WriterAccess Blog: Top 3 Travel Writing Faux Pas

A Scripted Freelance Writer Writing Sample

You need on-point, on-brand web copy that’s accurate, well-researched, and relatable, because you don’t have time to craft it yourself. My clients come back again and again because I make their lives easier. They know that in my 7 years as a content writer, I’ve written thousands of blog posts, landing pages, press releases, and marketing materials that meet their needs. My Experience: - More than 7 years crafting content that sells - Bachelor’s Degree in English/Professional Writing - Complete overhauls of web copy with an eye for SEO and customer experience My Specialties: - Real estate copywriting in Hawaii (and throughout the U.S.): Lifestyle articles, landing pages, and MLS property descriptions that capture the spirit and personality of each place. - Insurance industry materials: How-to guides, list...

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