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Paul M

Bellaire, Michigan, United States • Last online 6 days

I'm passionate about providing clear, effective communication strategies for businesses in a variety of industries. As a father of two, avid DIY-er, and coffee enthusiast with an interest in travel, I have practical experience in diverse industries that allows me to create informative, well-researched content with a friendly, professional voice.

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D.A. B

Wisconsin, United States • Last online 19 minutes

Versatile freelance writer and ghostwriter capable of communicating with varied audiences about diverse topics. Thousands of completed projects include magazine articles, press releases, blog posts, and web pages. Highlights: Additive Manufacturing: A 20,000-word project for a Fortune 20 company. Achieved #1 rankings for important keywords. Golf: Wrote a series of 10+ 1500-word posts for a leading U.S. golf publication. Luxury travel: 10,000 words for a company providing private jet flight support. Telecom manufacturing: Wrote a series of posts for a corporate VP. Home Improvement: Create almost all website content (60,000 words thus far) for an East Coast contractor. Automotive products: Wrote a series of more than 30 blog posts for the leading manufacturer in its class. Building materials manufacturer: Created 12,000 word...

Customer Ratings: 248

Hunter Amato is a graduate of Florida State University with multiple degrees spanning a wide variety of subjects. He aims to bring his diverse knowledge to bear in his professional pursuits in a way that helps further his blossoming career as a writer. He is currently living in New York City and aspires to continue growing his professional network in order to enjoy all that the Big Apple has to offer.

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The Importance of Hiring Engineering Writers

Operating a business in this digital era can be a challenging task. Companies are required to update their social media pages, websites, and blogs as well as send email newsletters to clients and prospects.

Engineering companies and websites must ensure that their sites contain up-to-date and relevant information. Hiring an experienced engineering writer will provide quality content that is vital for a high-ranking website.

Why Hire an Engineering writer?

Quality engineering writers are well versed in various subjects and topics in their field of specialization. As such, they generate informative and engaging content. An experienced engineering writer will utilize their skills and knowledge for newsletters, blogs, and website landing pages. This content is vital in website traffic generation.

Engineering writers consider the costs and feasibility of various projects before putting them into practice. They evaluate the effectiveness of content development tools to find the most viable option. Thus, an engineering writer can identify innovations and developments that will improve your website and social media pages' outlook and functionality.

Also, a content manager with an engineering background will provide well-researched information that matches the particular needs of your target audience.

The Benefits of Hiring an Engineering Freelance Writer

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow a brand and increase sales. Engineering writers can generate content that directly provides website visitors with relevant and detailed information. More so, they provide unique and credible content that shows authority and increases trust. Engaging content has proven to increase website traffic and boost conversion rates.

Even engineers need simple and easy to understand content. When you need to break down difficult and technical terms, a Scripted engineering writer will deliver simple and creative content. This content is ideal when your target audience prefers simple and straightforward language. For instance, when writing social media posts or press releases.

An engineering writer can also analyze website data and research optimal keywords. Using ideal target keywords to generate rich content will improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This content is fundamental in building your website’s online authority. This translates to more traffic and higher conversion rates.

Finding an Engineering Writer on Scripted

At Scripted, we provide businesses with an online platform where they can hire professional writers. We categorize our writers according to their area of specialization. Our vetting process ensures our copywriters have the necessary skills and competence required to generate high-quality content on a given topic.

The Scripted engineering writers’ pool contains creative and skilled professionals. With excellent proficiency in grammar and proper research, Scripted writers provide guaranteed quality content. Our flexibility and fair pricing will make it possible to obtain quality services in less time. Unlike hiring an in-house writer, Scripted offers a pool of writers for all of your writing needs.

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