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Krista graduated from the University of Guelph where she studied psychology and neuroscience. Still active in her research, she now focuses on all aspects of health — both mental and physical. Based on her strong research skills, she is confident in a wide range of topics. Her specialties are health, neuroscience, and business. She is currently designing and building her own off-grid home. 

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6 Easiest Plants To Grow When You’re Just Starting Your Garden

Rain or shine, if I’m home, there’s not one day that goes by when I don’t spend time in my garden. Although we live in an urban area, our yard is a bit more “country” than most. We allow areas to thrive as they would in the wil...

Maximize Your Adventure: Comprehensive Off-Road Insurance Coverage

Whether you love winter off-road snowmobiling adventures or are more of an ATV enthusiast, these vehicles often venture into areas that increase the risk of damage — and, in some cases, personal injury. If you always answer the...

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6 Reasons To Practice Mindfulness And How To Do It

Let’s face it — we’re all trying to improve our health, especially with chronic disease on the rise. Stress levels are also through the roof these days. To decompress and unwind, we need to give our bodies a break — and our min...

Guide to Content Marketing for Small Businesses: Tips & Ideas

63% of marketers are using content marketing; here's how to get started at your business.Content marketing for small businesses may seem straightforward at first, but once you dive in, you quickly realize how complex it is. The...

5 Foods That Are Affecting Your Child’s Mood

We often view mental health issues as an ‘adult’ problem, but the unfortunate reality is that children also suffer from mood disorders and other mental health conditions. In fact, mental disorders among children have continued ...

101 Construction Terms and Definitions: A Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents101 construction terms (and definitions)Stay current in the construction management industry Learn about common construction terminology with this go-to resource.The construction industry is massive and complex...

How Cannabis Helps Treat Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders

Medical cannabis greatly interests researchers studying symptoms of certain neurological disorders, including epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and multiple sclerosis (MS).To date, only a handful of studies have focused on the eff...

Financial Reporting for Small Businesses: Simplified Guidelines

Financial Reporting for Small Businesses: Simplified GuidelinesImage via Unsplash/Towfiqu barbhuiyaSmall business owners wear many hats. Many switch between marketing campaigns, customer relations, accounting, and everything el...

What Is a Job Requisition and How To Write One

See article here.Discover the value of a job requisition and how to create one.The recruitment process can be challenging, involving many considerations and steps. Whether an employee recently left or you need to expand your te...

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