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Great Content Marketing Requires Great Freelance Writers

Blog Posts

A well-researched and SEO-friendly blog post is the cornerstone of an effective content marketing campaign. Find the perfect writer for your next blog post now to keep your content fresh and relevant.

Press Releases

A press release is a succinct message that helps you announce new products, events, or achievements about your company. Hiring our freelance press release writers can help you effectively share important news.

Web Pages

The most valuable pages on your website are often your homepage and other landing pages. Having accurate, SEO-friendly content is essential for any business, and Scripted content writers can help you get there with exceptional web page content.

Product Descriptions

A professionally written product description can be the difference between a sale and a lost customer. Order new product descriptions from our freelance writers to start increasing conversions.


An email newsletter is great for reminding your readers about new content, product updates, or service announcements. Scripted will pair you with the right freelance newsletter writer to create high-quality content your subscribers will want to read.


Direct transcription of your video or audio file can optimize their SEO performance and improve accessibility. Freelance writing from Scripted simplifies the process for transcribing valuable media to text.

Social Media Posts

Brief and engaging posts encourage visitors to share your content, help grow your following, or drive traffic to your site. Our social media writers consistently create posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more for businesses around the world.

Video Scripts

Professionally written video scripts can help you grow your YouTube channel or add a new element to your website. Hire an experienced script writer to help you capture more views with engaging video scripts.

How the Scripted Process Works

Join Scripted

Access thousands of skilled freelance writers by signing up for Scripted. You get your first month free! Choose freelance writers for your team on our robust platform.

Describe Your Freelance Writing Project

When you need help with a freelance writing project, set up a job on Scripted. Our user-friendly experience guides you through this process so it’s nice and smooth. We recommend using all of our tools to detail your freelance writing project.
Invite Only: If you prefer a small group of freelance writers, you can create invite-only projects that go straight to them. Get the talented freelance writing resources that you need to power your industry’s content marketing campaigns.

Review the Freelance Writing Pitches

Freelance writers interested in your project send proposals directly to you. You can start a job based on the ideas you like the most. Our creative freelance writers can help you discover new content opportunities through these pitches too.

Receive the First Project Draft

You get the first draft of your project from the freelance writers within a week. You can approve it or send it back for revisions, depending on your needs. Our in-line review and approval platform makes it easy to give feedback to your freelance writers. Our writers are happy to make these changes.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Writers

The time savings and reduced costs associated with hiring a freelance writer are definitely among the top benefits. A professional freelance writer will be able to take over any project you're working on, ultimately completing it in less time than an inexperienced writer and to a higher standard. Meanwhile, their expertise means they know exactly what to ask, streamlining communications and further reducing your time commitment.

The cost of a freelance writer can vary widely depending on their experience, niche specialties, and education. Most charge per word, with $0.10 to $0.15 being a fairly typical range. However, absolute beginner writers may start out charging just pennies per word while highly experienced writers who specialize in a certain industry or style (such as sales copy writers) can justify $1 per word or even more.

The whole idea behind outsourcing is to save yourself time, but it's well worth investing some of your time into the research and vetting process if you're hiring a freelance writer for the first time. Alternatively, you can save yourself that legwork by going through a content production company like Scripted that has already tested and pre-vetted writers for you. Still, you should always read proposals carefully, look at writers' profiles, and ask questions about relevant experience to determine who's the perfect fit.

Freelance writers can be found all over the web. Some have their own websites where you can work with them directly while most find clients through an open freelance service platform, such as Scripted. Others apply and get accepted into the closed platforms of content production companies where they may need an invitation or go through an interview process to qualify. Scripted is one example of a closed platform where writers must apply and be approved in order to gain access.

There are many traits to look for in a freelance writer, but perhaps the most important are research capabilities, responsiveness, communication skills, and an overall dedication to your niche and your project. Look for a writer that expresses interest, if not passion, in the topic at hand and ask questions to ascertain what exactly they think makes them the perfect fit. A great writer will be able to sell themselves and their skills based entirely on merit, without using ""discounts"" or other questionable tactics.

Connect With the World’s Top Freelance Writers

Scripted Curates a Marketplace with the Best Freelance Writers

Scripted has strict requirements for freelance writers. Only two percent of applicants get accepted to our platform. Prospective writers must pass a screening test that shows their skills in grammar, creativity, and word choice.

Our freelance writers have expectations that go beyond writing well. They also adhere to tight deadlines, improve their skills through ongoing feedback, and pitch new ideas to their clients.

How to Hire a Freelance Writer

How to Find Freelance Writers on Scripted

Scripted makes it easy for you to hire freelance writers that meet your requirements. After you sign up, you have full access to our extensively vetted freelance writers. Choose the writer for your project by:

  • Looking at writer categories and their samples to learn more about each writer's expertise and style.
  • Sending projects to freelance writers who are a good fit for you.
  • Inviting freelance writers to send in their custom pitches for a project.
  • Accepting pitches from freelance writers to add a new perspective to your content marketing.

No matter which option you choose, you always have the final say in the freelance writers working on your jobs. It’s not uncommon for Scripted members to have multi-year working relationships with a select group of writers. You have plenty of flexibility when it comes to assembling your freelance writing team.

Connect With the World’s Top Freelance Writers

Types of Freelance Writers to Hire

Matching the right writer to your project makes a difference in your content marketing campaigns. Here are several types of freelance writers available on the Scripted platform:

  • Blog writers
  • Content writers
  • Technical writers
  • Whitepaper writers
  • Comedy writers
  • Medical writers
  • Brand journalists
  • Grant writers
  • Business writers
  • Creative writers
  • Copywriters
  • Educational writers
  • Ebook writers

Our group of professional freelance writers is ready to help you with your next project. Find the perfect writer for your content needs on Scripted.

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What Can You Get on the Scripted Platform?

How to Form Strong Relationships with Quality Freelance Writers

Scripted has a lot of love for its freelance writers, and it shows through our retention of some of the industry’s top freelance writers. They have the flexibility to choose the writing projects and clients that are most appealing to them.

You can set yourself up as an in-demand Scripted member by following a few recommendations:

  • Take the time to leave great reviews for quality freelance writers.
  • Focus on building a long-term relationship with a select group of freelance writers. When you offer steady freelance writing opportunities for your writing team, you won’t have to wait to get on their schedules.
  • Give freelance writers enough information to complete your projects successfully. You reduce the need for revisions and keep your writers happy at the same time!
  • Offer actionable feedback for revision requests, so freelance writers know which parts are not quite right.
  • Offer transparency in your approval timeline and quickly accept jobs. When you have quick turnaround times, writers receive payment soon after they complete the task.
  • Add tips to freelance writing projects to show your appreciation for writers exceeding your requirements.

The Scripted community is filled with top freelance writers and clients. Come join us!

These Great Companies Love Scripted Freelance Writers

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What Scripted Freelance Writers Can Do For You

Increase Organizational Agility

There are many benefits to hiring a freelance writer for your business, not least of which is increased agility. As a Scripted member, you’re able to choose from a large pool of highly vetted writers with experience in your industry to create content quickly on a wide variety of topics and in multiple formats. If a new topic emerges in your industry, you can hire a freelance writer and create content around relevant terms.

Create Quality Content at Scale

Quality content creation at scale is a challenge for every organization. If your company is growing fast, moving into new sectors, or developing new services, you will need content to support those changes on your website, blog, social media, press releases - hiring freelance content writers allows you to scale up quickly and ensure you have all the content you need to grow. Scripted’s experienced writers make it possible to increase your content writing output without taxing internal resources.

Increase Visibility & Market Share

Creating superior content is a long-term investment to increase your visibility in search, improve conversion rates on your website, and take market share from your competitors. As a Scripted member with access to our freelance writers, you have a significant edge in creating great content that will help you connect with a larger audience and grow your business whether you're running a new startup, a small business, or an agency.


Hire a freelance writer and start saving money on in-house staffing and PPC.

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Can Freelance Writers Boost My Website Rankings?

The Internet has a poor signal-to-noise ratio, and it’s challenging to get anyone’s attention on the second page of Google results. When you hire freelance writers, they help you achieve better rankings through quality content.

Google looks for several criteria when the algorithm chooses which pages to rank:

  • Frequently updated website content
  • Popularity on social networks
  • Links to and from authority sites

Content from thousands of Scripted freelance writers appears on the first page of Google. They write SEO content that includes:

  • 100 percent unique blog posts and articles.
  • Social media updates to distribute your content and engage with your audience.
  • High-quality web copy to improve search engine crawler activity on your site.
  • Email newsletters to build a relationship with your audience.

Do you need more support in reaching your search ranking goals? We offer our Cruise Control service, which focuses on data-driven content marketing. You get a robust content strategy, a complete SEO audit, content from experienced freelance writers, and help with publishing and distributing content.

Can Freelance Writers Help Me Rank on Google?
Stop Wasting Time With Lackluster Freelance Writers!

The Costs of Low-quality Freelance Writers

Cutting corners on your content marketing never pays off. You end up spending more time, money, and other resources on fixing poor content. Get it done right the first time.

Scripted has a pre-vetted marketplace featuring highly skilled and experienced freelance writers in almost every industry. Once you sign up for Scripted, you can connect with freelance writers who have gone through a rigorous testing process before they were accepted.

Hire quality freelance writers from the start to improve your content marketing campaigns, build your search ranking, and keep your audience engaged.

Discover everything that Scripted has to offer. Start your trial membership today, and make the best use of your content marketing budget.

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