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The Importance of Hiring a Retail and E-commerce Writer

The world of retail moves fast, and your content needs to keep up with the latest trends. Hiring an experienced retail and e-commerce writer allows your business to stay top of mind with your audience. Showcase your brand, share retail tips and secrets, and post enticing social media updates with the help of a talented freelance writer.

Why Hire a Retail and E-commerce Writer?

A writer specializing in retail and e-commerce keeps up with the latest trends, facts, and figures. They understand the content that gets results in this market, ways to build customer loyalty, and the best methods for moving shoppers toward a purchase. Your website, blog, email newsletters, and social media content are elevated through professional retail and e-commerce writers.

The Benefits of Hiring a Retail and E-commerce Freelance Writer

Consumers have a lot of choice in the global marketplace. Your competition is a click away, so building up trust and loyalty among your customers is essential. High-quality content positions you as an authority in your market. Your business becomes a trusted source of information and you build relationships that last longer than a single sale. A professional writer also has a powerful impact on your search engine optimization, which makes it easier for customers to find you on Google and other search engines.

A retail and e-commerce freelance writer offers conversation rate improvements in many parts of the sales funnel. You can end up getting more revenue from the same traffic volume, improved retention, and other benefits for your bottom line.

Finding a Retail and E-commerce Writer on Scripted

Hiring in-house writers is not always the best option for retail and e-commerce businesses. You have to go through a lengthy recruitment process that involves sorting through resumes, setting up interviews, and hoping that your applicant performs once they move into the role.

On Scripted, the process is much easier. You have access to professional retail and e-commerce writers through a user-friendly platform. All the writers on Scripted have gone through an extensive vetting process, so the screening work is already completed. Look through writer profiles to see their specialties, ratings, and samples. Once you find the perfect match, ordering content is a straightforward and streamlined process.

Effectively Working with a Retail and E-commerce Writer

Content creation is a collaborative effort. You get the best results out of a retail and e-commerce writer when you equip them with the right resources. Provide your chosen writer with information about your brand, the market, your customers, and your favorite pieces of content. Put together a style guide for your company and offer outlines for your content, if possible. Keep in touch with your writer throughout the process to ensure that they're on the right track.

If the first draft doesn't quite match your vision for the piece, explain the changes you'd like to see in a revision request. Your retail and e-commerce writer becomes one of your most valuable assets as they learn the nuances of your business and your audience.

Are you ready to improve your conversion rates, customer loyalty, and bottom line? View writing samples with the retail tag and get started today.

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Search top retail & e commerce writers to write high-quality content for the retail & e commerce industry. As a Scripted member you will be able to reach out to them directly, negotiate price, and start short or long-term assignments with ease.

Vaibhav B

London, England, United Kingdom • Last online 2 days

A proficient writer with more than 5 years of experience in digital content creation, who has worked with prestigious clients such as Educomp in the past. Well-known in ghostwriting circles, he now has a byline to his name as well. He has created content for children's books, written video scripts, and even edited a couple of novels that saw the light of the day in the publishing world. Writing blog posts and website content is his bread and butter. (This is to display my knack for writing in third person! Ask me for a sample, or references. I would be happy to share them.)

Customer Ratings: 211

Brianna J

Pennsylvania, United States • Last online about 15 hours

Great writing upgrades you from a generic business to an evolved, innovative, sustainable brand. For the past 7 years, I've specialized in digital marketing, branding, data analytics, and entrepreneurial topics. If you're looking for a writer to help you define your brand, create a style guide, or drive your content strategy, I'm here for you! I've done: - Blogs - Web copy - White papers - Book editing - Social posts See samples and reviews of my work: https://tinyurl.com/writeyourstory1

Customer Ratings: 124

Venus L

Rochester, New York, United States • Last online 20 minutes

A multifaceted freelance writer with 9+ years of varied experience. Skilled in the areas of article generation, biography writing, resume writing, listicles, jingle/ songwriting, press release generation, blogs, web copy, social media management, and much more. Loves to write on an array of topics including business, politics, entertainment, relationships, interpersonal communication, philosophy, psychology, women's issues, and many others.

Customer Ratings: 396

Kirk P

Last online 20 minutes

Kirk P. is a freelance writer who specializes in creative, click-worthy content for businesses in various verticals, including digital marketing, technology, retail, health care, and lifestyle and travel. Kirk's work has appeared on Travelocity, Ziff Davis, StubHub, and more. His talents include SEO-optimized copy, blog posts, website pages, press releases, product descriptions, email newsletters, and Tweets and Facebook posts.

Customer Ratings: 1675

Renee B

Washington, District of Columbia, United States •

Renee Breiten is a finance writer whose writing has appeared in numerous outlets related to finance and investing, from TheStreet to SCORE. She has an MBA from Exeter, degrees in psychology, and over 15 years of experience working with hedge funds and startups. Her work is centered on technology, consumer trends, and investing strategies. (formerly Renee Ann Butler)

Customer Ratings: 483

Matthew T

Louisville, Kentucky, United States • Last online 11 minutes

With more than two decades of writing and optimization experience, I know how to keep readers engaged, mimic brand voices, and get first-page rankings on search engine results.

Customer Ratings: 1368

Jennifer C

Usk, Washington, United States • Last online about 8 hours

*CLOSED AUGUST 15 through 31, 2020. I'll be back soon!* Jennifer (J Lynn) Cameron has enjoyed helping brands find their voice since 2010. She specializes in sales, marketing, accounting, and finance pieces but has written for several different industries. When she's not helping build a brand (or dreaming about Machu Picchu), she enjoys design work, writing songs, listening to music, and reading. And coffee.

Customer Ratings: 243

Genesis D

Last online about 21 hours

I'm a Canadian expat living in Guatemala and I've been writing ebooks and articles, as well as website copy, for the past decade. My areas of interest include travel, food, parenting and business, but I'm always open to work on new topics. My research skills are excellent, so let me know what you're working on!

Customer Ratings: 55

Ellen G

New York, New York, United States • Last online 11 days

Ellen Gilmer is a published author, speaker and performance artist living in New York City. She has spoken and performed internationally and enjoys sharing her experiences with others. She has published two books with the Pentland Press Ltd. and Carnegie Publishing Ltd. in England: La Belle Famille, a novel, and Free Style Run of the Heart, a book of dramatic monologues with poetic songs, and she is now an active KDP Amazon publisher. Her latest book, published with Create Space, is entitled, Song Poems from the Cumulus Cloud and Creative Essays. Ellen is also a journalist for the International Press Association and a Cultural Ambassador for the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, England. She is always interested in comments and feedback from her readers, who make sharing creative ideas and art forms possible, successful a...

Customer Ratings: 2

Elizabeth T

Newburyport, Massachusetts, United States • Last online about 11 hours

Elizabeth Trach is a professional writer with experience writing online catalog copy, video scripts, press releases, landing pages for home decor and construction company websites, and how-to articles on dozens of fresh DIY topics. She is an expert blogger with a knack for breaking down complex topics into friendly, easily-digestible posts. With a Renassiance woman's interest in all forms of creative expression and human interest, she loves to dig into research for her writing projects. Her broad knowledge base elevates her work for clients and makes their projects sing. Elizabeth holds a master's degree in English and creative writing. Her ability to craft a well-turned metaphor sets apart her commercial writing, and her debut short story collection was published by Annorlunda Books in 2017. She’s also a master gardener who has wri...

Customer Ratings: 568
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Which eCommerce platform should I use?

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Part of the appeal of content marketing is that your brand is offering another value other than the service or product to its consumers. Instead of just providing X, content marketing allows brands to provide content and, thus value, for free. In order to be considered "pure" content marketing, the content must stand on its own and add editorial value, not advertorial. But there are some markets that say otherwise. The traditional magazine industry's dire state has lead to a bleeding of commerce and content, often yielding mixed results. For branded publications like ASOS, a British online fashion and beauty... Read More

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