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April Khan enjoys researching and writing medical, science and business content. She is the owner of two businesses, both are marketing agencies. She has a Master's in Public Health and enjoys advocating a healthier lifestyle through her Instagram page. Khan also has many certifications in Social Media Marketing, YouTube Marketing and SEO. She has gone on to expand her skills to the World Wide Web and received two certifications from Google and Bing. In her spare time she edits medical journals, authors business guides and offers consultation to new businesses. To date, April has written mo...

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Why Iceland is the Most Otherworldly Summer Vacation Spot

**Are you trying to escape the heat this summer? Looking for an obscure summer spot? Wish the long summer days were even longer? Iceland may be the answer to all of your problems.** Summer is around the corner, and while some a...

The Benefits of Working From Home

**Working remotely is becoming an increasingly viable option in our technologically savvy world. Is it suitable for your working personality?** Recent technological advances have shaped the future of the workplace as we know it...

The Zendesk Solutions

**Businesses have always been faced with using multiple databases to maintain the customer service. Zendesk aims to provide a solution that unifies the process and provides a better customer service experience.** Zendesk is a h...

iPhone 5s: Is the iPhone 5s Really the Fastest Smartphone in the World?

**The internet is constantly buzzing with rumors and reports about the newest Apple products. With the announcement of the iPhone 5s, the internet is ablaze with curiosity. How does this smartphone measure up? ** It seems that ...

The Dangers of Hantavirus

**Recent outbreaks have put Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome in the news. Learn what it is, how its spread, and what you can do to avoid it.**** **Until very recently, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome was virtually unheard of by the...

For Cancer Prevention, Experts Recommend 9-a-Day

**Nutrition is arguably the most important aspect of good health. Do the standard serving sizes apply to both good health and cancer prevention?** Although the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the USDA, have been ...

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