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Why You Need To Consider Editing

Editing benefits

When you send your words out into the world, whether it's blog posts, video scripts, or social media posts, that content must be perfect. Statements must be factual. There's a lot that goes into content marketing, and making sure your content is polished is something you can't compromise on.

Writers aren't always happy working with editors – that's because they view their projects as their creative "babies." Writers sometimes view the editing process as damaging to their creative process. And maybe it is – but this is not a bad thing.

In fact, an editor's role is one in which they're supposed to tear apart the meat of a piece to get to the bones of it – to make sure the writer is conveying the message they were hired to create.

The bottom line is this: Having a skilled editor review projects before they get to publication offers several benefits for your brand.

How Does Copyeditings Benefit Your Business?

Editing benefits2

Having a highly-skilled editor review your content before it's published:

  • Helps your readers get the right message
  • Ensures your content is polished
  • Establishes and improves your brand authority
  • Ensures all links are appropriate and that they return the intended page
  • Guarantees brand voice consistency
  • Establishes credibility
  • Ensures the writer followed content marketing best practicesCan generate more leads
  • Can generate more leads
  • Can increase organic traffic with optimization

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Scripted has a stable of well-vetted, professional writers who double as content editors. Only the best of Scripted's writers get an invitation to become an editor. Take a look at some of our best editors:

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Buy Editing Services to Boost Conversion Rates

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If you don't currently have an editor for your content, it's probably not quite as effective as you'd like. You most likely experience quality and consistency issues. A lot of companies struggle to stay customer-focused – you've got a lot on your plate!

Without a great editor, you could be just cranking out content that's not appealing to your audience. No one reads it, and therefore, it does nothing for your bottom line.

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You need perfect content. But you also know it takes time to make that happen – and you don't have that kind of time when you're running a successful brand. Working with a trusted platform that can effectively manage your content marketing is a must.

Now's the time to make the choice for better content. Our dedicated account managers are happy to help you navigate the platform and create a team of writers and editors. With a free trial of Scripted, you'll be on your way to cultivating an incredible audience relationship.

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