Account-Based Marketing Content

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Account-Based Marketing Content

Account-based marketing is an effective tool for businesses looking to increase conversions. For example, research shows that a well-developed ABM plan can generate 208% more revenue than traditional marketing practices. Industry experts expect this market sector to reach 1.6 billion by 2027, with more companies investing in complex account-based marketing initiatives as they become aware of its many benefits. Savvy marketers should consider the potential of account-based marketing and take advantage of its increased ROI compared to other techniques.

To carry out an effective account-based marketing strategy, your content must be top-notch. But what happens when you don't have the time or resources to produce quality content on your own?


Scripted Can Help

Scripted is a content writing platform that can connect you with writers who can produce high-quality, targeted content for your account-based marketing efforts.With Scripted, you can get the personalized, engaging content you need to reach your target accounts and make a real impact.

What is Account-Based Marketing Content, and How Can It Help Your Business?

94% of marketers use account-based marketing, which helps businesses focus their efforts on engaging with predetermined and valuable accounts rather than general audience targeting.

This strategy allows for highly-customized marketing campaigns explicitly tailored for important accounts so that companies can build stronger relationships with their customers and engage more potential partners and clients.

It can be a powerful tool to help businesses stand out within the market and foster relationships with their most significant and influential accounts.Account-based marketing (ABM) is an effective strategy for many businesses and can help you reach your key accounts more efficiently. While there are many tactics to try, the two top techniques used by ABM marketers are researching accounts and identifying target contacts. Researching individual accounts allows marketers to build customized messages that speak directly to their prospects' needs. Identifying target contacts within those accounts enables them to create personalized outreach campaigns. When used together, these two tactics can be powerful tools for connecting with potential customers and delivering relevant solutions.


How to Make Your Account-Based Marketing Content More Effective

When running an ABM strategy, it is essential to focus on personalized content. 56% of marketers agree that this is key to success, as having tailored content sends a message that you understand the needs and challenges of your target audience. Creating personalized content builds relationships with prospects as they feel understood and cared for. Furthermore, this allows you to provide more value through greater insights, driving leads further down the sales funnel even faster.

Another key to successful account-based marketing content is accessibility. Your content needs to be viewable and understandable by the prospects and target accounts you are targeting. Creative visuals help make complex product information more digestible. Additionally, compelling stories or case studies about why customers have decided to choose your solution or product are great for assisting prospects in identifying with situations relevant to their own lives and organizations.

To really increase success, be sure to pay close attention to data around engagement and measure results based on your campaigns, so you can continue tailoring content towards the most effective processes for maximum returns.

How to Increase Sales With Account-Based Marketing Content

Business owners who want to see results should focus on developing quality content and distributing it effectively to reach the right people.

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Identify key personas

Identifying the critical personas within target accounts is crucial to any successful outreach campaign.

For example, understanding who is the person using your product or services, who their influencers are, and who is making the ultimate decision on behalf of the account can be invaluable in understanding how to reach them.

When targeting accounts, look for teams and individuals with priority access to high-level decision-makers.

Understand what matters to them

Knowing what your target buyers care about is key to selling your product or service. Motivations, pain points, and questions can vary depending on where they are in their purchasing journey.

An effective way to discover this information is through market research, which can help you better understand why your target buyers chose you instead of the competition.

When you provide answers to their pain points and questions, customers will feel valued, resulting in greater loyalty towards your company.

Use the right content at the right time

By strategically thinking about what type of content works best for each step in the journey, you can increase your chances for successful engagement with a broader audience.

Take blogging as an example - at the early stages of a potential customer's journey, blogs can provide helpful advice, establish key pain points, and pique their interest in a product or service.

As customers move further in the consideration stage, buying guides come into play by helping them learn about the different options available and decide which is best for their needs.

Ultimately, connecting with third-party reviews to gain feedback from other users at this later stage of the decision-making process may be just what customers need to seal the deal.

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Release your content and track metrics

Make a dedicated landing page highlighting your ebook and telling audiences how to download it. Make your page short, sweet, and impactful. Optimize this content so that it's easy to read on mobile devices.

Repurpose sections of your ebook into other content

Once your content is ready, you must decide which channels and platforms to share it on.

Make sure that the content is easily accessible and unique to each platform.

Also, be sure to measure the success of your campaigns by tracking data like clicks and conversions so that you can adjust and optimize for future content.

Power your marketing with great writing.

Why Scripted is the Perfect Platform for Creating Account-Based Marketing Content

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With its easy-to-use interface, built-in metrics, and secure payments system, Scripted ensures that creators have all the tools they need to create unique content at an affordable price.

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