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Krista H
Customer Ratings: 824
Michael N
Customer Ratings: 720
Nick C
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A lot of skill and planning goes into a new build or renovation. The construction of buildings is a multi-step process and those in the industry often require additional resources — resources they can trust. Whether you're selling building materials or offering building advice, a buildings writer can help you build loyalty among your audience.

When you hire a buildings writer, you will generate results based on the quality content you produce and publish. If your audience trusts the content you offer, you will quickly become a leader in your niche and industry in general.

Benefit from a partnership that is there when you need it. Whether your goal is to publish two blog posts a week or kickstart an email marketing campaign, a professional freelance writer is available when you're in need of fresh content, helping you save a significant amount of money in comparison to an in-house writer.

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Michael N

Boston, Massachusetts, United States • Last online about 7 hours

Experienced journalist, writer, PR professional, marketing professional, and cat juggler*. Veteran content producer. *That one's not true. Yet.

Customer Ratings: 720

Jenn G

Boothbay, Maine, United States • Last online 12 days

Jenn has been working as a freelance writer since 1999, and she's been keeping the books for her husband's residential building contracting business since 2004. Some of her past experiences include working as a finance clerk, an art teacher, preschool teacher, and substitute teacher. She also briefly held office as a Selectmen (Select Woman!). Her Scripted contributions include articles, blog posts, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, website content, white papers, and more.

Customer Ratings: 74

Krista H

Last online 42 minutes

Krista graduated from the University of Guelph where she studied psychology and neuroscience. Still active in her research, she now focuses on all aspects of health — both mental and physical. Based on her strong research skills, she is confident in a wide range of topics. Her specialties are health, nutrition, neuroscience, and business. She also owns a small business, which is most certainly her creative outlet!

Customer Ratings: 824

Marianne D

Last online 6 days

I have several years experience writing about design, construction, legal issues and culture for a variety of online and print publications.

Customer Ratings: 90

D.A. B

Wisconsin, United States • Last online about 8 hours

Versatile freelance writer and ghostwriter capable of communicating with varied audiences about diverse topics. Thousands of completed projects include magazine articles, press releases, blog posts, and web pages. Highlights: Additive Manufacturing: A 20,000-word project for a Fortune 20 company. Achieved #1 rankings for important keywords. Golf: Wrote a series of 10+ 1500-word posts for a leading U.S. golf publication. Luxury travel: 10,000 words for a company providing private jet flight support. Telecom manufacturing: Wrote a series of posts for a corporate VP. Home Improvement: Create almost all website content (60,000 words thus far) for an East Coast contractor. Automotive products: Wrote a series of more than 30 blog posts for the leading manufacturer in its class. Building materials manufacturer: Created 12,000 word...

Customer Ratings: 244
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