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Hunter Amato is an experienced freelance writer in the Accounting & Finance, Marketing & Advertising, Retail & Ecommerce, Sales, Technology, Transportation & Logistics industries.

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As a technical copywriter in the fields of finance and technology, Hunter Amato has a deep understanding of software, hardware, and the marketplaces in which each can be found. He has covered complex processes related to information technology, operations management, retirement planning, fiduciary regulations, investment performance analytics, video scripts, and more. His practical and theoretical knowledge of computer-based systems is complemented by his years of experience working with IT, VoiP, and other forms of modern workplace technologies.  

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The Impact of Brand Merchandising on Consumer Behavior (Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/ZkrCMX8k-mI) Consumer behavior, especially consumer buying behavior, is a complex and touchy subject. It's one of the only areas in ...

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Strategies for Increasing Unit Sales: Tips and Tricks

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How to Calculate Unit Sales for Your Business

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Party Planning 101

The Constant Planner Party Planning 101 No spam, notifications only about new updates. Dualis Digital proudly owns and operates TheConstantPlanner.com website. Dualis Digital is a creative company dedicated to creating highly i...

Top Transportation Technology to Know in 2020

Phone: (877) 777-9097 Email: solutions@altexsoft.com Phone: (877) 777-9097 Email: solutions@altexsoft.com Email: solutions@altexsoft.com Phone: Top Transportation Technology to Know in 2020 This is a guest article by tech write...

How Coding Is Inspiring Upcoming Entrepreneurs

All Eyes On The Fed… But Will It Change The US Forecast? Why the Bank Failures Don’t Change the Economic Outlook (Mostly); Recession Remains Unlikely in 2023, Says Leading Forecast Bank of America Private Bank Announces New Inl...

The Push for Coding Skills Across Industries

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