Press Release Templates & Guides

If you're looking for a template to help you write your press release, this article will provide some helpful tips and tricks.

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A press release is a written announcement that contains information about a person, event, or organization. It's typically released to the media with the hope of obtaining publicity for someone or something. If you're looking for a template to help you write your press release, this article will provide some helpful tips and tricks.

What goes in a good press release?

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A Hook

The main reason for writing a press release is to get people interested in your business. For example, suppose you're an auto mechanic who has just completed some unusual and challenging car repairs. In that case, it's worth noting that fact and sharing it with local news outlets. Another good way to make the media take notice of your press release is by offering reporters something they can't find on their own or pass up.

An Enticing Headline

As we mentioned earlier, attention spans online aren't exactly long, so headlines need to be eye-catching. If you don't have an attention-grabbing headline, there's a good chance your press release will be ignored by the media and go unread. It should also be informative -- it shouldn't just describe what is included in the body of the text but give readers an idea about why they should read on

  • Like saying, "We've discovered how to fix cars" versus, "Fixing cars has never been easier."

An introduction that outlines who you are and what makes your business unique or valuable

Including this information isn't essential for local news outlets. However, if you're sending a press release to a national publication, it's necessary to include information about your business and how readers will benefit from reading the article.

An explanation of what's included in this piece

This is another element that isn't necessary for local news outlets but should be added when pitching your story to more significant publications. In addition, make sure you get rid of any jargon or abbreviations that may confuse reporters -- especially if they aren't familiar with your industry. You can also use bullet points here instead of writing out everything word-for-word, so it saves space and makes things more concise while still being comprehensive enough for other journalists.

The body which includes all the vital facts

The body of your press release should provide the necessary information about what you're pitching. This includes answering questions like who, what, when, where, why, and how. It's always a good idea to have numbers or statistics throughout this part, so it appeals more to readers

  • For example: "Over 50% of car owners don't know how to change their oil."

Bullet points are another way that can make things easier to read; however, remember not to go overboard with them. Some publications prefer all text while others will accept both bullet points and standard sentences. If in doubt, ask the publication before sending over your story.

A quote from someone involved in the business is included at the end.

There are several benefits to including quotes in your press release. For one, it makes you look more credible as a business and underlines the value that your company provides for clients. In addition, reporters will appreciate being able to pull great quotes from their interview with you instead of having to think of something themselves or paraphrase what you said, which may not be accurate enough.

A call-to-action at the end

This is an optional element, but if there's another thing about your press release that's unique, why not mention it? You can remind people where they heard about this news story first by including either a hyperlink back to your website or even adding contact information like phone numbers and email addresses so they can get in touch with you.


The dateline includes the location of where your press release was written. This isn't necessary for local news outlets since they get their stories from national wire services. Still, suppose you're pitching it to a more prominent publication. In that case, this is an essential element that should be included to give them context about when and where something happened or will happen.

How to create an effective press release that gains attention and awareness?

Creating an effective press release is not hard. However, there are some essential things to keep in mind when pitching it.


Some tips include:

  • Try to keep the length of your press release below 500 words.
  • Provide a clear and concise explanation about what you're pitching in this section.
  • Remove any jargon or abbreviations that may confuse reporters since they aren't familiar with your industry.
  • Make sure you get rid of all unnecessary filler text, so it's easier for others to read.
  • Remember, bullet points can be helpful here.

How do press releases build relationships?

Press releases are an excellent way to build relationships with reporters and other influencers.


One easy thing you can do is include the reporter's name if they're interviewing one of your employees or sources

  • E.g., "Forbes Reporter Amelia Greene."

This makes them feel appreciated and more likely to read over your press release, which gives you a better shot at gaining their attention for future stories. Another great strategy is adding links back to any previous news publications that have covered similar topics. This shows how much research has been done on your end, so it's clear there are no holes in what you're pitching, plus the link also provides valuable information for readers who want to learn more about something mentioned in the interview or article.

What is a good subject line to increase open rates?

It's essential to have a strong subject line in your email since this is what attracts reporters' attention when they're scrolling through their inboxes.


Some tips for writing good ones include:

  • Being very specific about the topic or news story you'll be pitching (e.g., "Wine tasting event with local winery") to help people get interested right away.
  • Including numbers that help make things sound more impressive.

Types of Press Releases

There are eight common types of press releases:


People like reading about events since it's usually fun and exciting. This is an excellent option if you're looking to cover an upcoming party or industry conference that your company will be attending. The best thing about these releases is that they don't necessarily need quotes from any executives, so there isn't much work involved in putting them together.

Book Release

If you have a new book coming out, this is a great way to get attention from people who follow your company's work. Include details about the title and author since it makes things more interesting for readers and provides an explanation of why they would want to read it.

Product Release

This is another popular option for companies, especially if it's a new product line or service that your company offers. Keep the description short, and to the point, so reporters can easily find out what they need to know without reading through too much material.

New Business

If you're trying to launch a new business, create a press release that will help people interested learn more about your company and what makes it stand out from the competition.

New Hire

These are great for companies that want to announce who will be taking on a new role or title at their organization. It's essential to explain why the person is joining your company and what they'll be doing in this position.


This is an excellent option if your company wants to revamp their image or change what they're known for. Again, make sure you explain why this movie was made and how it will benefit potential customers.


Suppose you've made a business agreement or entered into an official partnership with another company. In that case, this is an excellent opportunity to get the word out and let people know what it means for both businesses.

Award Press Releases

If your company has received an award or noteworthy mention, this is another excellent way to get the word out about what you've accomplished.

Press Release Templates?

There are a few different templates you can follow when writing up your press release.


The first one is just the standard format, which includes all of the necessary elements that need to be included for it to sound professional and effectively catch people's attention.

The second option is an infographic style template, where there are graphics along with text so reporters have more visuals they can use for their articles or posts about your company.

Another choice is a white label version, which gives editors room to write headlines themselves and adjust spacing. When using this type of template, make sure it fits within editorial guidelines since some sites may not accept submissions if they don't meet requirements.

What are some ways PR can make a difference?


Many companies don't realize how important it is to have regular press releases in their line-up because they see them as something that's only done when there's big news. However, even if all you do each month is send out one release with general information that could be of interest to reporters, you're still getting coverage which ultimately helps people find out more about your business.

PR also makes a significant impact by giving reporters new ideas for future stories since things change so quickly within industries. Providing info for their next article is a great way to get journalists on your side and seek you out for future stories.

What are some tools that can be used to improve your press release?

Several tools can be used to help with your press release, including:



This is one of the best blogging platforms since it's easy to use and free for anyone who wants it. It also comes with excellent SEO capabilities if you're trying to get more traffic from search engines. The first Google results receive 31.7% of all traffic, so getting your site to come up first can do wonders for increasing interest in what you have to offer.

Google Docs

These documents allow users to create content across multiple devices to add updates whenever necessary without having any problems when sharing files or collaborating on work together; Google Docs is another helpful tool when putting together a new blog post or working on an upcoming PR campaign.

Buffer & Hootsuite

These platforms provide tools that will help schedule out social media posts in advance and then automatically post them to multiple sites at once.


This is an excellent way for designers looking to make their images without paying money since it provides access to free templates and graphics. There's even an option where you can drag and drop elements onto the page. Canva will automatically resize them so everything looks uniform across all platforms.


This is an excellent tool for companies that are interested in hiring people to write their content. It's easy-to-use and can assist with nearly any type of press release you want written.

How to target your audience for your press release?


One of the most important things to do when putting together a press release is to determine your target audience. The best ways to do this are by looking at your current customers and seeing whether they're the right people for you to be marketing towards. If there's no overlap, try taking some time out of each day or week to join relevant groups on social media platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook, where you can make connections with potential leads.

It's also worth targeting people interested in similar businesses since these individuals may be more receptive to what you're offering. For example, suppose your company sells pet products. In that case, joining groups that focus on local dog shelters or other organizations for animals is a great way to reach out and provide information about your products.

Hire Professional Press Release Writers Today!

As you can see, there are many different ways to market your business using PR. Even if you have one release each month that outlines what's new with your company or offers helpful tips for potential customers, it will be well worth the effort to get people interested and let them know who you are.

If your business is looking for writers to help with blog content or press releases, then Scripted is a great tool to consider. Our platform connects you with some of the top writers in your industry and can provide you with press releases that are unique and interesting to read.

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