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New technologies are introduced to the world every day. So, having a technology content writer to work for you can keep readers coming back to your website. A technology writer is crucial for websites to have tons of great content weekly, in the form of news, reviews, events, and more. As you know, technology comes in many different forms, so the possibilities of what a technology writer can write for you are boundless. If you're behind on tech, you won't have as many visitors, so be sure to look for a technology writer today.

Chelsea S

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

I am a social media manager, graphic designer, photographer & blogger in Central Arkansas. I'm passionate about building brand awareness with creativity and imagination. I use social media graphic design and captions to spark interest while utilizing on-brand content & topics for my clients to keep the conversation going with authenticity. I create social media strategies with my clients to help them dream to reach their business goals realistically.

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Michael N Last online about 8 hours

Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Experienced journalist, writer, PR professional, marketing professional, and cat juggler*. Veteran content producer. *That one's not true. Yet.

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Jennifer C Last online about 4 hours

Usk, Washington, United States

Jennifer Cameron is a professional writer and editor specializing in software, technology, marketing, sales, accounting, and finance topics. Content marketing strategies are her lifeblood. When she's not helping brands discover their voice, she enjoys design work, writing songs, listening to music, and reading.

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Ruby S Last online about 2 hours

I love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures. I have written Lifestyle and Travel pieces for travel and tours sites, e-commerce platforms, and offline businesses over the years. In addition, my Biology degree and training in Practical Nursing helps me write Healthcare and Sciences articles.

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The best way to find the perfect technology content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our technology writers:

#Femtech: Empowering Women with Health and Wellness Tech

Is there a place in the future where women can use a mobile app instead of a birth control pill, with the same results?

While the ability for a doctor to prescribe an app will depend on regulatory approval, the billions raised by femtech startups don't lie. Entrepreneurs and venture capital firms are betting big on a serious demand for women's health technology. The idea is more than just apps or mobile—it's defined by Clue CEO and cofounder Ida Tin as "an expanding category of technology that serves the vast opportunities that exist for female health."

Someday soon, femtech products... Read More

The Brilliant Technology Behind the Invention of the Ultrasound

The emerald is rarer than a diamond. It is an exquisite green, more precious by far than many other gemstones. It is a beryl, in Latin beryllus, from which we get the word "brilliant," meaning shiny and radiant. Ultrasound itself is, at its literal core, in no way "brilliant," for the simple reason that sound waves are not light waves. We need to combine the breathtaking technology of ultrasound with the literal brilliance of CRT screens to provide an unsurpassed tool for medical diagnosis. The thinking that created the technology behind ultrasound is truly brilliant, though. Ultrasound is marvelous for... Read More

Telecom Tower Climbing - How Technology Is Changing the Future of America's Most Dangerous Job

Takeaway: Rapid expansion of the telecommunications industry helped cause dangerous working conditions for transmission tower climbers. New technology might patch up the issue of tower climber safety in the near future, but also distracts from the larger issue of lackadaisical workplace safety protocol in the U.S. It is commonly referred to as the most frightening video on the Internet, particularly because it is real and was produced "in the name of science." It depicts a worker scaling a narrow ladder, starting at over 1,000 feet above a sparse countryside. As he hastily ascends, the ladder becomes increasingly narrow and difficult... Read More

Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Poor Employee Performance

According to PayScale's Compensation Best Practices Report, 69 percent of all employers are deeply concerned about losing their best people. People truly are the best assets of any organization, therefore it's critical to weed out any potential causes of poor performance and retention as early as possible. For experienced human resource professionals, the management of employee performance should be a piece of cake. But, in many cases, the causes that lead to a breakdown in employee performance are not so easy to recognize. These hidden issues can creep up without warning and transform an ordinarily high-functioning team into a poorly... Read More

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