The Best Places for Businesses to Distribute Content

Creating top quality content is only one part of a great content marketing strategy.  In order to drive traffic and sales, your content must reach the right audience across multiple channels and platforms.  This post dives into where to distribute your content and what to publish across each platform.

fbSocial Media Platforms

When it comes to content distribution, the importance of social media platforms cannot be overstated. The Content Marketing Institute believes that online marketers spend the vast majority of their time on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, which is unsurprising as they offer a chance to connect with the customer on a more personal level and to show the personalities behind the business. They are a great place to share your information, stage competitions, and build connections with both other businesses and potential customers.  Each social media channel needs a different approach and has different benefits.


  • Post multiple times a day
  • Re-tweet and post what other followers are saying
  • Check often to respond to any customer service questions


  • Post once a day
  • Highly visual and video content will drive the most views
  • Link to longer form content (your blog)


  • Publish thought leadership pieces
  • Company news (hiring, partnerships)
  • More business focused and best for B2B marketing companies


  • Great for interviews
  • Case studies
  • Tutorial Videos

ipad-chtenie-knigUtilizing E-Books

Another way to increase content distribution is to create e-Books. They do not have to be too long – between 500 and 2000 words – and they make a great free giveaway to attract people to your site, or to encourage them to sign up to your newsletter or mailing list. You can provide links to your products while being helpful and informative to your client base. And, the best part about e-Books is that they are very easy to make.

For those using the latest Microsoft Word application, there is a very user-friendly conversion function that turns a word document into a PDF e-Book. Alternatively, there are several sites that can help with the process including:

Once you’ve converted the document into a PDF, you can add it to some e-Book directories, of which there are hundreds to choose from. Be sure to have a promotion of some kind at the end of the book as this will greatly increase the chances of a sales conversion.

Driving Leads

  • Use ebook downloads as call-to-actions for display and paid search campaigns
  • Ask readers of ebooks to sign up for more newsletters 
  • Only allow readers to read first few pages of ebook before asking them for contact info

Blogging Communities

Another great way to increase targeted traffic is to join blogging communities, as they will help you gain exposure and meet other site owners in related fields. There are many communities to choose from, some of the best include:


Guest Post on Other Blogs

According to industry experts, one of the more up-and-coming ways for businesses to distribute content is to partake in guest blogging on other people’s sites in a related field. Be sure to only provide high quality, useful content, as you are building your online reputation. As well, try to stick to the most popular sites possible to maximize the traffic it sends you.