Buying Starts With a Google Search

Did you know that 43.4% of online consumers are using the internet to research products and brands? With 4.9 billion using the internet every day, that's a whole lot of opportunities to wow potential leads with product descriptions that really pop. The more instances of SEO-friendly copy you have on your website or online store, the better your chances of climbing the SERP rankings.

Hidden Costs Kill Sales

The biggest cause of cart abandonment in online sales is hidden costs such as additional shipping and taxes. These usually occur because of inadequate product descriptions, for example, heavy items that don't mention a shipping surcharge or products that only work when purchased with a companion item. Work with a highly experienced product description writer to ensure you keep customers informed, by considering all the information a buyer needs before they click "Add to Basket". Build trust with your customers and gain loyalty that lasts for years to come.

Make Your Site Mobile

Dense walls of text are out because you can't easily view them on a mobile device. Why is this important? Because $360 billion in online sales occurred in 2021, and that's set to rise to $710 billion by 2025. If your online store isn't optimized for smartphones and tablets, you're missing out on a huge chunk of potential customers. As well as a simple website design, SEO product descriptions crafted by expert writers can help mobile users quickly pick up important information about your products and services. Talk to a member of our team about writing down pages of information into the pertinent facts.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Bring Big Wins

In 2022, over 80 million consumers shopped Black Friday sales and 63.9 million shopped online during Cyber Monday. How do you get your online store noticed when everyone is promoting their best offers during these special sales days? Our writers keep their finger firmly on the pulse of changing trends during these peak periods. For example, did you know that searches for electronic goods and appliances rise significantly during these sale times? Buy e-commerce product descriptions from SEO specialists that can pick out trending keywords to optimize your e-shop and take advantage of increased online buying.

Benefits of High-Quality Product Descriptions for Businesses

Who gets the most of buying SEO product descriptions from Scripted?

Benefits for SMBs

Your small or medium-sized business might have a tiny e-store on your website or sell thousands of products via Amazon each day. You might rely on Shopify or eBay for your e-commerce site or you might have an in-house online retail expert. However you sell online, Scripted can connect you with highly vetted writers with experience in over 50 industries. Buy product descriptions for health and beauty, pet products, plus digital products like SaaS subscriptions or software packages.

Benefits for Enterprises

As your business expands, you need additional services to ensure your web content stays relevant and engages your growing and diverse customer base. A Scripted account manager will be your single point of contact for any queries, for example, about buying product descriptions in bulk or for seasonal refreshes. A dedicated writing team ensures expert-level content every time while your account manager discusses the performance of your recent content and how to optimize your overall content strategy.

Benefits for Agencies

Our end-to-end content marketing solution is ideal for agencies with e-commerce clients. Our team cuts out the time you need to spend on keyword research, penning meta descriptions, or even formatting reams of features and benefits into readable bullet points. From writing product descriptions to refreshing online store landing pages, we can connect you to writers who can start creating your content today.

Power your marketing with great writing.

Our Product Description Writing Service

When buyers can't look at your product in person, the content on your website or online shop has to do a lot of heavy lifting. Product descriptions detail the features and benefits of the item or service., how it solves the buyer's problem, and even how to use it. Product descriptions address important pre-sales questions to prevent cart abandonment. Photos are great, buy they don't tell the whole story behind your product or service. Expertly written content is the missing piece in the puzzle.

Buying high-quality product descriptions effortlessly reduces friction in the buying process. When your product descriptions clearly lay out why your offering is the best solution for your buyer's pain point, you improve your chance of a conversion. This content also acts as a pre-screening resource. Some buyers are a poor fit for a specific product or your business as a whole. Great product descriptions limit the resources you spend on poor-fit customers and maximize the time spent focusing on your target audience.

Why buy product descriptions from Scripted? Get 100% guaranteed content, free from grammar errors and typos that could reflect poorly on your company. Build trust by positioning yourself as an expert in your market, via clear, trustworthy descriptions that match exactly what arrives on your customer's doorstep or in their inbox.

Attract New Business

One of the business reasons to buy product descriptions is to move your business up the SERP rankings. You want to be high up on that first page of Google, and that means having product descriptions that answer questions your buyers are asking right now. The use of relevant keywords and the removal of duplicated content can all help boost your conversion rate. Work with a Scripted writer to take advantage of their current knowledge of shifting SEO trends.

Convert Leads

Great SEO product descriptions tell a buyer everything they need to know about a product before making a decision. By the time that buyer talks to you, they already know if the product is suitable for their needs or not. That means you can spend your sales conversations discussing price, subscriptions, contracts, or other factors, rather than going over and over those features and benefits which should have been clear from the start. Reduce the amount of time spent on conversations that won't convert by buying effective product descriptions that do most of that hard work for you.

Build Brand Awareness

When you work with an industry expert writer at Scripted, you get to communicate your brand voice and your brand messaging goals. Whether you've got an internal style guide or a simple messaging framework, our writers will match your business's tone and review your buyer personas to ensure your product descriptions align with your business goals. Whichever e-commerce platform you use, from Etsy to WooCommerce, watch your brand awareness grow as you invest in product pages from writers who work with businesses like yours every day.

Other benefits of buying product descriptions:

  • Increase engagement with your brand and other online spaces
  • Increase social media traffic
  • Build authority
  • Grow your email list
  • Attract influencers
  • Promote your other online content
  • Create amore recognizable brand
  • Become an omnichannel business

Power your marketing with great writing.

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How much does it cost to buy product descriptions?

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How do I connect with a specific writer?

Our order form allows you to choose a specific writer if you've worked with them before. If you're searching for industry experts, check out our "Talent" page which allows you to filter writers by industry.

How long will it take to get my product descriptions?

You choose your timescales when you place your order. Rush orders can be back with you even after a thorough editing process within 48 hours.

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