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With Scripted's multifaceted integration options, you can manage all your content marketing efforts from one place with one convenient dashboard.


5 Reasons to Use Integrations with Scripted

While Scripted offers a lot of powerful features on its own (more than 80,000) professional writers, three pricing plans, and a turnkey interface, to name a few), integrations expand the functionality of our platform and help it suit your exact purposes.

Here are a few of the benefits of adding integrations to your Scripted experience:

Get more done.

As our professional, vetted copywriters create content for your brand, your integrations will help you put that content to work. Integrate with HubSpot for example, to automate your content marketing campaign or plug new material directly into your website backend with WordPress. These integrations remove the middle-man and help you get more done, faster.


Craft better content.

You have strict quality standards for your content, and integrations can help you adhere to them. While our writers are highly professional and specialized in their given industries, integrations like Hemingway will allow you to conduct a final run-through on all the content your writer delivers, just to double-check that it meets your company's content guidelines and requirements. This means more peace of mind for you and a greater sense of collaboration with your writer.

Enjoy enhanced features.

Some things are just stronger together. When you combine Scripted with any of our available integrations, you get to reap the benefits not only of both solutions independently but the way they work together. Take Scripted + HubSpot, for example. HubSpot users get access to free, one-on-one Scripted training sessions to ensure they're getting the best use from the platform. They also get exclusive marketing discounts to cut down on monthly content expenses. This is just one example of how adding integrations to your Scripted dashboard can enhance your experience of both tools and make for a much easier marketing process.


Elimate manual busywork.

Traditional content marketing requires all sorts of time-consuming manual processes. Fortunately, Scripted's integrations help eliminate that busy work and save you time. For example, HubSpot users who integrate HubSpot Marketing with Scripted can set up powerful content automation functions. This helps teams publish content faster and enjoy a more hands-off approach to monthly content pushes.

Level up your marketing.

If you want to craft better content, Scripted is the platform to help you. And when you want to scale the way you push that content out to your audience, integrations can step in to provide some powerful backup. Because we integrate with tools like HubSpot, WordPress, Facebook, and Hemingway App, we make it easier than ever before to scale your business and share your high-quality content with the world.


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Our Available Integrations

Regardless of whether you're a solopreneur or a fast-growing team, these integrations will help you get more done:


With more than 100,000 customers across more than 120 countries, HubSpot is one of the leading CRM (customer relationship management) tools on the web. 

Offering a variety of features for content marketing teams, including post scheduling, powerful social media metrics, advertisement tracking, and customized reporting, HubSpot is the all-in-one dashboard for teams who want to leverage smarter marketing.

HubSpot partnered with Scripted in 2015 and currently relies on Scripted as its primary content provider.

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WordPress is one of the world's most popular content management systems (CMS), and currently powers more than 40% of all the sites on the internet. To put it in context, that means WordPress is responsible for running about one-third of the entire web. 

Part of WordPress's popularity lies in its flexibility. An open-source solution with a stunning library of themes, plugins, and integrations, and the best out-of-the-box SEO on the web, WordPress allows site managers and creators the flexibility to build any site they can dream of.

Here at Scripted, we love WordPress for its powerful SEO features. Our experienced freelance writers optimize content for WordPress by choosing high-traffic keywords that will help your material rank in the organic search results and formatting posts in an SEO-friendly way.

When you integrate WordPress with your Scripted dashboard, you'll get access to all of WordPress's powerful publishing features. Plus, you can import your Scripted content directly into your WordPress website or blog, making for easier publishing and fewer time-consuming manual uploads.

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Despite the best attempts of many competitors, Facebook is still the leading social media site on the web. With roughly 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is one of the most powerful publishing platforms in the world. 

Here at Scripted, we interact with Facebook in a few key ways. First, our social media content writers know how to craft brand-specific content that is tailored to your Facebook profile. Whether you're writing social media posts, sharing a recent blog on Facebook, or publicizing an upcoming event, our team will help you boost engagement and generate shares.

Once we've finished your content, our Facebook integration makes it easy to share your new material directly to your Feed, saving time for your marketing team and simplifying the content creation and distribution process.

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Hemingway App

When it comes to crafting bold, clear writing, Hemingway App is one of our favorite tools. Designed to help writers and marketers boost web traffic and create powerful, SEO-friendly content, Hemingway App is a writing and editing tool that identifies common writing errors and suggests improvements. Hemingway offers users a real-time content grade and an easy-to-use interface that highlights things like passive voice, weak adverbs, readability, and complex sentences.

To continue providing the best, expert content on the web, Scripted integrates with Hemingway App. While there are many touchpoints in our content creation and editing process, all of which allow us to maintain such a high standard of quality, Hemingway is one we use religiously, and we recommend our customers do the same.

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