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More than 8 in 10 marketers view content as a core business strategy, but there’s no denying that maintaining any sort of consistency in your content schedule can feel impossible.

While the saying used to be “quality over quantity,” today’s competitive digital landscape truly requires both to be effective. That means amping up your content marketing strategy across every platform so that you can stay top-of-mind and close at heart to leads, customers, and partners. If you don’t have the in-house resources to do it, outsourcing to the experienced, reliable team of writers on Scripted is the next best thing.

Partner With A Content Writing Team That Has Your Back

Content marketing requires thoughtful planning, research, and execution in order to drive tangible business results. Of course, every phase of the process takes time. As a content writing company, Scripted makes it easy to connect with top-notch, professional writers and unlock unique content that matches your brand and resonates with your audience.

The reason why Scripted is routinely rated as one of the best content writing services around is rooted in our approach. We are dedicated to helping our writers put their best into every project and we also support our clients in effortlessly communicating requirements and feedback to save everyone the trouble of misunderstandings and mistakes.

At Scripted, you’ll find that the writers you hire never feel like distant or disconnected freelancers who are tough to wrangle. Instead, our platform turns your writers into an extension of your business. As you form long-term relationships with your writers, you’ll realize how valuable, knowledgable, and reliable our talent truly is — and that’ll save your team countless hours spent searching for writers and double-checking their work. Our writers have your back.

Here's What Our Content Writers Can Do For You

Publishing great content isn’t enough. Your business has targets to hit, and you need writers who know how to produce content that builds your brand, educates your audience, and steers readers in the direction of conversion. These are the things Scripted’s writers do best, and they’re able to do it while crafting content that is engaging, insightful, and truly worthy of claiming the top spot. Here’s what that means for your business.

Help You Be More Agile
There are many benefits to hiring a freelance writer for your business, not least of which is increased agility. As a Scripted member, you’re able to choose from a large pool of highly vetted writers who have years of experience in your industry. This is what they do every day, and they’re skilled and efficient at creating quality content quickly while adhering to your brand’s specific requirements.
Scale Up Your Efforts

Quality content creation at scale is a challenge for every organization. If your company is growing fast, moving into new sectors, or developing new services, you will need content to support that evolution. More often than not, business growth places more pressure on your website, blog, and social media channels as your audience expects a growing digital presence.

Hiring our freelance content writers allows you to scale up quickly and ensure you have all the content you need to grow, no matter how fast that pace may be. Our experienced writers make it possible to increase your content writing output without taxing your internal resources or compromising on brand voice, consistency, or depth.

Grow Your Market Share

Creating fantastic content is a long-term investment in your business. When handled by professionals like the writers at Scripted, content can increase your visibility in search engines, improve conversion rates on your website, and help you take over a larger share of the market.

As a Scripted member with exclusive access to our freelance writers, you’ll gain a significant edge in creating content that’s capable of engaging your existing followers, reaching a new audience, and turning readers into leads and leads into happy customers.

Power your marketing with great writing

Scripted will manage your entire content writing responsibilities, from ideation to creation and beyond.

How It Works

Getting the right piece of content shouldn’t feel exhausting, but hiring freelancers can take an awful lot of time if you’re doing it on your own. Scripted cuts out all the legwork by vetting freelancers for you and making it easy to hire them without the burden of having to handle proofreading, check for plagiarism, or optimize your own content. Here’s how it works.

Join Scripted

The first step to getting the right content for your business is to join our platform where you can choose from thousands of experts. Plus, your first month is free! That means you can start putting together your writing team with no obligation.

Describe The Content Writing Services You Need

Once you’re inside the platform, you have a variety of options for ordering content projects within your user-friendly dashboard. Our tools will assist you in creating a comprehensive and straightforward content brief for all of your content orders quickly, ensuring that you get the right content the first time around.

In case you browse our writers in advance or you know there’s a writer on Scripted who you’d love to work with, you can use our invite-only feature to limit your project to your handpicked writers. However, we can ensure you that all of our talented writers are skilled at delivering quality writing whether you need product descriptions, web content, or practically any other format.

Research (1)
Review Proposals and Ideas

Shortly after submitting your project, our writers will get to work crafting proposals that explain who they are, why they’re a great fit, and how they plan to approach your project. You’ll have the chance to sift through these proposals, along with each writer’s profile and samples, until you find the perfect match. Or, if you’re on our Enterprises plan, your account manager will do the matchmaking for you.

If expediency is your goal, the Scripted platform also offers a SmartMatch feature that allows you to send your project out and allow our system to put it in front of our top writers. The first one available to complete the work to your specifications will be the one to claim it, which helps you get to a first draft sooner.

Finalize Your Content

After a writer is matched to your project, you can expect to receive the first draft in under a week. Our writers typically finish writing within a few days, and then the content goes through our robust plagiarism and AI detectors before being checked by one of our skilled editors. These processes ensure that your written content is as close to perfect as possible before you ever lay eyes on it.

With that said, we know that sometimes it takes a revision round or two to get things precisely to your liking. Our platform empowers you with the feedback tools necessary to bring the content to perfection and your plan will determine whether you can request one revision from your writers or two for each project.

Get To Know The Great Content Writers At Scripted

We have high expectations for our content writers here at Scripted. Unlike many other platforms, writers can’t simply sign up and start working for our clients. Instead, we occasionally open up applications for writers who are interested in joining Scripted and we look for professionals who are able to demonstrate command of the English language, subject matter expertise, and strong creative writing skills. Only 2% of writers make it through our rigorous review process.

Plus, once a content writer starts at Scripted, they do more than help us provide quality content writing services to clients like you. Our writers continuously utilize the tools and resources we provide them to ensure that their content is always error-free, original, unique, and insightful.

We have handpicked writers across industries and formats with specialists in:

  • Blog writing
  • Social media writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Web pages
  • SEO writing
  • Technical writing
  • Press releases

If you’re interested in learning more about our team of writers, you can browse by industry and read their writing samples before you even sign up. Then, when you’re ready to take the next step toward securing high-quality content for your brand, all you need to do is start your 30-day free trial.

Dangers of Low-Quality Content Writing Services

HubSpot reports that the typical company has a small content writing team consisting of only one to three members. The thing is, the amount of content needed for effective content marketing campaigns can rapidly outstrip the capacity of these small-scale teams.

Working with a content writing service like Scripted is something many of your competitors are probably already doing, but outsourcing content isn’t a walk in the park. Before you waste time and money, you need to pay close attention to the quality of the writers available on platforms like Crowd Content and Verblio.

In the best case, a low-quality writing service sets you back weeks in your content schedule and costs you hundreds of dollars. At worst, you could end up accidentally posting plagiarized or AI-generated content that actually damages your website’s search engine rankings and your reputation in the eyes of your audience.

If you want to take the guesswork out of choosing content writers, pick a platform that does the vetting for you. Scripted’s expansive marketplace of handpicked content writers makes it easy to connect with the best in the business, no matter what type of content you’re searching for. Plus, with the option of a fully-managed plan, your team won’t even have to fuss with selecting writers from our pool of talent. Instead, your dedicated account manager will do the work for you to make sure your content strategy is executed perfectly from month to month.

Ready to see what you’ve been missing and get a leg up in your industry? Set up your free Scripted trial membershiptoday and find the perfect content writers for your next projects.

Power your marketing with great writing

Scripted will manage your entire content writing responsibilities, from ideation to creation and beyond.

The Benefits of Choosing Scripted

Through continued innovation and rigorous standards, we’re proud to maintain a platform that brings out the best in writers and businesses alike. When you work with Scripted, you’ll benefit from all of our core focus areas, which include the following.


Strategic Planning

Are you aligning your content with actionable keywords and core business goals? Our team can help you do it by connecting you with fresh blog ideas, search engine-optimized content, and robust writing guidelines that ensure you’re always building on your brand’s voice and values, not confusing them.

Exceptionally High-Quality Work

Aside from choosing the best writers in the business, we are continuously expanding both automated and manual systems that ensure only the finest content arrives in your dashboard and that it always arrives on time. These checks include an automated anti-plagiarism review, a robust AI content detector, and a thorough manual review handled by one of our professional editors.


Faster Turnaround Times

While getting ahead of your content schedule is a great goal to have, the fact is, sometimes you needed a piece of contentyesterday. Our team of writers is standing by ready to help your business any day of the week when an urgent content request comes through. Using our “Priority Order” feature, you could have your content back in as fast as a couple of days, allowing you to stay ahead of news, trends, and PR events.


Whether it’s the “first draft” or the second revision, any time a piece of content lands in your dashboard, you can rest assured knowing that it is fully researched, cited, edited, and optimized based on the content brief. There’s no need to send content back for a round of revisions unless you have tweaks you’d like to request. Our always-ready-to-publish process ensures that you’ll never waste time waiting for grammatical edits or forgotten requirements to be addressed.


Will Content Marketing Help My Search Rankings?

If ordering content that ranks at the top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) is your main goal, our writers have you covered.

When your content shows up at the top of Google search results for relevant keywords, you’re rewarded with organic traffic that’s highly likely to convert into a lead or customer. However, getting to the front page of the rankings can be challenging, but our SEO content writing services help simplify the process.

Google loves to see fantastic content that’s original and valuable, but that’s not all. Ideally, Google prefers to rankwebsites that are:

  • Frequently posting engaging and informative content
  • Offering unique and meaningful insights
  • Linking to other great websites
  • Getting a lot of shares on social media

In total, there are more than 200 ranking factors that search engines like Google factor in when deciding who claims the top spot. What’s more, this algorithm is ever-changing, meaning it is truly a full-time job to stay ahead of what “optimized content” truly looks like. Fortunately, our writers are devoted to learning and implementing the latest SEO best practices with every project they take on.

As a result of their passion and skill, our content writers have produced tens of thousands of content pieces that rank in the #1 spot and they can help you make that happen in a few ways, like by:

  • Creating unique blog content to set your business apart from other sites
  • Keeping your social media profiles updated with engaging new posts
  • Producing SEO-friendly landing pages to educate your audience
  • Writing email newsletters that actually get opened and read

No matter how many platforms you want to stay active on, Scripted’s writers can make a full-scale content strategy feel easy. If you need help formulating a strategy that’s designed to drive measurable business results, it’s time to work with a devoted content writing platform like Scripted.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Content Writing Services

How do I find an SEO content writing service?
One of the best ways to find a writing service that adheres to the best practices of search engine optimization (SEO) is to compare top-rated platforms like Scripted. Founded in 2006, we have a long history of connecting content managers and marketing agencies with skilled writers who are passionate about content research, creation, and optimization.
What should I look for in a content marketplace?
Ideally, the content marketplace you choose should offer flexible pricing plans and a large pool of writers who specialize in different industries and formats. The best content marketplaces are also transparent about their policies and will tell you upfront whether their writers are permitted to use AI tools, how many revisions you get with each project, and what the average piece of content will cost you.
How do I choose a content writing agency?
Before you start looking for a content writing agency, sit down with your team and understand the role content plays in your bigger digital marketing strategy. For most companies, content marketing is a worthwhile investment, but it may require a mix of website content, white papers, case studies, infographics, and countless other formats. Your industry or company may also benefit from a writer with specialized knowledge. With those requirements in mind, you should seek out a writing agency flexible and skilled enough to meet all of your core needs.
How much does a content writing service cost?
When it comes to picking a content writing service, the cost you pay will vary depending on the company and the volume of content you require, along with any additional services, like a dedicated account manager. Scripted, for instance, charges $199/month for its basic plan with additional options available at $499/month, $2,500/month, and $5,000/month.

Grow Your Business with Scripted

As the premier content writing service provider, Scripted is proud to connect businesses of all sizes with their industry’s top writing talent. We’re passionate about helping our clients grow through meaningful, on-brand content, and we’d love the chance to show you what we’re made of.

If you’re ready to take the next step and find the perfect writer for your company’s content, let’s get you going with a 30-day free trial.

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