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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Writers

An experienced government and politics writer might charge anywhere from 10 to 15 cents per word. Some also charge per project, so you will want to get a price quote before hiring them. Writers with less experience tend to charge lower prices so they can get paid while building their portfolios. While spending less can help you save money, it also means that you get content from someone with less knowledge of the topic.

You can hire a government and politics writer by browsing the profiles on a writer community platform. Platforms usually vet writers by reviewing published articles and rating their grammar, word choice, and vocabulary skills. When you find the profile of someone you like, read the writer’s client reviews, biography, and writing samples. Many websites hire a team of writers so they can have people with experience writing about a variety of government and politics topics.

Online writing platforms give you the easiest way to find government and politics writers. Instead of finding a writer on your own, you can rely on the platform to connect you with vetted professionals. Respected platforms only hire experienced writers with impressive portfolios. When the platform connects with writers, browse their profiles to read writing samples, client reviews, and other information that will help you choose a great option for your site.

Government and politics writers can help your website grow by publishing thoughtful, engaging content. Depending on your website’s focus, you may want to publish blog posts and articles about political news, government procedures, or history. As more people come to read articles on your site, you will earn more money from advertising, affiliate links, and other revenue streams. You should also find that your site gains a reputation for publishing excellent material.

Increased traffic shows that your government and politics writer produces great content that gets recognized. Today’s best writers know how to improve page rankings. As your pages’ rankings improve, more people will come to your site. Great content will also increase traffic from social media platforms to your website. You can also pay attention to the number of repeat visitors to your site. Frequent visits show that you post engaging content.

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Search top government & politics writers to write high-quality content for the government & politics industry. As a Scripted member you will be able to reach out to them directly, negotiate price, and start short or long-term assignments with ease.

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Since 2010, writer/editor/designer, Jennifer "J Lynn" Cameron has delivered quality SEO content and strategy guidance, plus auditing services. J Lynn is a Subject Matter Expert in marketing, sales, finance, retail, eCommerce, luxury travel, lifestyle topics, and more. As an editor, she's a lion tracking mistakes and overall flow—she can tame the wildest content after that first cup of coffee. She builds relationships on a foundation of mutual trust and business understanding.  In her spare time, she dreams of seeing the sky from Machu Picchu's summit and plotting the future's classic novels...
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Alexandra Bower
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 I have experience writing blogs, articles, and press releases for several industries, including, but not limited to, health and wellness, beauty, law, and politics.
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Michael Schlossberg
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Mike is a writer and government official based out of Pennsylvania. He has written two books, been featured in numerous nationally known websites, including Governing Magazine, The Mighty, and Mental Floss. He maintains a blog on mental health, has written numerous op-eds in local papers and completed over 2,500 freelance articles for other services. His specialties include public policy, health care, mental health, social media, video games, business, finance, marketing, and more.
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The Importance of Hiring Government & Politics Writers

Politics is a polarizing topic that evolves by the day with new events and topics to discuss. Political website owners need new content on a regular basis in order to attract viewers. But no matter if you are covering world politics, domestic politics, or fundamental politics, you can count on a savvy government and politics writer from Scripted. It may be just the thing you need to get ahead in search results amongst competitors.

Why Hire A Government & Politics Writer?

A government and politics writer can easily give you the content you need without you having to do anything on your end. Whether you need to write blogs, newsletters, analyses, or other written information to the public, a government and politics writer will be able to provide all this to you pending your rules and guidelines.

Also, hiring a Scripted writer to perform jobs for you can actually be more cost-saving over other means to have your content written. You won't need to pay the writer by the hour, but on a per-job basis, thus, you will only have to spend when you want more articles. Hiring a writer in-house, in comparison, will cause you to spend by the hour, which may not be ideal for some businesses.

Benefits Of Hiring A Government & Politics Writer

A government and politics writer can be made available, whether you are covering partisan, bipartisan, and nonpartisan news. Whether your affiliation is slanted, or you want to present just facts and news to audiences, a Scripted writer can give you months' worth of content.

Scripted writers also bring personality into each piece of content they are hired to do, so you will always get an intriguing article for visitors to get intrigued by. You can also decide which tone you'd like your articles to be written in, so whether your content is for seniors, students, or a broader audience, Scripted writers can adapt to any restrictions you prefer.

How To Find A Government & Politics Writer On Scripted

You will happen to find dozens of writers on Scripted that specialize in government and politics. If you want to seek out one or two writers who might seem like the perfect fit for your business, you can browse our list of writers and invite any that catch your eye.

To guarantee you'll find an interested writer, you can post your job in our jobs database, and any writers who are interested will apply. You'll receive proposals from any interested writers, and upon reviewing their messages to you, you can choose whomever you want to take on your job. Both of these ways to find a government and politics writer are very simple, and if you develop a favorite writer, they'd be happy to continue writing for you again!

Good content writers are frankly hard to find, but where you can find them is on Scripted. Join Scripted today and hire a writer you give you the high-quality content your political website needs!

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