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Why hire a contractor and contracting writer?

When it comes to general contracting, there is a lot involved. Being responsible for providing labor, materials, equipment, and all other necessary services, contractors may seek guidance regarding a wide range of topics. Whether you offer materials, services, or advice, you should hire a contractor and contracting writer to assist your growing business.

When you hire a contractors and contracting writer, you will partner with a professional who understands the industry and terminology in regard to the unique needs of contractors and contracting businesses. This will allow you to position yourself as a leader in the industry and more importantly, a voice of authority online.

Generate results through the power of quality content marketing. Whether you require blog posts, press releases, social media content, or any other form of copy, a professional freelance contractor and contracting writer will deliver what you need, when you need it.

Benefit from an affordable source of high-quality content, allowing you to increase conversion rates and generate leads. Sign up for Scripted today to find the perfect contracting writer for your business.

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James T

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States •

James is an experienced freelance writer, photographer, videographer, and graphic designer. He spends his free time playing baseball in a DC-area semi-pro league. James loves pizza and coffee.

Customer Ratings:
3 reviews

D.A. B

Wisconsin, United States • Last online 3 minutes

Dan is a seasoned writer and ghostwriter who addresses diverse audiences with ease. Although he calls Milwaukee, WI, home, he’s written for clients in North America, Europe and Australia. Effective SEO and insightful research are second nature. For example, his work on two 15,000-word-plus projects generated multiple #1 search rankings for a Fortune 50 company and a major sports publication.

Customer Ratings:
256 reviews

Curtis F

Atlanta, Georgia, United States • Last online about 5 hours

After writing as a hobby during high school, Curtis transitioned to journalism and professional copywriting. He earned a degree in psychology and another in criminal justice from Augusta University in 2010. He went on to gain an MPA degree and graduate certificate in disaster management. These degrees were research-intensive, and he participated in several out-of-state conferences where he presented original research. This experience helped to craft impeccable investigative and analytical skills. Since that point, he's written everything from legal articles to eBay purchasing guides. Curtis has worked heavily in product descriptions as well. In addition to copywriting, he's handled the social media marketing for RV Four Seasons and Dads That Cook (PBS show). Most recently, he performed social media marketing for "Hillbilly Horror S...

Customer Ratings:
631 reviews

Michael N

Boston, Massachusetts, United States • Last online less than a minute

Experienced journalist, writer, PR professional, marketing professional, and cat juggler*. Veteran content producer. *That one's not true. Yet.

Customer Ratings:
897 reviews

Laurenzo O

Last online about 11 hours

I am a writer with two purposes - to entertain and inform. I consider the content a flop if it fulfills neither. Let's work together to realize your ideal content. I believe in working closely with clients to exceed their expectations. As such, I tend to emphasize the importance of discussing every nitty-gritty detail in every step of the collaboration for the most fruitful experience. I'm always looking forward to fresh opportunities in sharing my passion for writing and language toward improving the world of content. Let's work something out!

Customer Ratings:
640 reviews
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