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Why hire a pet health writer?

In 2018 alone, Americans spent $72 billion on their pets. People care immensely about their pets, which is why they expect accurate, helpful information when they visit a reputable site. This is particularly true when it comes to anything related to pet health, as the information provided could have a significant impact on one's family — both in terms of emotional and monetary factors. A professional pet health writer can help you write anything from newsletters to blogs, books to landing pages, allowing you to become an industry authority leader.

Your ability to craft a wide range of content, ranging from white papers to case studies. Depending on your audience, you may want to take a specific approach. For example, you may want to develop an informative yet approachable blog for everyday pet owners or sales copy to promote your brand. Regardless of your goals, a pet health writer can help you build your business through the creation of quality content.

When it comes to pet health, you'll want to invest in someone who is capable of delivering scientific information and data, all while keeping the target audience in mind. For example, you may want to take various studies and rewrite them in layman's terms for pet owners — or you may want to create case studies that target pet health professionals in order to sell a product or service. Either way, a pet health writer with experience in this industry will be highly beneficial in terms of the final product.

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Stop banging your head! Michelle loves creating *Platinum Level* content that gets results (and prevents headaches)!!! Michelle is an entrepreneur w/ 20+ years as a writer, designer and marketing guru plus a background in education, medicine and the environment. As a Ph.D. candidate, she is researching biomimicry and also has an MS in marcom, an MPhil in management-finance and a BA in premed biology. When not writing, you’ll find her motorcycling, belly dancing and roller derby skating. => Read more about Michelle here: https://www.scripted.com/content-marketing/writer-spotlight-michelle-h

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Writer / Editor living in the desert. The sunshine and wildlife provide clarity and inspiration.

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The best way to find the perfect pet health content writer for your business is to read writing samples they have published in the past. All Scripted writers offer writing samples to potential clients to showcase their talent and experience. Check out these blog posts from a few of our pet health writers:

Hairless dog breeds

Hairless dog breeds can be a gift for dog lovers with allergies. And that includes an allergy to Hoovering the house! A hairless dog requires no brushing, and sheds little to no hair.

But beware, these lookers still require skin care and bathing. It's also worth noting that some people are allergic to dog 'dander' ( skin flakes ) and saliva rather than their hair. So if dog allergies are an issue in your home, make sure to check thoroughly before inviting a hairless dog breed to stay.

A brief history of the hairless dog

Hairlessness in dogs is...

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Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?

You saw it. It really happened. He ate it. So, why do dogs eat poop? While sometimes you think of your dog as a person -- especially when he cocks his head and looks at you in that understanding way -- the minute you see him engaging in this behavior, you realize he's all dog. Weird as it may seem, there is an official answer for your question "why do dogs eat poop?" The technical term being coprophagia, why would man's best friend would engage in something so unsavory? Here's the scoop on this odd but common doggie behavior. Potential...

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Cedar Oil For Fleas

Cedar Oil For Fleas An Alternative To Commercial Treatments Is there a viable alternative to commercial chemical flea treatments? Fleas are a persistent pest that will in fest not only your dogs but your home and all its residents.While the commercial alternatives may be considered as an effective method of getting rid of an infestation, it's believed the pesticides they contain can have some potentially negative drawbacks, some ingredients are known to contain carcinogens and there is a potential for harming the internal organs. But there is hope, Cedar oil for fleas is a very effective treatment. Fleas(134444) A Bit...

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