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Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, but it still has limitations. See past the hype to leverage AI technology for the best content creation results. Benefit from the AI tools of today while preparing for the applications of the future.


AI: The Game-Changer for Businesses

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, and the implementation of its technology is evolving at a rapid pace. Whether it's the changes in healthcare, manufacturing, education, or marketing, businesses are already witnessing AI's potential. However, it hasn't happened overnight. Over the last two decades, AI startups have multiplied as technology improved and opportunities presented themselves.

Last year, the market size was valued at $136.6 billion — by 2030, it's expected to hit $1,811.8 billion.

Companies that don't begin to consider this transition toward AI-powered tools will leave themselves exposed as competitors up their efficiencies and overall productivity.

At the very least, you must educate yourself on why AI matters for your company and what's out there concerning available tools (while remaining realistic about the current capabilities of those tools).

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Why AI Matters for Content Creation

Without many realizing it, businesses have been using AI technology for years. For example, Facebook has been leveraging deep neural networks to fuel targeted advertising since 2007. So, while AI tools seem to have popped out of nowhere, the technology has been there for years. It's important not to fear the evolving technology but to implement it to give you an edge — while staying true to who you are as a brand.

As a content creation marketplace and end-to-end marketing platform, Scripted is heavily interested and invested in the capabilities of AI for content marketing. To help our clients remain competitive, Scripted implemented Scout, the AI-Powered content creation assistant that enables you to boost your marketing results. So, you'll work with expert human writers while benefiting from advanced AI technology.

Here's what we at Scripted have learned along the way.

Human Creativity + AI Power

Over the years, Scripted has seen many content marketing trends come and go. Some have stuck and continue to play a pivotal role in successful content creation today. However, others flopped.

With AI-powered writing and editing, you can expect the same outcome. Some tools will be mega-winners, and others will fail miserably. Despite that, the technology that drives these tools isn't going anywhere. Scripted acknowledges the power of AI, which is why the platform has already welcomed the future of content creation, focusing on the tools that will boost speed, affordability, and efficiency.

Combining these tools with expert human writers is the winning recipe today.

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How Scripted Is Staying Ahead of the Game to Help You Grow

Scripted is an end-to-end content marketing solution that understands the value of quality content. So, while ChatGPT and similar AI models are impressive, they have limitations.

At Scripted, our team has long weighed the pros and cons of AI-generated content, focusing on what matters most, the end product and the client experience. We value the advantages of AI technology, but it still lacks the human touch associated with top content. The risk of misinformation is also troublesome, as inaccurate content can quickly sink a brand's reputation.

For these reasons, Scripted continues to focus on AI-powered, human writing. Using advanced algorithms, state-of-the-art technologies, and human expertise, Scripted can consistently deliver on its promise concerning quality content that converts.

One crucial AI tool is Copyleaks — an advanced plagiarism tool and AI-generated content detection solution.

Learn more about Unmasking AI-Generated Content, plus the ins and outs of AI detection tools.

Human Writers vs. AI - Scripted's Stance

At Scripted, we're not taking a one-sided stance. We welcome AI as we remain dedicated to revolutionizing how businesses create, manage, and distribute content. Our team is embracing AI to support the talent behind our human Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

So, it's not a matter of humans vs. AI but more about how they complement one another.

AI cannot currently match human writers when aiming to nail certain tasks. Whether it be research-intensive content or the ability to maintain a consistent tone, talented writers are the way to go. That said, AI can support the content creation process, helping businesses save time and money.

Scripted's innovative AI technology, Scout, offers features that support clients, writers, and editors throughout every stage of the content writing pipeline.

  • Get headline ideas that resonate with your audience
  • Find the best keywords to optimize your content without the added effort
  • Generate weekly personalized article ideas
  • Benefit from competitor insights, content gap analysis, and real-time feedback
  • Optimize your ongoing strategy via data-driven decision-making
See how Scripted implements technology that drives results.

Worried About Google?

At Scripted, we're not taking a one-sided stance. We welcome AI as we remain dedicated to revolutionizing how businesses create, manage, and distribute content. Our team is embracing AI to support the talent behind our human Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

To ensure success, you must be aware of Google's AI principles. The key is to find the perfect balance between AI-generated content and material that offers a human touch. If you don't get this balancing act right, Google could view your content as spam. As your searchability worsens, so will your ROI.

Google's EAT Model, standing for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness, is something you'll want to keep in mind as you're shopping around for AI-powered writing and editing tools.

Scripted has a zero-tolerance approach to AI-generated text, as the platform remains committed to quality, human-written content. This stance ensures all content created is original and accurate — which Google (and your audience) love. Plus, given the uncertainty surrounding copyright laws and AI-generated content, you must tread lightly.

Use AI tools to make your content creation journey more efficient, investing in human expertise. That's the winning recipe today.

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A Closer Look at ChatGPT

OpenAI's ChatGPT was released in November 2022, and people can't get enough since then. This new powerful AI chatbot can generate text, making many marketers and SEO strategists wonder, is this the next evolutionary step of content generation?

This technology seems new and shiny, so it's no wonder ChatGPT set a record for the fastest app to reach 100 million users. People are drawn to its capabilities, and rightfully so. Its ease of use makes it seem like a no-brainer, but don't assume it ticks all the boxes. It is not a complete solution for content creation.

Before you invest in all things AI-related, be sure to weigh the pros and cons of ChatGPT. It can be used in many applications today but is still far from being a magical content creator you can set and leave. Knowing how and when to use this tool will be critical moving forward.

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Review the Top Resources on AI Tools and Technology

The article, Best AI Content Creation Tools of 2023, provides a comprehensive view of what's available.

Some of the tools and platforms leading the way include:

  • Scripted
  • Jasper
  • Copy.AI
  • Copysmith

Each of these is best suited for certain use cases. For example, Copysmith is a great tool for generating product descriptions. However, like other AI writing tools, its limitations mean it's not a create-and-go solution. Inaccurate or dry content will need to be jazzed up by human writers. It's a two-stage process. In contrast, Scripted offers a seamless content creation process that ends with polished content ready to publish.

Discover more about the biggest names in AI-writing tools and services today. What features should you look for in an AI-powered tool, and when does implementation make the most sense?

Review the Top Resources on AI Tools and Technology

While plenty of AI writing solutions exist, AI technology is versatile, offering benefits across the entire marketing life cycle.

Companies that go above and beyond to improve winning processes with AI technology offer the next generation of marketing, and Scripted is no different. A combined AI and human writer strategy trumps, at least for the foreseeable future, so Scripted invested in both sides.

Implementing AI tools into the platform means greater efficiency and higher quality content, but that's just the beginning.

Your AI Copywriting Assistant for Content Creation at Scale

Success often depends on publishing consistent, quality content that keeps readers engaged. Scripted's article writing services use a proprietary AI tool called Scout to automate many steps that delay publication schedules. You get keyword research, content ideas, and eye-catching headlines with Scout. Scripted hasn't forgotten the role of subject matter experts in content creation. Hire a content writer with real-world experience in topics that interest your audience. Together, Scout and human writers can help you get better results than ever.

AI-Powered Content Marketing With Scout


Content strategy optimization that reaches your audience

Marketing content writers do their best work when they rely on data-driven strategies. Scout does everything from researching keywords to monitoring campaign performance.


Generate headline ideas based on keywords and trends

Never struggle to write headlines again. Just give Scout a keyword you want to optimize. They will research emerging trends to generate headline ideas that get results. Hook readers with catchy headlines and motivate them to read your content.


Research keywords for better SEO

Search engine optimization depends on a lot of factors, but keywords still play a central role. Let Scout crunch the numbers to identify the right words for right now.


Create accurate, consistent content briefs easily

Never waste time repeatedly adding the same information to content briefs. Scout automates the entire process, ensuring accuracy and consistency while freeing up your time to focus on more meaningful work.


Performance analysis that keeps you on track

How is your content marketing strategy performing? Ask Scout! Scout tracks content performance to continuously refine your approach for even better results.


Content at scale, right when you need it

Content writing services should adapt to your needs. Scout's always there, 24/7/365, to do the heavy lifting for you. You never have to worry about scaling your content when you have the industry's top AI copywriting tool on your side.

You want to create winning content for your blog but are stumped for topics. Meet Scout, Scripted's state-of-the-art AI platform, engineered to streamline your content creation experience by seamlessly connecting you with our skilled human Subject Matter Expert writers. By connecting you with those who know the ins and outs of your industry and niche, you'll have the opportunity to partner with writers who get you and, most importantly, your audience.

But that's not all.

With Scout, benefit from:
  • Content strategy optimization
  • A headline idea generator
  • Keyword research tools and support
  • Optimized content briefs
  • Performance analysis
Scout is powering a more optimized process from start to finish, helping you save your most precious resource — time.

Scout is with you every step of the way.

You want to create winning content for your blog but are stumped for topics. What is worth writing about? With Scout, industry trends, search engine rankings, audience behavior, and competitors are analyzed, helping you develop content your readers love.

  • Step one:

    Generate headlines based on blog topic suggestions. Scout can do that

  • Step two:

    Focus on SEO, finding the keywords that will help you boost your ranking. Scout has your back.

  • Step three:

    Create detailed briefs for expert writers to ensure a piece you love. Scout does it again.

  • Step four:

    Track your post to gain valuable insight. Scout handles that, too.

What's Next? 4 Key Considerations

There's a lot of excitement at the moment surrounding the possibilities of AI. And while "AI" is somewhat of a buzzword these days, its potential effect on the marketing world in the coming years is very real. For some, too real.

That said, most marketers today are skeptical, which is wise. Knowing when AI-generated content is useful and harmful can make the difference between your content strategy being able to sink or swim.

Consider the following:

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AI-generated content is not completely original.

Yes, it will pass plagiarism checkers. However, as of 2023, content generators collect information from what's already out there. The content created by any of the top tools will be unique in that it will differ from other published content, but it won't include original insights, data, connections, or research. All AI-written content is based on pre-existing content; remember that.

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Count out AI content generators to write about current or rapidly changing events.

The current technology also struggles with topics society hasn't formed a consensus on (i.e., abortion or gun laws). So, the content will often be biased or out-out-date. Accuracy is imperative when writing about such topics, especially concerning the image you aim to portray.

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AI-generated and AI-assisted content are not the same.

The latter can instantly bring any marketing strategy to new heights, whereas AI-generated content can be damaging. At this point, humans are still required to do most of the heavy lifting, whereas AI can help automate parts of the content creation process. From brainstorming content ideas and creating engaging titles to writing an initial blog post framework, AI has its perks — and then human writers take it the rest of the way.

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Not all human writers are the solution — who you hire matters.

Like there are bad AI writing tools, there are plenty of bad human writers. Investing in expert writers from the start will help ensure quality content the first time, supporting a healthier ROI. Partner with a platform that does the vetting for you, as this is often the most time-consuming, frustrating, and often costly part of the freelance hiring process.

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