May Features Update

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to announce a few new features that will make your Scripted experience much easier:

  • Communicating with writers. You can now call and message your writers — even before you have an active job! Why do we allow this? Because you asked for it! We know for some types of projects you just want to get on the phone and talk it through. Now you can, and it all starts on our new public writer profiles.communicate
  • Custom formats and pricing. A truly open marketplace should have the ability for you to define your own projects and pricing, and we listened to that, too. You can now make your own format (E-book? Product descriptions? Case study?) and set your own price. Writers will review and together you can settle on a price.  format
  • Analyzing your traffic. It’s hard to define the return on investment of writing, but with our new analytics tool, you can be much closer to that assessment. Our analytics tool tells you which of your blog posts are contributing to page views and time on site, and sorts them by time since publishing, so you can see contribution from evergreen and new posts


  • Lowering prices. Building a more open marketplace meant we had to change the way we charge for content. As a result, we now offer 60% lower job prices, but you have to join one of our monthly membership plans, which start at just $39/mo. prices
  • Choosing membership. It’s also easier than ever now to join Scripted. All of our memberships are month-to-month and include the first month free! You can cancel any time.  membership


And finally, coming very soon, you’ll be able to order your posts in advance of when you need them. This way, you can sit down once and knock out your entire editorial calendar for the month! You’ve been asking for this, too.

Got more ideas? Let us know in the comments or by sending us a note at We look forward to hearing from you.



The Scripted Team