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Hiring a content marketing writer can be one of the best decisions you make for your copy. Whether you are short on time or struggling to find the right words, a professional writer can help you to produce high quality, engaging and informative copy that converts. Content marketing covers many different topics, including sales campaigns, B2B content marketing, PR and content strategy. An expert writer can help you to write authoritative and persuasive content that appeals to your target audience. To hire a content marketing writer, search our freelance writing marketing place and view writing samples tagged "content marketing".

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Jeremy H Last online about 8 hours

Orlando, Florida, United States

Fascinated by emerging technologies, Jeremy Hillpot uses his background in legal writing and technology to provide a unique perspective on a vast array of topics including enterprise technology, SQL, data science, SaaS applications, investment fraud, and the law. Contact Jeremy at jeremy@legalwritingfinra.com.

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Craig B

Loveland, Colorado, United States

I have a BA in Journalism and Political Science from Colorado State University. I have a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Science from Northwest Missouri State University. I have ten years experience working in Geographic Information System and five years experience as a web content writer.

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Melissa D

San Francisco, California, United States

A native Midwesterner, Melissa is an award-winning copywriter and content strategist who combines creative experience from MTV Networks with SEO and digital marketing expertise from working for high tech companies and start-ups. Her focus is on creating effective search engine optimized content to acquire clients and increase sales. A certified Google AdWords professional and nut for WordPress, her work includes Intel, Atmel, Intuit QuickBooks, Milestone Internet Marketing, Pilot NYC, as well as content and search engine optimization services for a wide array of small businesses and law firms. Since 2005, she has written and optimized online content for more than 200 websites.

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The best way to find the perfect content marketing content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our content marketing writers:

Video is the Fastest Growing Content Type on the Internet – Should You Be in on It?

Video is the Fastest Growing Content Type on the Internet – Should You Be in on It?

Right now, video is the fastest growing type of content on the Internet. YouTube1 is the second largest search engine, behind Google. Every day over 100 million people watch a clip online, and by 2018,2 video will account for 79% of all consumer traffic. Based on a Cisco report,3 more people are consuming online content on mobile devices than ever before and video is the primary traffic driver. If you haven't added video into your content marketing strategy yet, now is the time... Read More

5 Things Every Real Estate Agent Should Know About Content Marketing

If you're a real estate agent, chances are you dislike dealing with the drudgery of penning marketing content for your newsletter or web portfolio. After all, you're likely to be more skilled at finding the perfect home for a house hunter than content creation. Here are five tips to help you do both, cheaply and efficiently.

1. Turn to Twitter

Twitter is the quickest way to get out news about open houses, new listings, and recent sales -- especially to your hip, younger clients. With just 140 characters, you can quickly alert them when their dream home comes on... Read More

Content Marketing Spot Check: Do Your Buyer Personas Feel Real? Complex?

Buyer personas should reflect those they attempt to portray: Living, detailed, emotional and ever-changing. Buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your company's most likely customers or clients. Depending on the product or service you sell, you might have one buyer persona or you might have dozens. They help define where to spend marketing dollars, which messages will resonate and when the sales and marketing pipeline will be the most impactful. Buyer personas are essential to the roadmap to developing marketing strategy. Yet, how do you know whether your buyer personas are truly accurate or a somewhat educated guesses? If you're... Read More

The Ideal Content for Mobile Platforms

Catering to mobile platforms has become an essential part of online marketing. Big screen content doesn't always make a smooth transition to mobile. Learn about the best mobile content practices! If your company is investing in online marketing, you're likely looking at a variety of different strategies. While it's easy to treat each strategy separately, it's worth considering where you can find an overlap, especially in terms of making your marketing dollars go further. Mobile marketing offers the opportunity to take your other marketing strategies to a new platform. When you combine your mobile marketing efforts with your content marketing... Read More

How to Set Content Goals & Actually Achieve Them

Don't let your content marketing efforts fall flat due to hastily thrown together goals; instead, get inspired by your goals. We've collected some of the key metrics you should measure here. As a marketer, you have many goals to meet – from personal KPI's to brand awareness, increased conversion, retention, website traffic, registration rates, and more. If you set the bar too high, your goals become unrealistic and you may not reach them. Set the bar too low and you don't have a good benchmark to aim for. This year, don't just make content marketing goals and never look at... Read More

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