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Melissa J

Oakland, California, United States • Last online about 2 hours

Melissa Jenkins is a freelance writer and business consultant with expertise in healthcare management, small business accounting and marketing, innovative technologies, and emerging industries. A non-profit professional with more than a decade of experience in the areas of community healthcare and affordable housing, she has a strong background in legal research, finance, policy development, and implementation of compliance programs. She also communicates through graphics and photography.

Customer Ratings: 387

Hello! My name is Marcia Gage. I have spent most of my life surrounded by books. Subsequently, I learned at an early age to love both reading and writing. In my professional life I have worked in sales and retention, fundraising, training and management for arts, political, environmental organizations and for online universities. In all my positions I have experience in writing scripts, ads, training manuals and, of course, emails and letters to clients, students and donors. I have an MS in Psychology and I am also a Master Herbalist. Throughout my studies in psychology I have written several papers focusing on eating disorders, health and wellness and alternative medicine. I have passed the certification tests in HubSpot Academy for both Inbound and Content Marketing. Other interests include travel and experiencing differ...

Customer Ratings: 7

Carla M

Benson, Arizona, United States • Last online about 14 hours

Carla Jean McKinney is a freelance writer and digital designer who creates multimedia content about science, digital technologies, and medicine. She’s a former college writing instructor with degrees in literature and linguistics, and she holds certificates in web design and digital design and illustration. She specializes in articles, whitepapers and ebooks on topics including artificial intelligence and robotics, SaaS for biopharma and medicine, and digital innovation in healthcare and the life sciences.

Customer Ratings: 210

Beth W

Last online 18 minutes

I am an experienced freelance writer with a rich background in teaching, ad creation, and healthcare publications. I have served as an editor of the historic Monroe County Appeal newspaper, been a contributing editor to Maine St. Magazine, and written articles for numerous websites, including Doctor Wise and 50plus-lifestyle.com. My specialties include legal issues, health care, insurance, 50-plus lifestyle concerns, and cybersecurity. Humor is important to me, and I can write satirically as well as seriously. I earned my MFA in creative writing from Spalding University and my MA and BA in English from Truman University.

Customer Ratings: 798

Michelle H

Sarasota, Florida, United States • Last online about 14 hours

Stop banging your head! Hire Michelle to write your blog, social media posts, web pages, technical articles, ebooks and other content. She has 20+ years' experience, and her writings are always original and written to inform, educate, entertain and/or persuade target audiences. She specializes in medicine and science, education and technology, travel and motorsports, business and marketing, finance and artificial intelligence. Michelle has a PhD (expected in 2020) and MPhil in management-finance, an MS in marketing and communication, a BA in pre-med biology and more. She has held positions in everything from design and teaching to patient care and retail. => I was featured in the latest Scripted Newsletter talking about COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter: https://www.scripted.com/content-marketing/writer-spotlight-michelle-h

Customer Ratings: 70

Brian P

Last online 2 days

I'm an veteran ghostwriter with over 10 years experience. Prior to becoming a writer, I spent 10 years working in Corporate America in middle management. I understand technology, business, money, marketing, and a variety of niche topics, such as cannabis, cryptocurrency, virtual reality, and more. I never miss a deadline.

Customer Ratings: 216
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The Importance of Hiring a Cannabis Writer

The cannabis industry changes quickly, so it’s vital to hire a cannabis writer who stays current with evolving laws and shifting regulations.

As more states adopt medical and recreational cannabis, the landscape becomes even more complicated. Without an experienced cannabis writer, you could spread inaccurate information through your website, blog posts, emails, newsletters, or social media content.

Why Hire a Cannabis Writer?

States started decriminalizing cannabis possession in the early 1970s. The current wave of cannabis’s legislation, however, started in the 2000s, when cities and states began decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana.

Today, the United States and many other countries have a tapestry of laws that vary from place to place. Keeping up with the changes at the state and federal levels requires a lot of time and effort. A handful of writers have found their niche publishing content about cannabis, cannabis laws, cannabis culture, and topics connected to marijuana and hemp.

The average person doesn’t have a clear understanding of cannabis legality or the cannabis industry. A writer with experience researching and publishing about these topics, however, can give you persuasive content that will help solidify your brand as an authority.

The Benefits of Hiring a Cannabis Freelance Writer

Hiring a cannabis freelance writer gives you several benefits. Many companies and websites hire freelancers with cannabis writing experience because they want to publish blog and social media content without hiring a full-time staff writer.

Other ways you can benefit from hiring a cannabis freelance writer include:

  • Targeted messaging that influences your audience.

  • Straightforward information that educates your readers.

  • Optimized content that uses keywords to boost search engine rankings.

  • Insightful posts that your readers will want to share with other people.

  • Publishing about cannabis nutritional supplements while avoiding regulatory guardrails.

  • Avoiding the process of finding and hiring a staff writer.

When you hire an experienced cannabis writer, you position yourself as an expert in a rapidly growing industry that confuses a lot of people.

Finding a Cannabis Writer on Scripted

Scripted makes it easy for you to find the right cannabis writer for your brand. You can search for writers with experience writing about:

  • Cannabis legislation.

  • Cannabis products.

  • Medical cannabis.

  • The effects of common cannabis compounds.

  • THC and CBD research.

  • Trends in the cannabis industry.

Once you find a few writers with experience writing about cannabis, you can read their writing samples to decide which ones appeal to you. You may find some of the cannabis writers fit your brand’s voice better than others.

Finally, you can use Scripted to request pitches from cannabis writers. Instead of spending time generating your own ideas, you can ask expert writers to contribute. You get to look at their outlines, summaries, and prices. Feel free to invite as many Scripted freelance writers as you like. You can even save your favorites and invite them to send more pitches in the future.

Whether you want to publish content that attracts cannabis consumers or gets investors interested in your company, hiring an experienced cannabis freelance writer on Scripted will make it easier and faster to reach your goals.

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