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With twenty years as a professional writer and editor and a BA and MA in English, I'm well-equipped to take on almost any assignment, including AI-generated content editing. My specialties include health and wellness, personal development, education, and travel. I'm also experienced in business writing and have Hubspot certification in Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, and SEO. I aim to provide your business with clear, compelling writing that communicates the right message to your audience — and produces results. 

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Meditation: Can you be bad at it?

Meditation: Can you be bad at it? By Leah McClellan   Four times today, as I browsed through blog comments and scanned Facebook posts, I saw comments like,  “I'm bad at meditating” or “I’m bad with meditation” or ...

Tune Up | Tips for Writing a Great Blog Post | https://www.scripted.com/blogging/tips-for-writing-a-great-blog-post

Benefits of Digital Transformation for Employees

Ecommerce growth has been rapid over the last two decades, but the pandemic has driven unprecedented online business expansion and growth opportunities for many organizations. And that growth has created an urgent need for digi...

Who Pays Real Estate Commission — Buyer or Seller?

If you’ve ever bought or sold a home, you probably became a quick study in all things real estate. What’s a seller’s versus a buyer’s market? What are closing costs? What’s an addendum, a home inspection, and the whole litany o...

Online Accelerated MBA Degree Programs: Accelerated MBA

One of the best ways to move up in a business career or succeed as an entrepreneur is to earn a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). Attending classes full-time or even part-time in person isn’t always feasible, ho...

How to Transform Anger into Connection: 10 Tips for Peaceful Words (Guest Post: Byline Below)

How to Transform Anger into Connection: 10 Tips for Peaceful Words When you vent your anger, you simply open the energy that is feeding your anger. ~Thich Nhat Hanh Even the most calm and level-headed among us gets angr...

5 Crucial Reasons to Carry a Moral Compass (Guest post: Byline at end)

5 Crucial Reasons to Carry a Moral Compass This morning I took advantage of warmth and sunshine to do some early spring cleanup in my front lawn. A few dried-out clumps of tall ornamental grasses should have been cut back ...

The Influence of Modern Art in Philadelphia

Philadelphia may be famous for its cheesesteaks, Rocky, and the Liberty Bell, but those aren’t the only attractions in this sprawling metropolis. You might be surprised to learn that Philadelphia is a top travel destination for...

Hanukkah and Traditional Jewish Healing Practices

Hanukkah and Traditional Jewish Healing Practices Traditional Jewish healing practices have focused on cures more than healing. Learn about the Jewish Healing Movement and blessings for Hanukkah. Hanukkah — the Festival...

The Truth About Diet Culture and Body Shame

The Truth About Diet Culture and Body Shame Health means mental and emotional health and physical well-being, and enjoying a meal with friends and loved ones is a big part of a satisfying life. But diet culture doesn't supp...

How to Raise a Kitten

How to Raise a Kitten October 7th, 2021 Leah McClellan Are you thinking about adopting a kitten? Maybe you’ve already brought a little fluff ball into your life. Ideally, kittens are ready for adoption at 10-12 weeks. A...

Slash Your Food Costs and Eat Better

A lot of people want to save money these days, and let’s face it — it’s hard sometimes. Where do you start? You can’t easily change your rent or mortgage payment. Your electric or gas bill can only go down so far. And there’s a...

The Rabbit Hole of Stuff: Why We Can’t Buy Our Way to Happiness

Some stuff is important, and there’s nothing wrong with buying what you need. But it’s about priorities and the price you might pay for stuff that doesn’t support your goals and dreams. Think about it. Are you working tow...

Greenhouse Gases, Climate Change, and How to Make a Difference

The problem with greenhouse gases is not that they exist. The problem is that human activity has upset the balance and caused an increase of atmospheric gases that absorb light which creates heat and traps it. Four main gre...

10 Reasons to Not Become a Vegan

10 Reasons to Not Become a Vegan If you get out once in awhile, scan magazines in a grocery store check-out, or surf your social media feeds, you probably know that veganism has been trending sharply upward in the last decade....

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