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Why Hire A Human Resources Writer?

From writing blog posts about the latest human resources regulations to creating webpages that teach employers how to deal with bullying in the workplace, an expert human resources writer can create relevant and engaging content that resonates with your target audience. When you need to create authoritative content from a trustworthy source, hiring a highly-vetted, highly-experienced writer with expertise in the field of HR can be one of the best marketing decisions you make. To find a human resources writer that suits your specific requirements, search our freelance writing marketplace and view writing samples tagged with "human resources".

Jaimie E

Miami, Florida, United States

I teach college-level writing and rhetoric, and have been writing for Scripted.com since April 2016. My favorite writing jobs focus on general wellness.

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Craig B

Loveland, Colorado, United States

I have a BA in Journalism and Political Science from Colorado State University. I have a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science from Northwest Missouri State University. I have ten years experience working in Geographic Information System and five years experience as a web content writer.

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Kelvin D

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Kelvin has been a Technical Writer and CAD Designer for the last 12 years. He has an extensive background in manufacturing, metalworking, and woodworking. Along with these technical skills, he also has a strong interest in history, current events, technology, and the general knowledge of things. Kelvin is also a dog lover and an avid outdoorsman.

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Brooke H

Lexington, Kentucky, United States

Brooke Harris is a freelance writer and writing instructor living in Lexington, KY. She loves to help people communicate their vision and has written several blog posts and content for corporate and non-profit organizations.

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Read Sample Human Resources Blog Posts

The best way to find the perfect human resources content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our human resources writers:

How to Add a Personal Touch

You already spent precious amounts of your time to create an updated resume. You are also dealing with the anxiety of preparing for potential interviews. Do you also have to invest additional and copious amounts of time to create a cover letter, make unsolicited personal appearances, and write a thank you letter? The answer is yes. These are a few examples of personal touches that can be important determinants toward a hiring manager's consideration of your application or decision to move on to the next candidate.

The Resume

Some people believe that you can use the same resume for every... Read More

5 Ways to Boost Happiness at Work — and Increase Productivity in the Process

Happy employees are more productive employees. Research shows that happiness boosts productivity in the workplace by as much as 20 percent. Unhappy employees, on the other hand, are unproductive — and costly. Every year, disengaged workers cost the U.S. economy between $450-550 billion. Don't make the same mistakes as other companies. Here are five ways to boost happiness at work and increase productivity at the same time.

1. Optimize Your Office Space

Research shows a strong correlation between happiness and the layout of your office. Organized desks, plants, floor-to-ceiling windows with lots of natural light — these are just... Read More

3 Coping Strategies for When You’ve Got Sick Kids

Whether it's an ear infection, the flu, or just a really gross runny nose, nothing is worse than having sick kids. While you may not be able to wave a magic wand and instantly cure everyone, there are some things you can do to ease the pain … Literally. Check out these three coping strategies for when your kids get sick. Remember that this too shall pass Before doing anything else, breathe. It's easy to get overwhelmed quickly when germs overtake your house. Sometimes it feels like the coughing and snot will never end. It will. I promise. When you... Read More

Advice on choosing a career path

Choosing a career is one of the most important decisions most of us ever make. Depending on the individual, the choice of career may be decided by following in the footsteps of a parent or taking over a family business. For others, it is the pursuit of a passion or lifelong dream. Whether your path is clear or uncertain, careful planning may lead to the job of a lifetime. Examine Your Interests The first step in choosing the right career is to think about your interests. Decide if you prefer analyzing numbers to working with your hands. Evaluate your creativity... Read More

Uncovering the Hidden Causes of Poor Employee Performance

According to PayScale's Compensation Best Practices Report, 69 percent of all employers are deeply concerned about losing their best people. People truly are the best assets of any organization, therefore it's critical to weed out any potential causes of poor performance and retention as early as possible. For experienced human resource professionals, the management of employee performance should be a piece of cake. But, in many cases, the causes that lead to a breakdown in employee performance are not so easy to recognize. These hidden issues can creep up without warning and transform an ordinarily high-functioning team into a poorly... Read More

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