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John w

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In Times of Uncertainty...Make Your Message Matter- (I'm a Copywriter) I have earned an Excellence-Rating from 39 of my 51 individual clients (on another platform) with the additional ratings marked high to match. Making Your Brand Message Jump Off Of the Page, And into the Hearts and Minds of Your Audience... is What I Do. Now, to be fair... of what service is this to you? Instead of "pitching" to you, I would like to try to add some value right off of the bat. You see, the fact that you are reaching out for assistance may mean a few things, but I am going to guess that one important factor is ⌚TIME.βŒ› Next, I am guessing that a close second to time would be both making more money and saving more money.πŸ’΅πŸ“ˆπŸ’΅ Third, I would say that alleviating some of the hard efforts you are utilizing in many different directions would allow...

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