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Don't change a winning team. Scripted for Teams is the comprehensive content management system (CMS) for producing killer content at scale.

Now you can communicate and collaborate with Scripted subject-matter experts, other freelancers, and in-house content creators on one platform, generating a single source of truth for all your writing needs. Content marketing has never been this easy!

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Essential Collaboration: Why Scripted for Teams is a Must-Have for Your Business

You might have several content creators in different places, both in-house and on external platforms, with all these professionals contributing to your content marketing strategy. Using different communication challenges makes managing team members tricky. For example, you might have to email a content brief to one writer, log in to Scripted to exchange messages with another, and communicate with in-house creators in person or via live chat about your overall content strategy.

Half of marketers say they outsource some of their content marketing to freelancers, so you need a streamlined way to communicate with everyone who contributes to your marketing success.

Scripted makes your life easier by letting you create a team of creators inside the Scripted platform. That allows seamless collaboration between you and your writers, no matter where they come from, helping you manage your content marketing efforts more effectively. For example, you can send all your writers your style book simultaneously through the Scripted platform rather than relying on different communication methods.

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Boosting Collaboration: The Value of Scripted for Teams

Scripted for Teams offers a dynamic solution to streamline workflow and boost collaboration in modern workplaces. This platform, packed with innovative features, is designed to simplify project management, enhance communication, and unlock productivity in team environments. As a tool, Scripted optimizes teamwork, helping you achieve more in less time and navigate complex projects with ease and efficiency. Let's delve into the specific benefits of integrating Scripted within your team.

Custom Reusable Content Briefs

Creating content briefs for each of your writers can be a painstakingly slow process. Scripted for Teams lets you create custom reusable briefs to share with all your creators so everyone knows your house style, preferred tone, and SEO requirements. You can customize these briefs for individual writing projects without creating new ones from scratch.

Take things to the next level with Scripted's Smart Content Brief feature, which utilizes AI technology to create custom briefs for writers based on a few prompts. Scripted generates AI-powered briefs in mere minutes, letting you focus on other content marketing tasks. Regardless of whether you use custom reusable briefs or the Smart Content Brief feature, you can track all your projects in Scripted Content Studio.

Quickly Access The Writers You Need

By keeping all your content creators in one place with Scripted for Teams, you can see which writers are working on which projects through a single pane of glass. If a freelancer or in-house creator can't complete a project because they are sick or on vacation, you can quickly access Scripted's highly-vetted subject-matter experts to fill in the gaps in your content marketing strategy. Or you can use Scripted's writers to ramp up your content needs.

Forty-five percent of marketers believe the key to content success is publishing more content, while 54% of businesses will increase their content budgets this year. It takes just a few seconds to find a Scripted writer capable of fulfilling your needs.

Access To AI-Powered Tools

With Scripted for Teams, you get access to an incredible range of AI tools that power your content strategy:

  • SmartMatch connects you with Scripted writers based on your industry, content requirements, and pricing budget.
  • Generate content ideas and titles for upcoming pieces
  • Let AI suggest the best keywords for your content and improve your SEO

Unified Payment Option

Sick of using several different payment options to compensate writers? Now you can pay everyone on your team from one location. Scripted for Teams offers a unified payment solution, making it simple to pay the people who create your content.

Get A 360-Degree View Of Your Content Marketing Workflows

Scripted for Teams lets you view all projects writers are working on right now, removing the need to switch between different content marketing platforms and applications. See when deadlines are due, when creators submit projects, and which jobs are in the revision process. With Scripted, you can track your entire content marketing workflow from start to finish.

Create A Quality Standard

Different content marketing tools have different editing and plagiarism detection standards, making it difficult to create a standard for your content strategy. By moving all your writers to Scripted, you can standardize your content with the platform's built-in plagiarism feature and professional editors. Now all writing jobs will go through exactly the same process, ensuring consistency for your content marketing campaigns.

Your Scripted for Teams Questions, Answered

Here are answers to some commonly-asked questions about Scripted for Teams:

Who Are Scripted's Subject Matter Experts?

With Scripted for Teams, you can access our network of subject-matter experts who have experience and expertise in your industry, resulting in more effective content for your business. You can create a team of your favorite Scripted writers, other freelancers, and in-house creators inside the Scripted platform with a few clicks.

Why Should I Bring My Team To The Scripted Platform?

With Scripted for Teams, you can access our network of subject-matter experts who have experience and expertise in your industry, resulting in more effective content for your business. You can create a team of your favorite Scripted writers, other freelancers, and in-house creators inside the Scripted platform with a few clicks.

Will Scripted's AI Tools Replace Human Writers?

No, Scripted believes that combining AI technologies with real human writers is the future of content marketing. Our tools assist with the content marketing process, but subject-matter experts will still create 100% human-generated content that preserves your reputation and improves search rankings.

How Scripted Can Help

Scripted is an AI-powered online content marketplace that connects you with expert writers to create high-quality content at scale. Features like Scripted for Teams enhance the content creation process by improving communication and collaboration, unifying payments, and creating a quality standard for all the content you receive.

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