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Just because a keyword seems relevant doesn’t mean you should try to rank for it. An informed keyword strategy takes time to create, but by studying search intent, volume, difficulty, and traffic potential, a well-rounded keyword strategy can help you make sure that your content investments will have the highest possible ROI.

Here at Scripted, we help small businesses, startups, and enterprises alike design and execute keyword and content marketing strategies at scale. If you want to get on the first page for important search queries, look no further than our keyword research services backed by the pros.


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When you head to your favorite search engine and enter a query, how quickly do you find the information you’re looking for? Considering that only 6% of searchers go to the second page and that 38% of queries are completed without clicking on any result at all, it’s safe to say that search engines have gotten very good at putting the right information in front of users.

Of course, in order for search engines to be as effective as they are at getting the most comprehensive, direct, and trustworthy results to searchers, they have to utilize complex and ever-evolving algorithms. That means, as a website owner, earning a position in one of those top spots is just as difficult as it is valuable — and keeping it can be even harder.

Most businesses struggle with:

  • Having limited knowledge about SEO and keyword research principles
  • Not having enough resources to invest in the time-consuming process of identifying the right keywords
  • Difficulty aligning the user journey with the right keywords, content, and messaging for each phase and persona

These days, it’s near impossible to start ranking by accident. Unless you’re actively investing time into creating high-quality content around specific keywords, you’ll likely find it hard to drive any organic traffic at all.

On the flip side, if you randomly start targeting a bunch of keyword ideas without truly understanding when or why people are searching for them, you’ll probably end up wasting a lot of time and effort. To be effective, your SEO campaigns need to be based on the right keywords — but it's easier said than done.

Why Businesses Should Invest

Over 81% of companies would prefer to outsource SEO to a team of external experts because they know that a dedicated team can take them so much farther than hiring new in-house staff or shuffling existing resources around.

By investing in the right keyword research service, you can:


Better understand your target audience's search behavior and content expectations


Publish content that's most relevant to your ideal customer and able to nurture them to conversion


Improve your search engine rankings and increase your organic website traffic


Improve your search engine rankings and increase your organic website traffic


If you’re thinking about outsourcing your SEO needs, remember:

SEO is a full-time job, so choose an agency that demonstrates an active investment in upskilling and utilizing new technology.

Plus, keywords are just one part of the strategy. To start ranking, you also need a writing team capable of executing on your keyword plan and delivering high-quality, optimized content.

Since 2006, Scripted has been connecting companies with the industry’s top talent.

Over the past decade, we’ve consistently innovated and expanded our offerings to keep up with changing digital marketing practices and help our clients rank, convert, and build authority through content.

Why Scripted?

Scripted's keyword research process is thorough and powered by the market’s most powerful tools. When you hire us to create and execute a keyword strategy on your behalf, you’ll also be able to leverage the insights and guidance of a true SEO expert who has years of experience in the industry.

When it comes time to turn your keywords into content, we also have a large pool of vetted and skilled freelance writers to create insightful articles, white papers, and social media posts around all of your keywords.

Plus, with experts across all industries (like eCommerce, finance, and tech), you can rest easy knowing the content Scripted provides is always going to be accurate and meaningful to your audience.

Altogether, Scripted provides:

  • Customized keyword research strategy based on your company and audience's unique needs
  • Experienced team of professional SEO writers and content marketers
  • Advanced tools and techniques that empower us to identify relevant and high-value keywords
  • Results-driven approach focused on helping your business achieve specific marketing objectives through content

The best part? Scripted’s flexible pricing means that our keyword research service is available to businesses big and small, and agile enough to scale with you as you grow.

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What's Holding You Back?

Search engine optimization (SEO) takes more than skill. To effectively plan and create content that appears at the top of search engine results, you have to continuously stay on top of keyword trends, competing content, and the best practices being offered by industry leaders. It can rapidly become a full-time job. Still, it's not an easy decision to partner with a keyword research service.


If you're on the fence about utilizing a professional service like Scripted, you're probably dealing with:

  • Concerns about the cost and potential return on investment
  • Fear of losing control over your brand's messaging and voice
  • Lack of insight into the people working on your strategy

With a platform like Scripted, it's easy to put these doubts at ease. First off, Scripted's pricing is transparent and flexible, and you can even get started with a no-obligation 30-day free trial. Plus, with strong guideliens, talented writers, and the ability to request multiple revisions, you'll never have to worry about losing your brand voice.

Together, we can help your business get on track to sustainable organic growth that drives measurable business outcomes.

Keyword Research Services Offered at Scripted

In case you don’t have the in-house resources to make SEO someone’s full-time job — or even the core focus of an entire team — it’s worthwhile to outsource to SEO experts who know exactly what they’re doing. Not only will it eliminate the learning curve, but it’ll save you the trouble of paying for tools, setting up analytics, and maintaining your own content strategy.

If you’re considering outsourcing your keyword research, Scripted’s full-service solution can make it happen with services like:


Basic Keyword Research

Let our team discover keyword opportunities and kickstart your SEO strategy with a complete report of the highest priority terms along with important numbers like search volume. With our basic SEO keyword research service, you can instantly start focusing on relevant content that fits around your buyer’s journey.


Advanced Keyword Research

If you want even more analytics to help you choose the absolute best keywords to target, our advanced keyword research service is for you.

With both short-tail and long-tail keywords, along with related terms and keyword difficult scores, this service arms you with all the info you need to focus on more advanced goals like topic clusters and link building. You’ll also receive a keyword gap analysis.


Local Keyword Research

Whenever you’re targeting customers in a specific geographic region, local keyword research should be a top priority. By coming up with a plan consisting of location-based keywords, this service allows your local business to start ranking with ease.


Competitor Keyword Research

Do you know if you’re keeping pace with competitors? We can help you find out. By utilizing the industry’s leading keyword research tools, we’ll figure out which keywords your competitors are ranking for and provide you with insights to effectively target them, like the number of backlinks their top posts and pages have earned.

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Creating a keyword plan that’s able to pull your site to the top of the SERPs can be tough, but you know what’s even harder? Finding a reliable team of SEO experts who are dedicated and qualified enough to help.

Here at Scripted, we are proud to bring together the industry’s leading talent and tools and offer results-driven services that actually help our clients succeed. So, if you’re looking for a turnkey content strategy, look no further.If you’re ready to find out just how powerful our keyword research service is, why no try it for yourself?

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