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Cloud computing is a fascinating innovation that has quickly became a standard in tech, but we are still learning about this groundbreaking feature by the day. People want answers on what to invest in in a cloud computing service, how to transfer data to and from phones, and other inquiries. That is why you should look for a cloud computing writer for your website. With a cloud computing writer, you can stock your website up on useful articles about cloud services, devices, companies, reviews, and much more. Be sure your website becomes a haven of great information with a skilled cloud computing writer.

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Little Rock, Arkansas, United States

I am a social media manager, graphic designer, photographer & blogger in Central Arkansas. I'm passionate about building brand awareness with creativity and imagination. I use social media graphic design and captions to spark interest while utilizing on-brand content & topics for my clients to keep the conversation going with authenticity. I create social media strategies with my clients to help them dream to reach their business goals realistically.

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Experienced journalist, writer, PR professional, marketing professional, and cat juggler*. Veteran content producer. *That one's not true. Yet.

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Jennifer (J Lynn) Cameron has been writing and editing professionally since 2010. She specializes in: -marketing -sales -luxury travel -software -technology -accounting -finance When she's not helping brands discover their voice (or dreaming about Machu Picchu), she enjoys design work, writing songs, listening to music, and reading.

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I love to travel and immerse myself in different cultures. I have written Lifestyle and Travel pieces for travel and tours sites, e-commerce platforms, and offline businesses over the years. In addition, my Biology degree and training in Practical Nursing helps me write Healthcare and Sciences articles.

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The best way to find the perfect cloud computing content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our cloud computing writers:

#Femtech: Empowering Women with Health and Wellness Tech

Is there a place in the future where women can use a mobile app instead of a birth control pill, with the same results?

While the ability for a doctor to prescribe an app will depend on regulatory approval, the billions raised by femtech startups don't lie. Entrepreneurs and venture capital firms are betting big on a serious demand for women's health technology. The idea is more than just apps or mobile—it's defined by Clue CEO and cofounder Ida Tin as "an expanding category of technology that serves the vast opportunities that exist for female health."

Someday soon, femtech products... Read More

The Future of the Internet of Things: The Industrial Cloud Drives Change

Remember when your computer just sat on your desk, with its only connection a cable to your printer? It was when computers got connected together on the Internet, and when Wi-Fi made those connections available everywhere, that the computers changed the way business was conducted in offices and how people interacted with each other. For consumers, the rise of the Internet of Things has now changed how people interact with the physical world.

Industrial computers, the dedicated computers that control industrial processes and assembly lines in manufacturing plants, are mostly still like the computers that sat on your desk and... Read More

What exactly is a Hybrid Cloud?

With the new digital age upon us, the "hybrid cloud" term is simply everywhere. In fact, hybrid models continue to rank high among the top 10 strategic technology trends. These burgeoning trends have also resulted in countless applications utilizing hybrid models - for deployment across several industries. The current craze has prompted several infrastructure providers to define what "hybrid" really means. While the definitions may differ according to varying interpretations and limitations – channel partners are also struggling to find the best hybrid solutions to best meet their customers' needs. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NSIT)*,... Read More

Apple Excels at Moving Users

To say that Apple has managed to transition its users from one thing to another is to put things very simply. To showcase just how remarkable Apple is at transitions, let's take a look back. Who Invited a Rodent into the Lab? Perhaps the first transition for Apple was to convince users to stop navigating the computer with the keyboard and command line and instead use a mouse. This transition wasn't really all that difficult considering the market share of computer users at the time was small. It was more difficult to convince non-computer users to use a mouse. Apple... Read More

Mining user-generated energy consumption data for profit-driven insights

User-generated data can be rich with insights on consumer perception, priorities and response. This is often an untapped or underutilized source for organizations in any industry, despite having big implications for customer experience management. For utility companies in particular, user-generated data can significantly inform business decision-making. Sharing analyses of energy consumption with customers can have a dramatic impact on their behavior. The CMO Council found that 73 percent of consumers who receive specific advice on reducing energy utilization adopt new behaviors, versus just 67 percent who heard more general messaging on conservation. An additional 40 percent purchased products personally recommended... Read More

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