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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Writers

Hiring a retail and ecommerce writer usually costs $50 to $75 per hour. Many freelance writers, however, prefer charging by the word. When you compare prices, expect writers to ask for 10 to 20 cents per word, especially when you want them to write detailed articles about conversion strategies. The more experience and previous success writers have, the more they can charge for their services.

Join a content creation platform to hire the best retail and ecommerce writers. The managers of reputable platforms only hire writers with impressive profiles and writing skills. Many companies have writers take tests before they can create profiles. Browse the writer profiles to read writing samples, biographies, client reviews, and other information to help you choose a professional.

Look for a retail and ecommerce writer who keeps up with the latest trends in your industry. Writers should know about subjects such as multi-platform selling, customer retargeting, cart abandonment, mobile optimization, and writing persuasive calls to action (CTA). You should also look for signs of professionalism. You need a writer who will follow your project guidelines and turn in assignments on time.

It stands to reason that you will get more accurate information and advice from retail and ecommerce writers who have worked in the field. Many writers create content for their personal and professional websites. While they don’t work the same as retail sites, they have similarities and often work with the same tools like SalesForce, WordPress, and other popular platforms to manage their clients.

Don’t expect your website traffic and sales to increase immediately. Retail and ecommerce writers use organic SEO practices that take time to work. Paid advertisements might get faster results, but they cost much more. Organic SEO content will grow your brand and keep people coming back to your site. You should see results from the optimized content within a few weeks or months, depending on your competitors.

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Kirk P.
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Kirk P. is a freelance writer who specializes in creative, click-worthy content for businesses in various verticals, including digital marketing, technology, retail, health care, and lifestyle and travel. Kirk's work has appeared on Travelocity, Ziff Davis, StubHub, and more. His talents include SEO-optimized copy, blog posts, website pages, press releases, product descriptions, email newsletters, and Tweets and Facebook posts.
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Jennifer Cameron
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Jennifer "J Lynn" Cameron is a full-time freelance writer and editor living life in the Midwest. Since 2010, she's been delivering quality content for clients in the marketing, sales, accounting, finance, and eCommerce spaces. A consummate professional and definite nerd, she's a research genius and voice-matching master. The editor in her loves hunting for mistakes and typos in content. She loves it even more after she's had her first cup of coffee.   When not writing full-time, she dreams of seeing the sky from Machu Picchu's summit.   
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Emily Clayton
Hire Emily C
Emily is a Sacramento, California-based writer who has been producing high-quality content and web copy since 2013 and loves delving into research to produce original, compelling work. Her primary expertise or writing interests are in the lifestyle/health/wellness industries; home/garden niche; and art/design fields, yet she is skilled at content creation for a range of subjects and project types, including articles, blog posts, and product descriptions. With 10 years of writing experience to her name, Emily is a seasoned writer committed to creating projects that offer value and an enjoyab...
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Why Hire A Retail & Ecommerce Writer?

Benefits of Hiring a Record, Video & Book Stores Writer

There's something special about a record, video, and book store --- it's a place where there's something for everyone. 

Whether consumers seek the latest graphic novel or a more nostalgic record shopping experience, you must build a name for yourself. Today's market is highly competitive, so how will your brand stand out?

To connect with your customers, you'll want to invest in a content marketing strategy that allows you to reach your goals consistently. The key to achieving this is creating quality content consumers want to read. Each time you bring them back to your site is an opportunity to push them further into the sales funnel, educate them about an upcoming sale or event, boost brand awareness, and the list goes on. 

Don't have time to craft quality content? Want to focus on other aspects of your business? Then you need to hire record, video, and book store writers you can count on. Here's how they can help you drive your content marketing strategy and help you achieve greater success. 

They Will Create Informative, Engaging Content: Depending on the type of record, video, and book store you operate, you may be looking for a specific type of content. That content needs to offer value to your readers. For some, it's more important to offer customers informative and educational content. For others, entertaining content is more important. Regardless, some expert writers will provide you with the type of content your audience wants to read. 

You Will Become an Authoritative Voice: When people shop for records, videos, and books, they seek a specific experience. For example, your customers may have found you because of your amazing social media content --- the type of content that matches the shopping experience they can expect. Blogging is another excellent way to reach prospective shoppers, providing them with the latest news and insight regarding book releases, interesting facts about records, etc. When you become the source for all things related to records, videos, and books, your sales will reflect your efforts.

You Can Focus on What You're Most Passionate About: If you own and operate a record, video, and book store, odds are you are passionate about what you sell. Those who love records, videos, and books seek others who share their interests, so as a store owner, you need to meet your customers on that level. Sourcing the latest products isn't easy --- and it's time-consuming. Outsourcing your content needs means you can free up the time you need to stock your store with the products your customers want and love. 

Finding a Record, Video, and Book Store Writer on Scripted

It can be tough to find writers you love to work with. After all, there is a lot of bad content out there. That is why you should hire writers with the skills and experience needed to elevate your content. But where can you hire content writers you can trust?

Luckily, Scripted makes the hiring and content creation process a breeze. Our platform offers a large pool of talented, highly-vetted writers with experience in the record, video, and book space. All aspects of your partnership will take place on the platform from start to finish, allowing you to take a more hands-off approach. 

Ready to get started? Start your 30-day free trial to discover the benefits of working with a professional content creation platform and expert record, video, and book store writers. Hire freelance writers who you love to work with today!

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